Discounted menstrual panties at Louloucup

Looking for a cheap period panties ? You are in the right place! Louloucup draws and designs a female lingerie, comfortable and above all reliable for coping with periods with light, medium or heavy flow! For all sizes (from XS or XXXL), for all styles (teenage collection or high-waisted or low-waisted lingerie model), say goodbye to disposable sanitary pads, expensive and harmful to your intimitate ! Discover without delay our collection of affordable and reasonable price menstrual lingerie. Finally order your cheap period panties, at discounted price ! 

Louloucup panties: excellent value for money

At Loulou, we offer beautiful panties, of impeccable quality and above all at a fair price. Because it is essential for us to offer the best to best price in order to live his period serenely and without breaking the bank!


European manufacturing and organic cotton for impeccable quality

At Louloucup, we are not used to making compromises. All our panties are designed with passion and rigor. Our priority is to offer both cheap period panties, pleasant but above all respectful of your the vagina and your privacy. That's why the insides of all our panties are made from OCS certified organic cotton.


More than 80% of our production is European. Our manufacturing workshops are regularly audited. And our panties are tested by independent laboratories. We ensure that the quality of the fabric used meets the highest standards. All our fabrics are certified Oeko-Tex 100. This Oeko-Tex label ensures that the fabrics have been checked and are free of harmful substances. All of our panties are non-toxic and contain no nanoparticles silver. A priority for us!


A smart investment for both your wallet and your health

However, we are aware that the price of period panties perhaps a major expense, a drag for many of us. You have to understand thebuy period panties as a long-term investment. Because yes, if the starting sum is high (more than twenty euros minimum for a good model), the operation is very quickly profitable. These menstrual underwear have a lifespan of several years. If you follow the washing recommendations (no tumble dryer, wash at 30°, air dry), you can keep your panties for up to 5 years!


You no longer have to buy monthly pads. to tampons or in the supermarket. A monthly expense that has a real cost in the life of a menstruating woman. From adolescence to menopause, a woman will experience almost 500 menstrual cycles! Having your period for 40 years of your life is a real budget! The periodic protections and l'feminine hygiene lead to very varied expenses from one woman to another (several thousand euros in total).


With the washable period panties, you end the purchase of disposable pads, polluting and, moreover, toxic for your body. Eventually, you make real savings. Period panties are therefore cost-effective period protection. In short, an investment that you will not regret!

High-performance, pretty and comfortable panties at a very low price

The  Louloucup panties are all good! Reliable, they are very absorbent. With them, no leaks unfortunately, they are also pretty and super pleasant. Discover all the advantages of our reasonably priced panties.

Very beautiful models for all! 

Who says rules, does not necessarily say ugly panties! Do not make a cross on your femininity during your menses. Enjoy putting on a  fine lingerie, pretty, elegant and feminine with harmonious cuts. You will definitely find your happiness! High waist panties in lace (Clara panty. ) or low-rise thongs (Chloe model), black panties (Rebecca model) or colors (Lily model), classic cuts (Louise panty), more sexy (Naomi model) or  . (Emily model). We address both teenagers with a collection, just for them, only to all women looking for beautiful quality pieces.

Comfortable underwear

Our panties are comfortable. It's simple, our goal is to make you forget that you have your period! You put on your panties in the morning without concern or worry. You wear your Loulou menstrual panties like classic panties, discreetly. You avoid the hassle and potential discomfort caused by too thick pads or poorly placed tampons.

Very effective menstrual protection

Our panties are great absorbency and leave you dry. It's a real comfort in everyday life. No fear of leaks, we offer models of panties according to your flow (light, medium or abundant), to best cope, depending on the day of your period. While the light-flow Chloé thong model absorbs the equivalent of one tampon, the models with heavy or hemorrhagic flow, such as Fanny or Clara, absorb the equivalent of 5 tampons. The protection on these models extends over a large area, from the front to the back of the panty. These are ideal at night, to avoid any stains in the sheets!

Menstrual panties obviously find their place in all the events of a woman's life: after a delivery, in the period postpartum or in premenopause.

Lots of panties at reduced prices

Faced with strong competition, Louloucup has made it its mission to offer the French market cheap period panties and quality. For several reasons : 

  • Because we know how menstrual poverty is a real social problem.
  • Because we have decided, at our level, to participate in the collective ecological effort by proposing periodic solutions zero waste.
  • Because we, like everyone else, were outraged when we discovered the toxic compositions of tampons and towels. We have decided to act and to offer healthier, smarter products, at the service of women, of all women!

Our credo: no concessions! Your menstrual well-being should not depend on your wallet!

And the bet is up! With our batch proposals, the price of panties per unit is reduced. Packs of 2 to 5 or more panties are available. You can create your own set from all the panties in the catalog. Model, size, flow, colors, everything is allowed. the pack of 5 panties à 114,50 € is the most advantageous and interesting. You save €30 and thus pay for the panties €22,90 each instead of €28,90 (except Clara model).

The set of 4 panties of your choice is €99,60 instead of €115,60, the set of 3 panties is €75,90 instead of €86,70 and the set of 2 panties is €53,80 € instead of €57,80.

La Louloucup period panties, is a healthy, ecological and economical alternative to pads and tampons. Too much money thrown out the window, too much rubbish thrown in the trash, the calculations are not good! Don't wait any longer and opt for our beautiful cheap period panties ! And who knows? Your next cycle will no longer be feared so much with such beautiful lingerie to put on!