Are my IUD and my cup good friends?

Are there any contraindications to use a menstrual cup to collect your menstrual flow when wearing a copper IUD or hormonal IUD ? The cup and IUD are they good friends? That’s a good question!

At a time when many young women, adolescents and women are turning away from oral and hormonal contraception, and choose the IUD, it is fundamental to know if you can calmly use an You can wear a menstrual cup.

Alors IUD and cup, are they compatible? What do gynecologists and doctors say? If yes, what precautions should be followed? What are the proven risks? What about the famous suction cup effect ? Myth or reality? Can the cup really suck out the IUD ? Can the cup move the IUD ?

Louloucup is looking today at a central and very important question offemale intimacy.

Contraception and cup, let’s take stock!

Let's talk contraception

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Let's talk cup

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IUD cup risks

What is an IUD?

The IUD is a contraceptive method very effective. Its name can be confusing but obviously the IUD does not make you sterile ! Never. It is only, in the same way that the pill, like the patch (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and the Dental Implantology for example, a contraceptive method in order toavoid unwanted pregnancies.

called intrauterine device, intrauterine device ou SIU, Intrauterine system, the IUD comes in two very different versions:

  • the copper IUD,
  • and the hormonal IUS.

How does the IUD work?

In both cases, the IUD looks like a small T in plastic.

In the case of Copper IUD, the IUD is surrounded by a copper wire. In the case of hormonal IUS, the IUD contains a dose of hormones. Quite simply.

While the copper blocks sperm, hormones have an impact on the period . The two types of IUDs therefore do not work in the same way at all. However, they have the same objective: avoid pregnancy.

How is an IUD installed?

The IUD is inserted and placed in the cavity of the uterus. The process is very quick, less than a quarter of an hour. It may be recommended to take a Pain killer before installation. The process should not be painful. The woman must feel slight pinching, not very pleasant and must, also and above all, be reassured and guided throughout the insertion by the health professional.

Mandatoryly inserted by a health professional trained in this practice, the IUD can be placed by a general practitioner, gynecologist or an medical professional . The IUD is an effective contraceptive method from the moment it is inserted.

Thus the copper IUD can be offered in the event of emergency contraception. Once inserted, the IUD lasts for several years (between 2 and 10 years depending on the model). Finally, it can be removed at any time according to the patient's wishes.

Two types of IUDs: IUD and SIU

Focus on the copper IUD (also called IUD)

The copper in the IUD helps retain the sperm. It does not contain hormones, which is a major advantage for women who cannot tolerate them. It is considered one of the best hormone-free contraceptives.

On the other hand, the copper IUD can impact the duration of your period as well as its intensity. Especially during the first cycles after insertion, menstruation can be very intense or even hemorrhagic. Their duration is also extended, 7 to 10 days. For other women, the IUD is very well tolerated and they notice little change.

Focus on the hormonal IUD (also called IUS)

Unlike the copper IUD, the hormonal IUD contains a progestin-synthesized hormone. It allows you to increase the thickness of the cervical mucus (secretion of glycoproteins located at the level of the cervix) and thus prevent the passage of spermatozoa.

If the copper IUD increases the volume of periods, the hormonal IUD reduces the volume of periods or even eliminates them in the long term.

How do you remove an IUD?

The IUD can be removed in seconds by a healthcare professional. The doctor, gynecologist or midwife gently pulls on the son in order to extract it. The pain is generally less than that felt during insertion of the IUD.

Small reminder: You should be aware that not everyone can tolerate the IUD. It can be expelled naturally by your body either because your body does not accept it, or because it has been placed too low, or because the shape of your uterus is not suitable or simply by the contractions of your uterus. In general, this expulsion often occurs in 3 months after installation.

One thing is certain, however, and that is that your cup will not cause your IUD to be expelled.

Use of an IUD and a menstrual cup 

Are the menstrual cup and the IUD compatible? What are the exact risks? What are the recommendations to take?

Yes, the cup and the IUD are friends!

There is no contraindication to this day to wear a menstrual cup when you have an IUD. On the other hand, at Louloucup, we can only advise you to have the approval of your doctor, midwife or gynecologist before use.

Be careful, however, of the risk of displacement

If the famous suction cup effect (which is a preconceived idea), has no impact on the IUD, a medical and scientific journal recently warned of the risk of displacement of the IUD in the event of too sudden removal of the cup. This is the main risk in fact: the risk of IUD displacement.

Precautions to take before using the cup with an IUD 

Aefore the first use of your LoulouCup with an IUD, some precautions can be taken in order to have the best experience:

  • Adjust the length of the IUD strings. You should ask the person who inserted the IUD to cut the strings short enough to avoid getting them stuck between the vaginal wall and the upper edge of the cup.

  • Wait 3 months after inserting the IUD to use a menstrual cup. This period of time corresponds to the period when the IUD can be expelled naturally.

  • Ask a gynecologist about the length of your cervix to determine when you should stop to position the menstrual cup.

The right actions when removing the menstrual cup

Your cup is full, would you like to remove it, empty it and rinse it? No sudden or brutal movements at the risk of move the IUD !

  1. Take the time to position yourself correctly and wash your hands.
  2. Touch the stem with your fingertips, then slide your index finger gently between the wall of the vagina and the cup to draw in air.
  3. You can then gently remove your cup by pulling on the stem or pinching the tip of your cup.
  4. Once removed, empty your cup and wash it carefully. You can then put it back in place.

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