Washing your period panties: tips and advice

La pair of period panties has many advantages. One of the main ones, it is washable and reusable!

Whatever your flow and your use, several gestures are to be known in order to properly maintain its period panties. Because properly washed menstrual panties are panties that will last for a long time. Well-washed menstrual panties can last for several years ( 5 to 7 year-olds), in the same way as classic panties. So what are the steps to take? What is the washing and maintenance routine to follow?

Hand wash or machine wash, dryer or Drying in the open air, homemade laundry or industrial detergent? Louloucup tells you everything to take care of your Loulou panties and thus ensure them the best of lives!

Wash your period panties

The 3 steps to take care of your panties gently

The menstrual panty is a specific underwear that needs to be taken care of. If you want to ensure a long life for your Loulou panties, we invite you to read the following.

Pre-washing or rinsing

Do you take off your panties, tanga or shorty to put on another one? You are not about to launch a machine immediately? The reflex: rinse it with water.

Le pre-washing your period panties is important. It allows you to remove the blood that has been retained in the various layers of fabric of your panties. What is it about ?

You just put your period panties under thewith regular water et Cold. It is so full of water and you can wring it gently. The ideal is to squeeze it between your two hands to evacuate the water. This way you avoid twisting it.

Repeat the operation until the water is very clear and there is no more blood trail. We emphasize here the importance of using cold water and not hot. Hot or even very hot water affects your period panties and its optimal absorption capacities. The hot water will also set the blood in the tissues. What we really don't want!

You have lost a lot of blood or you are prone to heavy flows ou a hemorrhage ? Do not hesitate to soak your panties. Soaking in a basin of clear (but still cold) water is also possible.

Un prewash is important to receipt of your Loulou panties although they are new and have never been worn. In the case of new menstrual panties, pre-washing is very important in order to activate all the absorbent capacities.

washing your period panties

Your period is over, you can make a batch and send all your panties worn during your with medium flows machine. Don't panic, you can very well mix your panties with the rest of your laundry. Instead, favor a cycle at 30°C so as not to attack and weaken your panties. It's even better if you slip your panties into a underwear net ! You can also select the delicate cycle (always at 30°) and wash your panties with your most fragile belongings.

Do you prefer to wash your period panties by hand and avoid machine washing?

You can very well wash your period panties by hand. Then rub with a mild detergent the most exposed parts of your panties. Then rinse well with cold water.


Is there a more suitable detergent than another for your period panties?

We urge you to select a natural detergent, soft and with the healthiest composition possible. For your privacy, your panties but also the environment, it is important to use more respectful and responsible products. We also advise you to avoid glycerin-based detergents which will tend to obstruct the absorbent part of the Loulou panties.
Similarly, softeners et fabric softeners, although very fragrant, are super chemical and should be avoided. Prefer a little White vinegar with anti-limestone power.


What about Marseille soap?

It is part of all homemade detergent compositions! Economical and very practical, the famous scouring soap is however quite greasy and composed of a lot of glycerin. Using it to wash your period panties isn't the best idea. Use after use, glycerin clogs fabrics, making them less absorbent and less efficient. However, and fortunately, for all aficionados of home made detergents, like the real Marseille soap is normally made from olive oil. Today, the latter is more difficult to find but it is not impossible. The key is to know how to properly dose your soap and always prefer detergents with less than 15% glycerine.

If you do your own laundry, find out about fat-free recipes such as ivy laundry or lye to ashes.

wash period panties

Air drying

We ban the Say no to the dryer. Its hot air can greatly deteriorate the quality of the fabrics of your period panties. Once washed, simply lay out your panties in the open air. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight in very hot weather as well as putting your panties on a radiator or near a fireplace. You will have understood, your menstrual panties do not like the heat!

Finally, the ideal is dry your panties nicely flat. To avoid any development of bacteria or bad odors, we recommend that you wait until your panties are completely dry before putting them on.

Following all our maintenance advice allows you to put all the chances on your side to preserve the absorbent properties of your panties but also their impermeability, their elasticity as well as their beauty quite simply!
Despite all these recommendations:

- do you observe certain stains of discoloration that resist?

It's probably the acidity of your blood or your vaginal discharge discoloring the fabric of the panties. It is not serious but it is very difficult to remove. You can safely use the sodium percarbonate (to be found in drugstores) at the time of pre-washing. However, we do not guarantee that you will find the original state of your panties.

- do you smell a lingering odor of blood?

Do not hesitate, during a pre-wash, to soak your panties for several minutes with a few drops oflavender essential oil or Tea tree;. With their antibacterial and antiseptic properties, bad odors will be driven away.

- did you launch a cycle of 40 or 60°C?

Remember that repeated washing with fabric softener or at too high a temperature will have irreversible consequences. So a washing at 40 ° CThis is not the end of the world, do not panic! Just do not repeat the operation.

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You now have all the cards in hand to wash your Louloucup menstrual panties properly. A doubt ? Questions ? We are here to answer all your questions.