What is the correct position of your cup?

Do you want to move towards  menstrual cup ? This is a very good idea for your well-being and for the environment. In fact, it is a internal hygienic protection. Very comfortable, it has many advantages : durable, washable, ecological, economical… It offers the possibility of practicing a sport. You can thus continue your usual activities and be free to move around. The period of the rules will be more pleasant. You may have some apprehensions about positioning your cup correctly. Don't worry, we will advise you.

Position cup: how to do it? 

The cup is a device made of medical silicone without toxic substances. She looks like a small bell with a stem. The receptacle contains blood in large quantities according to your menstrual flow. Just position it well and you won't feel it. However, it is important to follow the recommendations and advice  for safe use. After a few tries, you will become a pro, the application will be easier. Menstrual cup position : how to place it easily? 

Menstrual cup positioning: our advice! 

Don't worry, everything will be fine. Take a deep breath. Indeed, as in many situations, stress is often penalizing. Before any use, it is essential to wash your hands well. The cup must be clean and sterilized. In addition, the precautions for use should be read carefully. Then settle down quietly, in a relaxed and relaxed way. The first time may not be easy, but with practice the set up will become quick. 

Menstrual cup position: the different bends 

For a smooth insertion, it is advisable to bend the menstrual cup. Flexible, it is easily malleable. Here are 3 folding methods you can try: 
  • C-bend : the top of the cup should look like the letter C. Once folded, it must be inserted inside the vagina. 
  • in seven : you have to bend one of the sides to get the shape of the number 7. 
  • in tulip or punch-down fold : hold the cup with one hand. With the other hand, push one of the sides inside the cup. 

To better visualize the forms, photos are available on the guide to the Louloucup cup. 

Menstrual cup location: insertion 

Menstrual cup positioning: what's next? Once the folding is done, comes the moment of insertion. To do this, make yourself comfortable. Proper positions for gentle application are: sitting on the toilet or squatting in the shower. If you prefer to be standing, it is possible by raising one leg on the edge of the bath or the bed. You can try them all to choose the one that suits you best. 

For insertion, you have to separate the lips and introduce the cup with the previously chosen folding shape. The introduction is done horizontally towards the coccyx and lower than the location of a buffer. After setting up, you can release the cup, it will return to its original shape. By holding the base of the cup and not the stem, you can turn it one way and then the other so that the position is ideal. How to ensure the correct placement of your cup? You can check with your finger. 

Menstrual cup placement and precautions

An important recommendation is to do not put the cup on while lying down. This can lead to misplacement, discomfort and leaks. To facilitate insertion, it is quite possible toapply lubricant on it or moisten it with a little water.

What is the purpose of the holes on the cup? They balance the air pressure. They make insertion and removal even smoother. Don't forget an important rule, you should not wear a cup for more than 6 to 8 hours in a row to avoid possible toxic shock syndrome. 

Position cup for menstruation: how to remove it?

Before any manipulation, hand washing is required to eliminate bacteria. Then adopt a relaxed position to remove the cup. It's necessary push with your perineum then using the rod, pinch and grab the base of the cup. To take it out, tilt it to one side then the other. To finish : empty, rinse and clean the menstrual cup. You can then repeat the previous steps to reuse it. 

Cup positioning for menstruation: comfort in all circumstances!

Louloucup offers forms of unique menstrual cups to ensure maximum comfort. It will surely take a little time to experiment. Indeed, proper use is necessary to avoid discomfort and leaks. You will see the cut adapts itself to your intimacy, your body and your busy activities.