Help, the menstrual cup is full. How do I do ?

The use of a cup can slow down some women and yet it is the alternative healthy, ecological and economical par excellence. This little silicone capsule in the shape of an inverted bell is the ideal solution to replace your tampons and sanitary napkins. 

One of the most unpleasant and embarrassing situations for a woman is to have her cup full and thus be afraid that it will overflow at any time. Who has ever asked a loved one to check their pants for a stain? Discover the solutions to avoid this situation. 

Instructions for a full menstrual cup

Step 1 - Remove your menstrual cup 

Do not panic ! You managed to put on your menstrual cup, you will manage to remove it. Put yourself in a quiet place, wash your hands with a solid soap and take the same position that you used during the insertion of this one. 

To remove it is very simple: 
1 - You push the cup with your perineum muscles,
2 - You pull on the cup to lower it, 
3 - You grab the base and pinch it lightly,
4 - You gently tilt the cup by moving it from side to side,
5 - You empty the blood in the toilet. 

Step 2 - Clean your menstrual cup

Once you have passed step 1 (congratulations! :)), you can now clean your menstrual cup. It must be scrupulously cleaned with clean water and alcohol-free soap or with your own intimate gel. 

Be careful, do not clean your LoulouCup in the washing machine or with dishwashing liquid, you risk damaging it and causing an allergy to soap. 

Step 3: Put your menstrual cup back on

It's up to you now reposition your menstrual cup. If the insertion is slightly difficult, you can always use lubricant or a little water to moisten it. 

Little tricks 

  • If you're in a hurry, and you don't have time to clean your menstrual cup, it's best to equip yourself as well as possible by choosing a pack: 2 cups + Louloucup sterilizer. Do not hesitate to surround your first menstrual cup with toilet paper and put it in a reusable pouch or directly in its box to be sterilized

  • If you are at the office and have forgotten your second menstrual cup, take a bottle of water with you when you go to the toilet. This water will allow you to wash your cup and your hands. Otherwise, you can use a container that you fill with water to clean your cup.

The solutions to avoid this unpleasant situation 

Find the right size

To prevent your menstrual cup from filling up too quickly, you must choose the right size. This is also the first step in choosing your cup. Indeed, choosing the wrong size can potentially cause leaks. There are 2 sizes: a big et a small.

Size S

Size S is used for light to normal flow and/or for people who have never had a child vaginally.

Size M

Size M is used for large flows and/or for people who have given birth vaginally. This means that if your flow is light and you gave birth vaginally, it is better to choose the Medium size. 

In addition to sizes, at Louloucup we have two levels of flexibility: 
  • The blue menstrual cup is more flexible and is perfect for young women with a small vagina. 
  • The pink menstrual cup is harder and suitable for women with a more robust pelvic diaphragm. 

Wear period panties

For each problem, Louloucup brings you a solution. In general, it takes a little time to learn how to use your cup and to determine when your menstrual cup is full. 

As a precaution and to avoid staining your favorite panties, we advise you to adopt the combo: cup and pair of period panties. In this case, you can afford to opt for an absorbent and sexy ruler thong which avoids any unpleasant surprises and the risk of stains!