Louloucup menstrual cup user manual

The cup or menstrual cup is very practical for manage a heavy flow, avoid leaks when going to the swimming pool or live more serenely period ! But how to use and put on a menstrual cup ? Nothing too complicated thanks to the wise advice of Louloucup! Follow our manual and menstrual cup by Loulou will no longer hold any secrets for you!
Sizes, tests, opinions, composition, advantages, functioning, use, for a maximum of info, also find our super comprehensive guide to menstrual cups organic and French Louloucup.

Loulou menstrual cup

How do I insert my Louloucup menstrual cup?

  1. STERILIZED. We advise you to sterilize your menstrual cup at the start of each new menstrual cycle. For this you can use our sterilizer or boil your cup for 5 minutes in a saucepan or in the microwave. find the way forward, here, Cup sterilizer: 2 solutions to sterilize your cup.
  2. WASH. Make sure your hands are clean before inserting. Use warm water and a mild soap to wash your hands and your menstrual cup.
  3. PLAICE. Your cup and your hands are clean, so you can fold the menstrual cup according to your favorite folding method. Several folds are possible: folding in C, folding in 7 or tulip folding. If this is a first, do not hesitate to test several foldings in order to find the most suitable for your intimitate.
  4. INSERT. Choose the position in which you are most comfortable: on the toilet, in the shower, squatting or with one leg raised on the edge of the toilet. You must be relaxed. You can then gently insert your folded cup into your vagina.
  5. RELEASED. The cup unfolds and adheres to your vaginal wall once you release it. The cut is then well placed to recover the blood of your period.
  6. CHECKED correct positioning of your menstrual cup. Run a finger over the rim of your cup to make sure it's properly deployed. You should feel no pain, no tension.

How do I remove my Louloucup menstrual cup?

  1. WASHget your hands off. As with insertion, it is important to always handle your menstrual cup with clean hands.
  2. RELAX-you. A tense person will have more difficulty removing their cup because the muscles will be more contracted.
  3. INSERT your fingers inside your vagina to locate the base of the menstrual cup. If you can't, pull gently on the stem until you feel the base of the cup. When you feel the base of the cup, pinch the bottom to cancel the suction cup effect.
  4. If your menstrual cup came up, use the rod to gently bring the cup back to the entrance of your vagina. You can then pinch the base of the menstrual cup and cancel the suction cup effect. However, never remove your menstrual cup by pulling only on the stem.
  5. If your menstrual cup is very high and you have trouble reaching it, push it with your vaginal muscles to bring it down. Everything must be done gently, gradually and painlessly.
  6. HYPHEN gently your menstrual cup to one side then the other while gently removing it
  7. VIDE your menstrual cup in the sink, toilet or in the shower.
  8. RINSE AND STERILIZE. Use cold water and a mild soap to rinse your cup. If you are at the end of your period, you can sterilize her.
  9. RANGE your cut in its cotton pouch until the next use, protected from dust.

General instructions for the Louloucup menstrual cup

  • Always wash your hands before handling your menstrual cup.
  • In order to avoid any risk of toxic shock syndrome (TBS), do not wear your menstrual cup more than 6 hours in a row.
  • Before insertion, check that your cup is clean. The four holes on the wall of your cup must be well cleaned and cleared.
  • To avoid stains on your menstrual cup, rinse your cup withcold water and clear. Above all, avoid chemical products and cleaners, household detergents or white vinegar.
  • You don't need to remove your You can wear a menstrual cup to go to the toilet.
  • You must remove your menstrual cup before having sex.
  • Likewise, Louloucup is not a contraceptive and does not protect you against sexually transmitted diseases. The Loulou cup is simply an intimate and hygienic solution for your period.
  • Do not use your Louloucup in postpartum period to collect postnatal blood. The period panties for heavy flow are recommended in this case. Ask for advice and always get the approval of your gynecologist or your midwife to put your cup back on after childbirth.
  • Don't let the blood spill out of your menstrual cup. Empty and rinse your cup on a regular basis to be as comfortable and comfortable as possible.
  • If you have gynecological problems, always consult your gynecologist before using a menstrual cup. His opinion and endorsement are important so that you have the best experience.

Menstrual cup stem and positions

La Loulou menstrual cup is positioned differently according to the morphology of each woman. Whatever the position, a cup should never hurt, cause pain or discomfort.

For some, the cut will remain in low position, at the entrance of vagina. The rod can then come out a little. It does not matter. If this is inconvenient, you can always cut or readjust the upper. To do this, remove your menstrual cup and cut the stem with disinfected scissors.

For other women, the menstrual cup may rise higher inside. This is normal and shouldn't worry you. The cup stem allows in this specific case to be able to access the cut more easily at the time of removal. By pulling lightly on the stem, you can reach the rounded base of the cup, then pinch it and cancel the suction cup effect.

If the cup is positioned even higher, you will have to push it down your vagina using the strength of your muscles. Contract your abs and your perineum to gently lower the menstrual cup so that you can reach it with your fingers.