How to manage heavy flows with period panties?

Having a heavy flow isn't an end in itself, and it doesn't stop you from using period panties. However, this detail should be taken into account in order to choose the panties best suited to your needs. For understand how the menstrual cycle works, we have prepared a guide that explains everything! 

So, we're going to tell you everything about the abundant flow, period panties, but above all, about the happiness of wearing one during your period. After all, what woman hasn't dreamed of feeling protected all day without worrying about her tampon or sanitary napkin? 

Recognize heavy flow 

Determining its flow is not easy. But wait… what is a heavy flow? Is there a reason? 

Abundant flow, quèsaco? 

The first thing to do is to define if your flow is indeed abundant. It is estimated that a loss of 50 to 80 ml of blood per cycle is considered abundant. We are well aware that it is not always easy to quantify the blood lost during your period. However, you can rely on the number of times you change your tampon or pad. Thus, if you change it every two hours and if you have your period for 7 days with the presence of blood clots, it is highly likely that you have a heavy flow. 

In everyday life, it can very quickly become handicapped. Having to change your hygienic protection several times a day becomes almost a chore. That's whyopting for menstrual panties will greatly change your life! 

Causes of heavy flow

The causes of an abundant flow can be numerous: endometriosis, postpartum, hormonal imbalance, etc. However, some women naturally have heavy periods. To be sure, you should make an appointment with a specialist and talk to him about your period. Your gynecologist or your general practitioner will be able to offer you solutions and suggest additional examinations to rule out certain diseases. 

We speak of menorrhagia when the periods last more than 7 days and are abundant. But then what can be the causes of an abundant flow? 

  • Le copper intrauterine device (IUD). Yes ladies, your copper IUD can cause heavy periods. This is precisely why it is prohibited for women who already have an abundant or hemorrhagic flow. 
  • For example benign tumors can make your period heavy. Sometimes painful, they can however go unnoticed. This is why a gynecological examination is necessary to rule out this possibility. 
  • THEadenomyosis (presence of endometrium in the uterus) can also cause heavy periods. Again, only an examination can determine whether you have it or not. 
  • endometriosis results in pelvic pain, heavy periods, fatigue and anemia. More and more women today suffer from this disease. If you experience these symptoms, talk to your doctor so that he can refer you to the appropriate specialists. 
  • Un hormonal imbalance can also cause heavy bleeding during menstruation. An incorrectly dosed pill, a thyroid problem? This may be the cause of your disorder. 

However, as we explained earlier, some women have a heavy flow forever. It's not uncommon or serious to have heavy bleeding during your period, so don't worry! If you notice a change in flow compared to your usual cycles, it is advisable to take advice from a doctor to rule out certain gynecological diseases. 

Abundant flow and comfort? That's a big yes! 

Menstrual panties for a heavy flow

If there's one thing women dream about, it's to forget their rules. With menstrual panties, you are protected throughout the day and above all, you are comfortable. You'll almost forget you're in that dreaded monthly period. 

For women with an abundant flow, it is even the most suitable solution! No more changing protection every hour. From now on, thanks to your Louloucup panties, you are protected until 12 noon. Enough to last a whole day at work without having to worry about your period. If you're stressed about keeping your panties on for 12 hours without changing them, test them at home! You will be pleasantly surprised. 

They are comfortable and practical, so what are you waiting for? 

Your one of our best-sellers is very comfortable. Thanks to several models, you can change it according to your mood. With an interior lined in organic cotton, the collection of menstrual panties offers models in lycra, lace, bamboo or organic cotton. Who said being sexy on your period was impossible? At Louloucup, all women feel beautiful and sexy during their period

Practical and ultra-comfortable, period panties absorb up to 5 tampons in blood. If you are used to changing your tampon more than 5 times a day, you should take a spare menstrual panty with you so that you can change them during the day. Finally, at the end of the cycle, you can switch to a menstrual panties for medium flow and, thus, have a panoply of essential and unique panties!