How to relieve painful periods?

The arrival of menstruation is for many of us synonymous with pain intense. If the hot water bottle is our best ally in the majority of cases, let's review the alternatives to come relieve menstrual pain.

Tips, tricks, diet, sport, medicines and other grandmother's remedies, Louloucup gives you an update on the solutions to soothe painful periods.

What is dysmenorrhea or painful periods?

Called dysmenorrhea (which literally means difficult menstruation) the pains which precede, accompany and follow the with medium flows. It is estimated that 79% of women suffer from it. 1 in 4 women would be affected by the severe form, which is defined by an impact on daily life (absence from work or school, lack of usual activities).

⚡️ What is the difference between primary dysmenorrhea and secondary dysmenorrhea?

La primary dysmenorrhea, concerns women who have had this pain since it was resolved. These are generally non-organic pains, but rather functional ones. 

La secondary dysmenorrhea concerns women whose pain appeared at some point, the cause is often organic. endometriosis is, among other things, one of the causes of secondary dysmenorrhea.

How do menstrual cramps manifest?

(I.e. What are the symptoms of painful periods?

The pelvic pain, medians, are the only symptom accepted by the scientific community to define Painful periods are the worst. They can be colic or other times throbbing, diffuse and continuous.

This does not mean that this period of hormonal upheaval is not accompanied by other unpleasant disorders, even difficult to bear, in certain cases.

In the most cited, we find the nausea, vomiting, diarrheastyles, fever, lower back pain, in the legs, great fatigue, lethargy or even the feeling of discomfort.

Painful periods are the worst

How to relieve painful periods?

(I.e. Adopt a better lifestyle

It is possible torelieve period pain by adopting a better lifestyle. Not that women who suffer from their periods are bad, but there are some small habits to adopt that can help us get through this difficult period.

Needless to remember thata good sleep, regular exercises et A balanced diet help our body to better resist the hazards it may encounter. 

Let's highlight 4 tips that can provide comfort and relief in the event of an acute pain crisis:

  • La heat is a good ally to relieve pelvic pain. The heat helps to relax the pelvic muscles which contract and cause pain. On a smaller scale than childbirth, theuterus contracts to evacuate dead cells from theendometrium, it is contractions. According to Planet Health, a study to show that heat is as effective as ibuprofen and that its action is faster. The hot water bottle is a great ally. Dry hot water bottle ou water bottle diffuses effective and direct heat on your numb lower stomach. THE cramps are then quickly erased!
  • A good shower or even a bath relaxes the body contracted by pain. L'Hot water relaxes you, relaxes you and acts on both pain and your mind. You feel good and better in your body and in your skin.
  • Un massage your belly using light circular movements, relax your organ. Use a neutral vegetable oil for smooth movements. Also find out about the essential oils which could be effective. A few drops of sage or basil mixed with neutral oil can provide relief. Before using essential oils, it is important to obtain information and know how to dose them.
  • More difficult to set up but the fact of marcher, stretch or practice some postures of yoga can really soothe. It's quite simple: moving activates blood circulation throughout the body, including the lower abdomen.

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Painful periods are the worst


(I.e. How to naturally relieve painful periods?

    To relieve pain naturally, we can turn to plants
      • raspberry leaves have antispasmodic properties. Sage, it has an anti-inflammatory power. As for yarrow, it will relax you and soothe your stomach aches. In delicatessens and organic stores, infusions and herbal teas are easily accessible. If the effects are not 100% proven, drinking hot to bring relaxation and comfort.
      • The essential oils are also valuable as a complement. However, we strongly draw your attention to the importance of knowing how to use them correctly. While some are inhaled, others are swallowed on neutral tablets while others are mixed with neutral vegetable oils. seek the advice of a pharmacist before making any purchase.
      • Tarragon essential oil is considered a powerful antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory remedy. This is the essential oil to have to relieve pain during menstruation! 
      • Sage essential oil clary mimics the action of estrogens and minimizes uterine contractions.
      • Basil essential oil acts on the uterine muscles, but also on the nervous system to reduce pain due to contractions.

      (I.e. What medications to relieve painful periods?

      Doctors, gynecologists or midwives can prescribe various medications to relieve pain. In any case, it is important to try to anticipate and not let the pain set in.

      The most classic is undoubtedly the antispasmodic spasfon. The famous pink tablet can alleviate the pain of many young girls and women.

      Dafalgan, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Advil may also be prescribed.

      For example anti-inflammatory nonsteroidal (NSAIDs) can also be prescribed to come from stronger pains like Antadys, for example.

      Beware of self-medication. We draw your attention to the dangers of self-medication. It is never safe or harmless to take medication alone. Aspirin, for example, increases bleeding and is not the solution in case of menstruation.

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