Louloucup menstrual thong

En menstrual underwear, we ask for the sexy, feminine, sensual and delicate piece while being effective, reliable and absorbent? the menstrual thong, obviously ! Louloucup has not forgotten the menstrual thongs in its period lingerie offer. Discover all the advantages of thongs for menstruation, a washable and reusable thong that retains your menstrual flow in order to live ever more serenely the delicate period of period  : with medium flows.

The tanga, a sensual and sexy underwear

Le thong for women, it is really a very beautiful piece of lingerie. It highlights feminine curves and the buttocks. The buttocks are at their best with a tanga! This specific cut less indented than the thong, but thinner and more delicate than the panties, the boxer or panties, is an essential and essential in-between of your underwear drawer! Attention, the tanga also stands out from the brazilian panties or brazilian brief. Although the two types of panties are similar, the Brazilian version is a little less high-cut than the tanga.

The thong is definitely a sensual underwear and sexy that sublimates the woman. A little more covering and distinguished than thongs, tangas have conquered a large audience.

The tanga, feminine and discreet women's underwear

We like it thong in lycra or in completely invisible seamless sport version cotton that you can wear discreetly under your sports leggings. The tanga has the advantage of being really discreet thanks to its high cut. It does not mark the buttocks at all. It can therefore be worn without worry under tight jeans, close-fitting skirts and dresses or other fabric pants such as tailored pants that mark easily. The tanga is really an excellent solution for women wishing to display a look.

We also like the lace thong sexier, more captivating, more subtle. In lace, you can dare very sexy looks without ever being vulgar. This is the classy feminine cut. In short, the tanga is really an essential underwear.

The good news is that the tanga exists in a menstrual version to be beautiful even during her with medium flows !

Chloé Louloucup menstrual thong

Menstrual thongs: a solution for your periods, but not only

The menstrual thong is the brilliant alternative to feeling beautiful and sexy even during your period ! There exists the pair of period panties, like the menstrual shorty, like the menstrual boxer or menstrual thong, so why not the menstrual tanga?

Composed of an absorbent fabric that retains blood while keeping the vulva dry, the menstrual tanga or periodic thong represents one of the many possibilities for protection for women today. Protection, which is healthier than tampons, more practical, but also more comfortable.

Due to its fairly indented cut, the tanga leaves little surface of fabric. It will then be devoted, most often, to managing a rather light or medium flow. It is therefore ideal for women and young girls experiencing scanty periods with an light flows or very light. The menstrual thong can also be worn at the end of menstruation for women experiencing medium or heavy flow. The last day of menstruation is often less intense. You can then put on a suitable menstrual underwear. No need to put on heavy flow panties.

Le light flow menstrual thong is also perfect for managing spotting. These small, occasional bleeds outside of menstruation are absorbed without risk of leakage by a light flow tanga.

Le light flow menstrual thong is also really perfect for managing all the fluids and other secretions that punctuate the hormonal cycle and feminine:

  • transparent discharge during ovulation,
  • or white discharge during the luteal phase.

The absorbent thong guarantees zero moisture, zero odor. The woman stays dry all day. It's a real comfort. A pleasant experience.

La menstrual panties thong also handles very well brown losses and other vaginal discharge when taking the pill or at the start of pregnancy.

The period tanga by Louloucup

By offering the menstrual tanga, Louloucup did not want to forget anyone. Many women enjoy feeling feminine and pretty even during their period. Above all, they want pretty AND reliable lingerie to ensure their day is leak-free, odor-free, stain-free and comfortable.

A menstrual tanga that is unanimous

The feedback on our Louloucup menstrual thong are very positive! All our customers are delighted with their purchase. Sophie R. feels “protected and sexy at the same time”. Ennia B. talks about the "very comfortable to wear" side, Tatiana J. is very satisfied, because the tanga is "well absorbent" despite its fairly abundant flow.
In short, the tanga by Louloucup is a comfortable menstrual thong and efficient, well cut and pleasant.

An ecological menstrual thong

The Louloucup menstrual thong is a washable thong and reusable for a very long time. Our models of thongs and menstrual panties have, in fact, a life expectancy of approximately 7 years. It is therefore a long-lasting protection that does not get thrown away. the period thong also avoids the production of waste. By avoiding disposable plastic tampons or pads, women using period panties pollute much less and no longer generate waste during their period.
The use of menstrual thongs is part of a zero waste approach, more environmentally friendly.

An organic and healthy menstrual tanga Louloucup

Louloucup's priority is to offer panties, shorties, boxers, thongs and menstrual cups of impeccable quality. A clean composition is essential for the health of users.
In this approach, all Louloucup panties and thongs are always lined, in organic cotton. Thus intimacy is always in contact with a biological tissue very soft, certified without chemical or toxic residues (absence of silver nanoparticles). The composition is regularly tested by independent laboratories. The reports are also available online. In this way, we want to be fully transparent.

Louloucup menstrual thong

A super absorbent menstrual thong

A sexy thong, yes, but above all a super absorbent thong! Just like menstrual panties or shorty, the tanga has significant absorption qualities. At Louloucup, our thongs have an absorption level equivalent to 1,5 tampons, or around 10 ml. This type of menstruation thong is suitable for a so-called light flow, low intensity. It is also ideal for managing the end of periods where the flow remains very discreet or anecdotal.
The light flow menstrual thong is also an ideal replacement for disposable panty liners. Just as thin and discreet, the tanga for light flow is very practical.

A cheap menstrual thong

With Louloucup, menstrual panties and menstrual thongs are not expensive ! The composition of a personalized set of panties and thongs is very advantageous. The price is decreasing. A fully personalized set of 5 panties costs €22,90 for menstrual underwear. A great deal! The lot is completely bespoke. It is also possible to compose it from Louloucup Menstrual Swimsuits or a Loulou menstrual cup to cover all eventualities.

Louloucup offers the opportunity to equip yourself with excellent quality products at the lowest price. An investment quickly amortized when you know the sums you spend every month to buy tampons or disposable sanitary napkins.
The Louloucup menstrual tanga set is a great deal at an excellent price-quality ratio.

The Chloé model, the light flow menstrual thong from Louloucup

The Menstrual thong Chloé by Louloucup is available from size XS to XL. Composed of 95% organic cotton, this tanga is extremely soft. The pretty satin stitching on the sides gives the tanga a beautiful transparency.

The Chloé model from Louloucup is a beautiful lace menstrual tanga. Both simple and feminine, it's the menstrual thong recommended by Louloucup. It is really practical and wears with pleasure.

menstrual thong

It is often essential to have at least one heavy flow panty. This is very practical for spending a peaceful night, for example. It is just as essential to also think about less intense days and times, when the flow is more discreet and punctual. The flow is then almost finished, but not completely either. Same for the mocking. These small losses are quickly forgotten thanks to the Chloé model.

The Chloé tanga can be washed and maintained like the other Louloucup period panties. Rinse it in cold water and then machine wash it with other clothes. A short cycle at 30° is sufficient. The dryer, on the other hand, should be avoided. Too much heat could deteriorate the absorbent fabrics. Air drying is recommended.

Made in Portugal, sent in recyclable packaging by road transport (and not air), vegan et eco-friendly, this menstrual tanga has it all! For us, it's obvious, it's the best period thong !