Manage your first period with washable period panties

The first periods, sacred event! An upheaval in the life of a teenager. Even if it's new, a bit scary at first or rather slightly disturbing, it's nothing too bad. Promised.

For a woman, menstruate is natural. It is in the order of things and ultimately reassuring. It's a sign that your body is in healthy. Because yes, we have already tackled it together, some women experience irregularities or even absence of periods (amenorrhoea) due to stress, fatigue, eating disorders, treatments or certain illnesses. So remember, even if it can be embarrassing or uncomfortable, having your period is a good sign. It means that you are in full puberty. That you grow and that your body becomes little by little adult.

Menstruation is natural. It's nothing, taboo, dirty or embarrassing.

Louloucup demystifies the rules, removes taboos and eliminates guilt. The first period are often subject to many questions. They turn out to be irregular, they can hurt and can take time to find their stride. Welcome to puberty, welcome to the life of a real woman! Nothing to worry about, however, if you are equipped with period panties efficient and reliable! Because yes, the teen period panties are obviously compatible and adapted to first rules. Find our selection and our comparative complete sanitary panties et Washable Loulou at the end of the article.
teenage first period

All the information on the first period

9 years old, 11 years old or 14 years old?

THEage of first period varies from girl to girl. Some will experience a early puberty and therefore rules quite early. They are barely out of childhood and are then pre-teens. They have not yet entered college and can know their first period around 9 years old.

Others will see their first period arrive a little later, around 14 or even 16 years old. There is no fixed age. On the other hand, it has been observed in recent years that the girls puberty was getting earlier and earlier.

First periods are often irregular

Nothing surprising or worrying, the first periods are very often irregular. These periods are disturbed and take some time to find their rhythm. The menstrual cycles must be put in place. Over several cycles, it is not surprising to have staggered periods, a little long then a little shorter. The very first are, moreover, often short. The good reflex: always keep on hand a pair of period panties in order to anticipate surprise rules.

The warning signs of the first period

In a few years, under the action of hormones, the teenager's body changes. On the eve of your first period, it is not surprising to feel tightness in your chest, your Seins are more swollen, more painful. You can see a surge ofacne. You may also feel some tension at the bottom of your belly or even behind your back. You may be easily irritated or tired. Of the vaginal discharge can also take place. These discharges can be seen in your panties or when you go to the bathroom. It's normal. Your female cycle et hormonal slowly settles into place. It takes several months or even a full year to find its rhythm. So don't panic if you notice a delay. On the other hand, if you are sexually active, you must take a contraception adapted.
Don't hesitate to turn toschool nurse of your establishment, your general practitioner or to the family planning in your city. These entirely free establishments are an essential source of information on sexuality or contraception.

Managing your first period with period panties Loulou

To better live your first period, nothing better than periodic panties! The first period is shocking enough, no need to stress more for your hygienic protection. With a special period lingerie, you can rest easy. the periodic underwear optimally absorbs your flow while leaving you dry for many hours. Don't worry about leaks, the technical fabric used is very safe. Also, despite their great absorption capacity, they remain very discreet under your clothes. No layer effect, your period panty is similar to a classic panty.

Period panties are really an ideal way to protect yourself from leaks. Ideal for Girls and teenage girls, this clean and practical, comfortable and discreet hygienic protection has it all!

The advantages of Loulou panties

  • La composition of our panties Loulou is clean. Our underwear is made from controlled and good quality fabrics as well as organic cotton. the Oeko-Tex organic cotton soft and respectful of your privacy is placed inside in contact with your skin.
  • Loulou period panties are safe and reliable period panties thanks to a optimal absorption of menstrual flow, its composition of super absorbent fabrics allows a guaranteed seal, blood flows are absorbed and imprisoned. You stay dry without unpleasant sensations and without the risk of leaks. No humidity present or felt even on the most abundant flows. Thus, none Odour nor risk of developing bacteria.
  • Loulou period panties are Washable and reusable again and again. This does not produce waste like disposable sanitary protection (tampons and sanitary napkins). Using period panties thus reduces our waste (#zerodechet), pollutes less. Also know that our packaging is recyclable. We also favor road transport rather than air transport, which is much less polluting. Finally, our clothing workshops are regularly audited in order to ensure dignified working conditions for the workers who make our panties.
  • Our period panties are very easy to care for. Find our dedicated article to learn all about washing tips of your period panties.
    • Loulou period panties are healthy. Thanks to its composition, your privacy is respected and preserved. No risk of toxic shock syndrome, or of mycoses or other infections (cystitis, urinary tract infections) dangerous and harmful to your health and your body. Menstrual panties are therefore much more interesting than tampons or pads in this respect.
      • Our Loulou panties are only not expensive and always propose to a fair price. Our reduced prices in particular by lot are very interesting. We would like to submit an offer with a price / quality unique in the market.

        Which models of Loulou period panties to choose for teenagers?

        At Loulou, we have not forgotten the teenagers! Our teen period panties are all lined in organic cotton certified OCS (Organic Cotton standard) and are made in Portugal.
        • The model Simone abundant flow, available from size XS, ensures maximum absorption while being discreet. This pretty model in red cotton sailor has the capacity of 4 to 5 tampons.
        • The model Lou for heavy flow (equivalent to 4 tampons) is also available from XS. The blue liberty print is very beautiful. A real pleasure to put on this well-cut model which guarantees effective protection.
        • The model Louise for medium flow, displays a pretty sky blue sailor shirt in cotton, super comfortable. The advantage? Available in XXS for the smallest teenagers.

        And the cup?

        Are you a great athlete? Do you have intense or heavy flow? Do you want safe and invisible protection? Discover our Loulou menstrual cup made in France. Super practical and reliable, the menstrual cup ou You can wear a menstrual cup is also a protection suitable for the youngest, adolescents and young girls. You just need to be comfortable enough with your body and your privacy. Using the cup also has the advantage of really being aware of your losses and getting to know yourself better. Do not hesitate to test.
        Are you still hesitating? Visit our online shop to discover our complete offer. You can also get to know the Louloucup brand better through our comparison of the best period panties.