How to know your menstrual flow?

know your menstrual flow

All right know your menstrual flow is essential in order to move towards appropriate hygienic protection. Knowing your body allows you to anticipate what it requires and, in the case of your menstrual flow,avoid leaks and unpleasant surprises. 

Only, it is not always simple or obvious to know where to be. It's hard to compare yourself, hard to take a fair look at your body and period. Moreover, the with medium flows keep evolving over time. It is also a natural phenomenon that is neither stable nor regulated to the day.

Louloucup help you today to know yourself better by discovering the nature of your menstrual flow. Here, no taboo, or bad questions!

Different rules and protections

Each woman is different. Each menstruation is different. Every stream is different. So it is already important to avoid comparing yourself to others.

Moreover, during their lifetime, women have some period different. Depending on their state of health, their age or even certain events (pregnancy), the nature of menstrual flow will continue to evolve. It is normal and natural. 

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Getting to know the nature of your menstrual flow helps to better understand your body, to know yourself better, and thus to anticipate certain health problems, but also and above all to better live your menstrual cycles. Thus, by knowing your menstrual flow, you are better able to choose protection adapted to your profile. washable sanitary napkin, menstrual cup, period briefs or tampons, there is no ideal solution. There are several and you have to choose the one with which you will be the most comfortable!

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What are the different types of menstrual flow?

Menstrual flow very liquid or thicker, viscous or with clots, the nature of a menstrual flow is very variable. There are no good or bad flows. There are simply various natures of flow.

How to recognize a very liquid flow?

A menstrual flow is very liquid when the blood is low in oxygen. The blood hasn't had time to clot at all. We can say that its appearance is close to that which flows through the veins of a healthy person. It will tend to sink very quickly, but also to be absorbed quickly.

How to recognize a viscous menstrual flow?

A menstrual flow is viscous when the blood started to clot. As it oxygenated, it became thicker and possibly also darker. It will logically flow more slowly than a liquid stream.

As the human body is an exceptional machine, heavy periods will tend to be thicker. The body oxygenates the periods voluntarily so that they do not flow too quickly. Thus, the body avoids hemorrhage

How to recognize a flow with clots?

Having a menstrual flow with clots should not cause undue concern. Clots are a sign that the uterine wall, which has become denser to accommodate a fertilized egg, is returning to its normal appearance. The sticky appearance is due to the production of glycogen, which will be used to “feed” the embryo to optimize its development.

If in doubt, however, do not hesitate to consult a gynecologist, doctor or midwife.


What are the different menstrual flows?

Blood loss during a period represent on average 2 to 5 tablespoons. We do not imagine that it represents so little! Again, this is an average that simply gives an idea of ​​our menstrual flow.

A so-called normal cycle is an established and stable cycle. The one we have regularly. Other than that, there is no normality in this area. Medium flow is just as natural as light or heavy flow.

It is interesting to know what her menstrual flow corresponds to (light, medium, abundant, very abundant), in order to be able to choose her periodic protections Consequently.

👉🏻 What is a light flow?

Un light menstrual flow corresponds on average to 30 ml per loss period. This is equivalent to one tampon per day or a few drops on a sanitary napkin.

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???????? What is an average flow?

Un average menstrual flow, it is between 30 ml and 50 ml per cycle. Two to three pads are enough for a day or one pad every 3 hours.

???????? What is a heavy flow?

Un heavy menstrual flows represents 50 ml to 70 ml of loss. The change of protection is then more frequent: a towel approximately every 3 hours or 5 tampons in a day.

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???????? What is hemorrhagic flow?

Un hemorrhagic menstrual flow can exceed 70 ml. Usually it is unnatural and is caused by an external cause (IUD, postpartum, medical causes, certain medications, etc.) Le Copper IUD (copper IUD) often causes liquid and very heavy periods. If these subside a few months after the installation of this contraception, the periods remain intense and can be considered disabling by some teenagers or women. 

A woman who experiences hemorrhagic periods has to change every two hours on average when the rules are the most intense.

The buffer saturates quickly and is not very suitable. A menstrual panties for very heavy flow or an You can wear a menstrual cup are the best alternatives in order to live your period as peacefully as possible.

If you have some hemorrhagic periods without knowing the cause, a consultation with a health professional is essential.

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know your menstrual flow

What is the flow velocity of the stream?

How to recognize irregular flow speed?

In general, we all have an irregular flow velocity that more or less follows this pattern:

  • slow flow the first day,
  • faster flow on days 2 and 3,
  • speed which decreases the following days until drying up.
Obviously, the speeds of flow are not the same according to the women.

The easiest way to assess the flow velocity of our stream is to use a menstrual cup which makes it possible to realize the quantity elapsed in a precise duration.

How to recognize a regular flow speed?

It is all the same very rare to have a steady stream speed, regularity not really being the norm in the world of period . This means that your flow flows at the same speed from the first day of your period to the last.

What is the sense of flow?

The shape of the lips and the positions of our body during the day influence the direction of the menstrual flow.

Some women have a central flow who will tend to quickly saturate your protection since the same area is constantly in demand, and therefore subject to leaks

This is why the amount of flow is not the only responsible for the tasks. 

In this case, it is necessary to turn to teen period panties with a wide crotch. Tighter protections like menstrual thongs should be avoided in this case. 


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