Louloucup organic menstrual panties

The best period panties ? Reliable and pretty panties, inexpensive and practical, but above all organic! Louloucup offers panties, thongs, shortys or bloomers in organic cotton. All our period panties are doubled in organic cotton. For teenagers as for adults, for young mother or great sportswoman, for light flow or heavy flowsstyles, organic menstrual panties, French and washable has become essential for serene periods!
Discover without delay all the advantages of organic menstrual panties offered by Louloucup.

Organic menstrual panties: a clean composition

In what the Louloucup menstrual panties are they organic? After the revelation of the toxic and bad compositions of sanitary tampons, Louloucup wanted to offer hygienic protections on the market, products with a healthy composition. It is no longer permitted and accepted to use toxic and harmful products in contact with one's privacy.

The fabrics used to make Louloucup briefs are clean and certified. They are tested by independent laboratories regularly. Thus they are guaranteed without silver nanoparticles and are labeled. Our non-toxicity report is transparently accessible on our site.

With cotton, it is above all a guaranteed pleasant experience. Our users are sure to have a great day. The panties absorb while leaving the part of the panties in contact with the intimacy dry. It is absolutely comfortable for many hours.

Organic requires special maintenance

No long cycles, no tumble dryers, no abrasive products, all of our panties require gentle washing and care in order for them to last a long time. Proper maintenance preserves the pants and makes them last. We remind you that a panty has a life expectancy of about 7 years.

  • A pre-wash or rinse when you take it off is recommended. This rinsing is simply carried out with cold water to drive out the flow which is stored in the absorbent part of the panties.
  • Machine wash on a short cycle (ideally about thirty minutes at 30°) is required. Don't worry about mixing up your panties with the rest of your clothes. If possible, wash with a mild detergent that is not too processed or chemical.
  • Drying is only done in the open air without dryer or heat source (radiator or other). Absorbent and technical fabrics would be altered with the heat.

In short, you will have understood that, due to their specific composition, menstrual panties do not like heat or products that are too chemical or abrasive.

Organic menstrual panties, but not only

  • Organic and of impeccable quality. Louloucup is a trademark application which notably produces its menstrual cups in France. Louloucup attaches great importance to the quality of the made in France. Frequent checks are carried out on the panties in order to always ensure irreproachable quality. As you can see, the finishes are always impeccable. In addition, the product does not deform or deteriorate, use, after use, wash after wash.
  • Organic and feminine. Louloucup did not want to compromise between quality and aesthetics. Louloucup wanted to offer a period panties healthy for health by offering an organic cotton lining without neglecting the design. Trendy cuts (bloomer), fun and feminine colors (liberty, marinière), sexy cuts (tanga), quality details (plumetis, lace, lacing), all our panties are really pretty. A real pleasure to put them on!
  • Organic and super absorbent. All our Louloucup menstrual panties are very absorbent. Suitable for heavy flows, hemorrhagic flow, medium flow and light flow, our organic Louloucup panties are very reliable. They last for many hours without the risk of staining. The absorbents placed in the panties in the crotch area, capture the blood, retain it while leaving the panties dry.
  • Organic and super discreet. The customers are all unanimous. They are surprised by the thickness of the panties, however the underwear remains very discreet under the clothes. Some are completely invisible like the Emilie medium flow menstrual panties or Mia light flow menstrual panties.

Louloucup, a French brand of organic menstrual panties

At Louloucup, it's simple, all our panties (thongs, shortys, boxers, bloomers and panties) have an internal lining in organic cotton. All without exception. Thus your intimacy is in contact with a healthy natural fiber devoid of chemicals, harmful or toxic. We are far from disposable tampons with derivatives of chlorine and weedkillers!
Cotton provides real comfort. It's really sweet. It's also healthier for your health, it's less irritating, less allergenic. In short, only positive.

Zoom on the Rebecca medium flow menstrual panties

You said organic period panties ? The Rebecca model is an excellent example of Louloucup's investment in organic. These panties suitable for medium flow are 95% made of Oeko-Tex organic cotton, both indoors and outdoors. The remaining 5% is elastane, a mandatory fiber to make the product elastic.

95% organic cotton on the outside of the panties, 95% organic cotton inside the panties for very soft and very comfortable lingerie. Organic cotton is without toxic residues, without silver nanoparticles. It is a healthy material that allows ideal fluid capture while offering optimal comfort.

Made in Portugal, this period panties for medium flow absorbs the equivalent of 3 tampons. Available from size XS to size XXXL, the cuts are reviewed and readjusted for large sizes so that the panties always fit well.

Zoom on the Léa medium flux liberty bloomers

The bloomer is this trendy cut of underwear that we love to wear. A bit retro, customers love the version menstrual bloomers by Louloucup in liberty pink and red. Undoubtedly vintage, but very feminine and girly at the same time, these panties don't forget to be very effective, very reliable and also... very organic!

La Lea menstrual panties is made of 95% organic cotton. Incredibly soft and comfortable, these panties are unanimous among our users. The Léa panties are considered cute and particularly pleasant to wear. Very positive reviews!

Focus on Lou heavy flow menstrual panties

These bloomer style panties, dedicated to the abundant flow, displays, just like the Leah model, a beautiful liberty print (but blue, so you can't confuse them). This beautiful model, neither too high nor too low, is very aesthetic and feminine. It does not forget to be very healthy with its 95% organic cotton. Both the outside and the inside are made of organic cotton for comfort and always excellent quality. Clients particularly appreciate being protected for long hours without the risk of leakage. They like the pattern as well as the discretion of the panties.

Organic and ecological panties

More responsible, greener, less polluting, the use of menstrual panties leads to less waste, that's for sure. The tampons or pads. cause a large amount of waste. Their plastic packaging, but also the tabs that come off the towels cause significant waste that cannot be recycled.

Choosing a washable menstrual protection et reusable is a good gesture for health and for the planet. It is an ecological behavior. This allows you to produce much less waste behind you. To drastically reduce them. Using menstrual panties is also part of a zero-waste approach for those who wish to go even further. We stop throwing away plastic and choose a product that is more expensive to buy, but that we can use for years. It will therefore be quickly amortized.

At Louloucup, we also want to go in this direction. This translates into various gestures and actions that we have implemented during the design of our products:

  • We have chosen to produce locally. Thereby 80% of our production are European (either French or Portuguese). By choosing to produce closer, we drastically reduce our carbon footprint. Our panties are thought out and designed in France, our fabrics come from Italy. They are certified and labeled to guarantee a certain quality. The vast majority of our panties are assembled in Portugal, a country recognized for its know-how in the manufacture of clothing.
  • Louloucup has opted for road transport to the detriment of air transport for product logistics. Much less polluting, road transport is a greener and more responsible choice.
  • We are committed to not using any animal fiber or animal material for the design of our products. Our panties are therefore vegan. We make all our products with respect for animals, without any testing. Our products are therefore certified cruelty-free.
  • We send your orders to you within recyclable packaging.
  • Finally, transparency is a priority for Louloucup. All the photos on our site are presented in a natural way, without retouching. The manufacturing origin of all our products is indicated on each product sheet. At Louloucup we want to present all our products in complete transparency.