The Louloucup menstrual shorty

Le menstrual shorty ideally manages the heaviest flows for absolute protection and comfort! Menstruate has never been so simple, so easy, so comfortable with the Louloucup menstrual shorties. our menstruation shortys are part of our best performing menstrual underwear offering. They are both reliable and pretty, absorbent and comfortable. Intended for both teenagers and adult women, the Louloucup menstrual shorty is organic and absorbs menstrual flow optimally.

The shorty, an undergarment that is both comfortable and feminine

Le shorty for women is one of the favorites in lingerie with the tanga, the thong, the Brazilian panties or even the more classic panties. The shorty is one of the many forms of underwear that women like to adopt.

The shorty is definitely feminine. It takes up the challenge of being as pretty and sexy as thongs while being as comfortable as panties. Thanks to its particular cut, the shorty sublimates all morphologies. It is available and stands out with its fairly wide fabric on the hips. The cut is adjusted to suit all pools, from the smallest to the most generous.

Very comfortable, once put on, it feels good. It doesn't pull, it doesn't squeeze, the shorty is a comfortable underwear.

The shorty, a woman's underwear, harmonious and sensual

Doesn't the Italian adage say “the less you show, the more you are desired”? The shorty is a fairly covering undergarment. It is nonetheless very harmonious, very feminine, very delicate. Who said cover-ups weren't sexy? The fabric is much more present on a shorty than on a thong or a tanga, it's undeniable. However, the shorty offers a very elegant little je-ne-sais-quoi.

Lace boyshorts, in tulle, microfiber, black shorty or high waisted boy shorts, this specific type of underwear comes in many models.

The shorty gives a nice look. It can hide possible small complexes while offering a sexy and sensual cut worthy of the loin-cloth ! And when you know that the shorty exists in a menstrual version, that's the best of the good news!

Menstrual shorties: a great alternative to menstrual panties

Le menstrual shorty is one of the ideal options for managing your periods with complete peace of mind. With menstrual panties, the menstrual thong, the menstrual boxer or even the menstrual thong, like the special rules shorty brighten up our panty drawer and our periods!

The menstrual shorty has the same absorbent qualities as a classic menstrual panty. The fabric allows ideal absorption of the menstrual flow. The vulva is thus dry all day long without the risk of leaks, bad odors or humidity. It's very comfortable while still being feminine.

Don't hesitate any longer and choose a beautiful high-waisted menstrual shorty or a menstrual lace boyshorts.

The Louloucup menstrual shorty

A period panties efficient and pretty? It's at Louloucup! A special underwear organic and cheap rules? It's still at Louloucup! Of the menstrual underwear made in Europe and healthy for your health? Yes, it's still at Louloucup! Find our respectful menstrual shorty (both for your body and the environment) designed with a lot of love and passion.

Opinions on our menstrual shorties

Our Loulou period shorties? They win all the votes! Just like our menstrual panties, our menstrual thongs, our period panties for teens or our menstrual swimsuits, our menstrual shorties have won over our customers. Comfort, softness, cut, size, price, availability, customer service, composition, the opinions on our menstrual shorty are very positive.

Menstrual shorts at an affordable price

At Louloucup, affordable prices are one of our priorities. We want as many people as possible to have access to healthy, durable and effective hygienic protection. Louloucup offers to compose his own set of panties and shortys at very favorable prices.

The larger the lot, the lower the price. From 5 panties or shortys, the unit price is 22,90€. Unique value for money on the market. the lot is fully customizable. This You can wear a menstrual cup or a our period swimsuit can also be added for complete and even more effective protection. Find without further delay our offer of cheap menstrual boyshorts Louloucup on our shop as well as cheap period panties.

Menstrual shorts in organic cotton

Louloucup offers panties and organic vegan menstrual shorties et cruelty-free. The interior of the Louloucup menstrual shorty is in Oeko-Tex organic cotton for optimal respect for flora and privacy. The fabrics used to design Louloucup shorties, thongs and panties are healthy and non-toxic. No harmful substances, no silver particles. Louloucup products are regularly tested by independent laboratories. The non-toxicity report is also available in complete transparency on our website.

Absorbent shorties for menstrual losses

Le Louloucup menstrual shorty has a very high absorption capacity thanks to state-of-the-art fabrics. Louloucup has not skimped on quality by looking for the best fabrics and the best absorbents. So no humidity, no leakage. Our panties and our shortys manage the most abundant flows and the most intense.

Louloucup, a French brand and European menstrual shorties

Louloucup is a trademark application which has chosen to produce 80% in Europe. While everything is thought out in France, the fabrics come from Italy, the design and assembly of menstrual underwear takes place in Portugal.
Mostly European manufacturing for a controlled carbon impact and respected working conditions.

Focus on the different Louloucup menstrual shorty models

Louloucup has understood all the advantages of the shorty cut. The brand offers, among other things, a menstrual boy shorts for teens, menstrual swimsuit shorty or a menstrual shorty for heavy flow. Discover the different models of Louloucup menstrual shorties (high waist, seamless, for medium flow, etc.) Very comfortable models that change from the classic briefs.

Laura menstrual bikini bottom

Un menstrual swim shorts, beautiful, efficient and feminine? Our Laura model is a super stylish menstrual shorty bikini bottom that manages light and medium flows for a serene bathing session!

What a pleasure to sunbathe at the beach or do lengths in the pool during your period! No more stress, no more fear of flight. the Laura menstrual swimsuit shorty Can be easily combined with the bikini top of your choice (colored or printed). Its black color and its lacing in the back are harmonious details. This very pretty menstruation swim shorts, comfortable and very discreet, is a pretty feminine piece. The absorption zone remains completely invisible. It does not swell on contact with blood or water.

The good news is that the Laura menstrual shorty swimsuit can slip into a pack of Louloucup panties and shortys. The price is decreasing according to the number of panties purchased.

 The seamless Emilia pattern

Le Émilie model is a panty - menstrual shorty for medium flow very pretty cross cut. The Emilie model is ultra-comfortable. Its main advantage is that this shorty is invisible under clothing, because it is . related.

Available from size XS to size XXL, it is aimed at both teenagers and active women. The interior in organic cotton offers unequaled softness and comfort.

With an absorption level equivalent to two tampons, the Émilie menstrual shorty is ideal for managing average flow. Women with a heavy flows can put it on at the end of the period without problem when the flow is less intense.

Afraid of running away despite everything? Go there You can wear a menstrual cup to the menstrual shorty. For very abundant or hemorrhagic flows, some prefer to avoid any risk of leakage with the use of the cup or menstrual cup. Louloucup proposes two models of rule cups (flexible or stiffer) in two sizes, made entirely in France.

The super comfortable Lily model

Le shorty - period panties Lily has an absorption equivalent to two sanitary tampons. It is therefore a perfect menstrual shorty to manage light or average flow. As the Emily model, the Lily model can be worn at the end of menstruation by women experiencing a heavy flows. As the flow is less intense at the end of your period, the Lily menstrual shorty is suitable for this scenario.

The main advantage of this model of menstruation shorty is its absorbent zone which goes up very high and makes almost all the panties. It is therefore ideal for sleeping without the risk of leakage or even for doing your sports session without being embarrassed.

The Lily shorty is available from size XS (ideal for teens, especially the smallest ones) to size XXXL. Just like other panties, thongs and Louloucup shorties, the interior of the Lily model is in certified organic cotton.

Need more info to choose the menstrual shorty adapted to your flow and your morphology? Find our comparison of shorties and menstrual panties on our blog.