Absorbent menstrual panties vs sanitary napkins: which to choose?

In terms of menstrual pads, it is not always easy to find your way around.

Today the women like teens can manage their periods as they wish thanks to a wide variety of menstrual protection products. Menstrual cups, period panties, washable sanitary napkins, disposable tampons, single-use sanitary napkins or even instinctive flow, several alternatives are possible.

As for external feminine protections what are the good and bad points of menstrual panties compared to sanitary napkins? What menstrual pads choose ? Performance, comfort, risks, health, hygiene, use, lifespan, Louloucup has conducted its comparison to help you make your choice!

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Period panties versus sanitary napkins: the comparison

The pluses, the minuses, the faults, the qualities, without tongue in cheek we compare the pair of period panties and sanitary napkin.

+ The advantages of absorbent menstrual panties

La pair of period panties is more comfortable than the sanitary napkin. Super soft, menstrual panties are a sanitary lingerie very comfortable and pleasant to wear. When the menstrual panties are lined in organic cotton, the wearing experience is ideal. Your intimacy is in contact with a very soft, flexible, non-rough material.

Period panties are more environmentally friendly than disposable sanitary napkins. Menstrual panties do not produce any plastic waste, unlike napkins. It therefore fits perfectly into a zero waste approach For example. Properly maintained, period lingerie has a lifespan of more than 5 years. It lasts as long as classic underwear.

The composition is the other big positive point of the period briefs. Brands are making real efforts to offer clean menstrual underwear, designed from responsible, organic and healthy fabrics and materials for the body. Natural, respectful and soft materials like bamboo or Oeko-Tex organic cotton are often preferred.

The complete opposite of sanitary napkins made from synthetic and non-natural materials such as polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene, etc. We remind you that derivatives or chemicals classified as carcinogenic, AOX (halogenated organic compounds such as chlorine), herbicides or insecticides have been found in tampons and disposable sanitary napkins. Menstrual lingerie is much less toxic than disposable protection, it is healthier for the health of users. Also with the tanga or menstrual boxers there is no risk of toxic shock.

Unlike menstrual underwear, the classic sanitary napkin is often a source of bad smells. Fabric menstrual panties are more draining and more breathable. It ensures top hygiene.

For a organic menstrual panties and healthy for your health, take careful consideration of labels and certifications. Also ensure the absence of toxic residues and silver particles in the tissues.

Another advantage, and not the least, menstrual panties have a absorptive capacity very reliable. Depending on your menstrual flow, it is able to capture the flow and retain it in its invisible absorbent membrane. The sanitary napkin can quickly become saturated. It can also often be misplaced or move in the underwear. The flux can then overflow or stain the bottom. With menstrual panties, no risk of leaking or overflowing!

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+ The advantages of the sanitary napkin

The main advantage of the disposable sanitary napkin is that it is not expensive to purchase. The package varies between 3 and 5 €. However, this low price (even if it remains too high for menstrual protection) increases every month. It is therefore a fairly substantial annual budget. Knowing that menstrual underwear is a reusable periodic protection, this means that if it is well maintained you can keep it for many years. Buy one set of menstrual panties is therefore an investment, but a intelligent investment, quickly profitable.

La sanitary napkin is disposable and can help in an emergency. It fits easily into the bag and can be used at any time. Being disposable, it can be replaced in the blink of an eye during a simple change to the bathroom.  

The classic hygienic protections and disposable panties have the advantage of being easy to change and replace, while washable panties need to be rinsed and then put in the machine. They are unusable during the entire drying period, a period of time which can last because they are quite thick and take a long time to dry.

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In this way, the period towel is very practical. It responds perfectly to an emergency. There classic period towel will also be suitable for all those who find it difficult to bear the sight of blood. Indeed, menstrual lingerie requires some handling when it needs to be rinsed and the menstrual flow removed from the absorbent membrane. An interview that can be off-putting and displeasing to some.

Panties VS towel, who comes out on top?

Undeniably period panties have serious advantages: comfort, washable, durable, responsible, good composition, healthy for privacy, price and reliability are strong points.

While the classic periodic and sanitary napkin is relatively interesting in the event of an emergency, it may seem inexpensive to purchase, however it represents a certain budget if we consider the purchase over the year or over several years. Finally, the disposable sanitary napkin disposable remains very practical for all those who find the maintenance of panties daunting.

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What about washable sanitary napkins?

A fan of pads, but not yet completely convinced by menstrual panties? Test them washable sanitary napkins. SHLs have the advantage of being less expensive to purchase than menstrual panties while being just as ecological and comfortable.

washable towel

The washable sanitary napkins simply attach to your regular panties and wear like a normal period pad. The washable towel clips to your lingerie. Its use is very simple. These absorbent fabric protections are very reliable and soft, comfortable and invisible. They are reusable for many years if maintenance is carried out well. Once removed, you need to rinse and wash it. You also have, just like for the panties, to choose the towel according to the nature of your menstrual flow.

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