Louloucup reviews

Louloucup has made it a point of honor, since its launch, to satisfy all its customers. Product quality, availability, fast delivery, we are committed to providing a comprehensive and personal service. The different feedback are collected independently by HelpfulCrowd. This platform guarantees the legitimacy of the opinions of our customers on all our products.
The positive feedback of our customers confirm our daily commitment but also all the passion that drives us to offer reliable panties and cups, for you, your health and your privacy.

Stunning menstrual panties, unanimous opinions!

Our customers particularly appreciate the fact of being able to compose their own batch of teen period panties freely. They can form a batch adapted to their flow and their cycle. It has never been so simple and economical to equip yourself for your period thanks to Louloucup. The opinions also underline the aesthetics of our panties, their finishes but also their discretion.

Rave reviews for heavy flow period panties

There are many very positive opinions on our models suitable for heavy flow or very heavy flow. The Clara period panties wins all the votes. This period underwear handles the hemorrhagic flow.

Customers praise the pleasant side, the softness of the fabric, the aesthetics while being super absorbent, thanks to an extended absorption zone from the front to the back of the panties. The Clara model can be worn for many hours in a row (including at night) without leaking problems (Alexandra M.)! For Aynes B., it's simple, it's "the best panties I could put on!"

The very positive opinions on our menstrual cups

The feedback about our different menstrual cup are unanimous. Customers love the quality as much as the comfort of our flagship product (Céline C.). Nothing to do with the menstrual cups offered in the supermarket. Users are delighted and can't do without it. The cup signed Loulou is considered comfortable and pleasant to wear.

Customers conquered by our menstrual swimsuits

Customers who have been able to test our latest menstrual swimwear and, appreciated, in addition to the good value for money and the fast and efficient delivery, the comfort as well as the safety of the products.
Le Laura menstrual swimsuit is considered flattering, pretty (Elsa T.), elegant (Emeline) while the Noa menstrual swimsuit is particularly appreciated for its integrated bra (Elsa T.).

Louloucup wins all the votes

The general opinion is more than positive. Customers love the careful delivery, the elegant packaging and
environmentally friendly, plastic free (Marine D.), while the customer service is top notch (Sandra G.) Customers are so satisfied that they come back to Louloucup “I bought some more” Virginie G.