Menstrual panties to manage light flows and spotting, a good idea?

While some women will experience heavy periods, very heavy or so-called hemorrhagic periods, others experience scanty periods, very light with a so-called light flow. Extraordinary bleeding is also common. Not to mention the vaginal discharge and secretions that every woman can experience during their lifetime. What is the best solution to stay dry, while avoiding the famous panty liners chemical, harmful, polluting and disposable?

Louloucup offers you today a spotlight on the teen period panties for light menstrual flows. You will quickly understand that these are not dedicated only to the first and last days of menstruation and can prove to be much more essential!

What is a light flow?

Before going further, it is good to know your menstrual flow, know how to recognize it. It is accepted that a light menstrual flow is a flow representing less than 30 ml of blood during the period of menstruation. On the contrary, for the very abundant flows, we exceed 80 ml. To give you an idea, the menstrual cup can hold up to 25 ml of blood.

Good to know, over the bleeding period (3 to 5 days on average), the flow can be regular or irregular. Generally day 2 and day 3 are the most abundant days. For others, on the other hand, the flow is slow and maintained over 4 days, for example. It is important to observe his cycle and know his flow to choose the sanitary protection best suited to his profile.

You can admit that you have a light flow:

  • if you observe spaced losses, really light,
  • if you don't have to change your periodic protection regularly and you can keep it on for a long time (a barely soiled tampon in a day).

Moreover, low-abundance menstrual losses are called, in medical jargon, theoligomenorrhea.


menstrual panties light flow

Small lexicon of the different disorders or irregularities related to the rules:

  • theoligomenorrhea : scanty periods
  • la menorrhagia : opposite of oligomenorrhea, too abundant menstruation
  • theamenorrhea : absence of rules
  • la dysmenorrhea : observation of pain during menstruation
  • la spaniomenorrhea : cycle longer than the accepted average (more than 35 days)
  • la polymenorrhea : cycle shorter than average and therefore more frequent
  • la metrorrhagia : irregular bleeding

Every woman is unique so don't panic! If you are experiencing scanty periods today, that is not final either. In her lifetime, a menstruating woman will observe several changes in her period. This is perfectly normal. If you have doubts, pain or if you observe too many irregularities, however, do not hesitate to consult a specialist, a midwife, a doctor or a gynecologist.

Period panties for light flow, a precious friend

The periodic panties are obviously used to manage your periods but not only. In pre-menopause, during post partum, after diaper but also throughout its cycle, washable sanitary panties can be a great help, excellent support to manage everything your body can go through.

Because yes, the period is rarely a long calm river. This one is never really stable and regular. your cycle is an extraordinary phenomenon! Every day something new happens in your body. And sometimes, it can be seen, seen in your panties. It is neither serious nor dangerous, it is nature. The contraception but also other health, psychological or external reasons can interfere and trigger certain losses of different colors and textures. Overview of the different situations in which the menstrual panties for light flow can be of great help!

pair of period panties
pair of period panties

Bleeding outside of the menstrual period or spotting

pair of period panties

Inter-menstrual bleeding, we could do without it! These small untimely bleedings, always surprising, never cry out! You know well ? These small losses that make their life, dictate their law outside the rules, in the middle of the cycle when no one has invited them! Spotting, false menstruation, false periods or bleeding outside of periods, many names for the same phenomenon.

Le mocking (in English "stain"), is quite common. It is manifested by fairly dark losses (darker than the usual rules), anecdotal, very scanty. Stress or a change in contraception are the main reasons for spotting (hormonal imbalance). Do not hesitate to consult in the slightest doubt.

Miscellaneous losses and secretions

Black, brown, yellow, pink, white or brown, losses, secretions or fluids can flow for different reasons. To deal with it, the light flow period panties is fully indicated. It keeps you dry all day. Thanks to it, no bad smell. And above all, your intimacy is in contact with a organic cotton and Oeko-tex certified absorbent of very good quality. It is something other than panty liners plastic with a dangerous composition (petroleum, pesticides)! What losses can you know? For information :

  • of brown losses or brown, most often seen on the pill, before or after menstruation,
  • of white discharge or leucorrhea most often occur at the time of ovulation,
  • of yellow losses accompanied by itching may be a sign of an infection, do not hesitate to consult,
  • of dew losses are often the harbingers of menstruation, they can also occur after sexual intercourse or during pregnancy.

Focus on Louloucup briefs for light flows

Our absorbent and hygienic menstrual panties dedicated to light flow are both comfortable, sexy, reliable and respectful.

The Chloé menstrual thong

The light flow makes it easy to wear high cuts. Have fun with our tanga for rules model Chloé. Feminine and sexy, comfortable and reliable, our users love it. It absorbs the equivalent of a tampon to a tampon and a half. On loss days, it keeps you totally dry. Put these panties in your lot without hesitation!

the Chloé menstrual thong

Mia period panties

The latest addition to our catalog recently, the Mia panties is quite light. Very feminine with its patterns on the back, it remains invisible even under tight clothing. The organic cotton interior guarantees great comfort. The protection up to the level of the buttocks allows the absorption of a tampon and a half. We really like its cut, its elegance and its simplicity. It is ideal both for light periods and for white discharge during ovulation, for example.

menstrual panties light flow spotting

Our period panties Louloucup light flow are therefore addressed to all. For those experiencing light flows, capricious (and even vicious!) flows, vaginal discharge and other secretions. At any time, the Chloé tanga or the Mia panties will save you the day! So ready to test? Build up quickly your set of panties made to measure at great prices!