Postpartum, lochia and menstrual panties

Postpartum lochia

Young mother, have you just given birth to your little one? Congratulations ! The delivery is over and you find yourself with your baby. You will then experience a rather particular and rather strong period, the postpartum. Hormones are playing yo-yo, the rhythm is not quite set with baby yet and your body is trying to rebuild itself after this shocking event that is childbirth. Not easy to manage! Fortunately, you can count on a few allies to face this period of profound change, among them the one of our best-sellers .

With our soft, yet super absorbent panties, we are proud to support all women, including young moms. Between thedelivery and return of diapers, it is reassuring to be able to rely on good products. The period panties Loulou are definitely part of it! Tips for use and explanations.

Postpartum mom and baby

All the explanations on postpartum

What exactly is postpartum?

It is a period experienced by a woman following childbirth. The body is turned upside down by this event. Hormones, weight, wound healing, feeding, return of diapers, baby, baby blues, the young mother faces many earthquakes and faces a whole host of obstacles that she had never encountered before giving birth. It can be confusing or even scary at times. But it's mostly normal. So don't panic or feel guilty.

How long is postpartum?

It is often said that postpartum corresponds to a fourth trimester. Others speak of 9 months or 40 days. Postpartum varies from woman to woman. It's a somewhat chaotic period (but not always), of back home, meeting with the baby and starting this new life with baby.

Postpartum, hormonal upheaval and baby blues

Psychologically, the young mother can go through a few somewhat complicated days. On edge, overworked or tired, it is not surprising to have tears easily or to be quickly irritated. Accept your emotions fully and without guilt. Your hormones manhandle you, it's normal to feel strong emotions!

Some women can also cross and know the baby blues. It is neither taboo nor shameful. This rather painful period when you don't feel height is only temporary, don't worry.

And your body in all this?

Your body which gave birth to a little baby is bruised, tired, exhausted. Be patient with him! It will take time to regain your tone and energy. Everything in its time. For now, you have to recover. If you gave birth vaginally you may have had a episiotomy. If you gave birth Caesarean, healing may be painful and take longer.

The young mother may experience urinary leaks, but also constipation, hemorrhoids or even bleeding. It is also normal for you to lose blood. It's not about rules, but about lochia. And to deal with it, Louloucup period panties are ideal!


Menstrual panties for a more serene postpartum


Lochia refer to bleeding and other vulvar discharge following childbirth. Your uterus and your vagina expel the residues that did not find the exit at the time of childbirth. It is therefore a normal and natural phenomenon. It can, on the other hand, take a certain time and be spread over several weeks.

The trenches, contractions and postpartum cramps allow the uterus to return to its normal size. Along with the trenches, the lochia then appear. Quite abundant, the lochia are the sign that theuterus heals and everything falls back into place. The place where the placenta heals. A certain amount of blood, but also residues are therefore evacuated. Lochia is made up of blood, clots or placental residue. From rosé through red, brown then white, the color, but also the consistency of the lochia evolve over the days.

The little return of diapers

After the lochia, follows another period of loss. Small bleeding due to hormonal drop is observed for several days. The real return of diapers only occurs after several weeks. If the mother is breastfeeding, the periods are suspended (lactational amenorrhea). If breastfeeding is not planned, menstruation reappears six to eight weeks after delivery. The return of diapers is even faster in the event of a caesarean section.


Postpartum lingerie

In order to avoid any risk of infection, tampons should absolutely be avoided postpartum. This is why our teen period panties find their place in this particular period.

Our Louloucup period panties are reliable and made in Europe (80% of our panties are designed in Portugal). They offer unequaled comfort as well as excellent absorption. We know how important it is to feel good and comfortable in your clothes and even more after giving birth. Scars can be painful, the skin is distended, the losses are important. Your underwear should be high-performance, soft and very pleasant at the same time.

You may even have used period panties during your pregnancy. Super absorbent, invisible, very comfortable and lined in organic cotton, our panties have everything they need to preserve your privacy, prevent leaks and keep you dry for a long time!

Our Loulou period panties adapt to women who have given birth to offer them more freedom because they already have so much to think about! Find on our online shop all our panties classified by menstrual flows. Our favourites?

- The model Simone abundant flow +++++ all cotton for maximum comfort is ideal for managing lochia.

- The model Emilie medium flow + seamless is ultra-comfortable, perfect for little diaper returns.

postpartum breastfeeding

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