Our comparison of the best period panties Louloucup

Find her period panties ideal is not so easy with an offer that has exploded in recent years! And even if today every woman can easily find happiness, it is not easy to find your way around.

Our menstrual panties comparison ou period panties Louloucup is perfect for the most indecisive. Flow, sizes, cuts, fabrics, composition, comfort, we explain everything clearly about our panties! This will make it much easier for you to build your pack with the period panties, absorbent and hygienic best suited to your profile, and that in complete freedom!

menstrual panties comparison

What to look for before buying period panties?

Several points must be taken into account so as not to regret your purchase:

    • Le menstrual flowand menstrual underwear are sold according to the importance of the flow (light, medium, abundant, haemorrhagic). You will have to choose your lingerie accordingly. Also think that the flow is not the same at the beginning and at the end of your period. Anticipate by taking light flow panties for small losses at the end or beginning of period and heavy flow panties for the middle of your period.
    • La sizes. Buying period panties is no different from buying normal panties, you obviously have to look at your size. At Louloucup, we take great care to produce panties to European standards, from size XS to size XL. If you hesitate between two sizes, we advise you to take the size above. Also find all our detailed advice on each panty sheet.
    • La Ingredients transparent and clean. If we avoid tampons and pads. composed of chlorine and insecticides, it is to use healthy and non-toxic protection! At Louloucup, we make it a point of honor to make the composition of our panties and their production completely transparent. The fabrics used for all our panties are labeled OEKO-TEX. In addition, the inside of our panties is in organic cotton. The vast majority of our production is European. The laces and elastics are made in Spain, the fabrics in Italy and everything is assembled in Portugal. Finally, our products are regularly tested by independent laboratories.
    • La coupe both feminine and comfortable. Today, thanks to menstrual panties, every woman can finally feel sexy and pretty during her period! At Louloucup, we have applied ourselves to offering very beautiful panties with harmonious and flattering cuts.
    • Le price. The menstrual poverty is a reality. Louloucup has chosen to offer panty packs at great price in order to make this hygienic protection as accessible as possible.
teen period panties

At the start or end of your period, for a light flow: the Chloé tanga

Made from 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane, the Chloe thong made in Portugal is ideal for so-called light flows. Black, sexy, but still comfortable, it provides impeccable protection for women experiencing small periods with discreet and scattered losses. Its composition allows you to stay dry all day. This menstrual thong, with its satin stitch detail, absorbs the equivalent of a tampon to a tampon and a half. It can also be worn at the time of ovulation (white discharge) or in case of mocking. It perfectly replaces the disposable panty liner.

 The Chloé tanga, sexy, comfortable and reliable

To test it is to adopt it. The feedback are unanimous on this very feminine underwear. Users emphasize the effectiveness of the protection (no leaks for 12 hours!), while being sexy. No doubt, you will have a lot of fun wearing it!

Fanny menstrual panties and Chloé tanga

Discreet: Émilie seamless menstrual panties

You are looking for a invisible menstrual lingerie to easily wear your tightest clothes during your period? Our black Emilie medium flow seamless briefs is perfect. Very comfortable, very soft and pretty, it is completely forgotten.

Emilie seamless panties, invisible, thin and comfortable!

Who says you have to give up your favorite tight dress during your period? Certainly not with Louloucup! Our customers are delighted by its reliability while being super discreet. Some even use it without worries during their workout. Zero leaks guaranteed!

Colors full of pep with protection always at the top

 We wanted to offer both black, sober and discreet models (Rebecca model ou Naomi) than colorful panties full of life. In medium or abundant flow, find a nice choice of floral panties (Léa medium flow model ou model Lou abundant flow) Of striped panties (Louise medium flow model or model Simone abundant flow) or of plain panties (Romy model or Lily medium flow model). From day to day, have fun with colors and proudly wear our beautiful panties.

Lou Menstrual Panties

Our little favorite at Loulou? Maybe the Romy model which is unanimous! Its bright red, its flattering cut and its composition in organic cotton and bamboo won over a large number of customers. And U.S. too !

Adolescence, postpartum, premenopause, panties for life

Our washable and absorbent period panties are compatible with the different periods of a woman's life. We have also dedicated a collection for teenagers. Our underwear are also valuable allies in other moments of theintimacy of a woman. In period postpartum, our Loulou heavy flow panties naturally play their role of absorption and protection. They also offer welcome comfort in this very tiring and overwhelming period!

En premenopause, hormones play yo-yo. Periods may then be unbalanced, light or heavier than usual. the Lily panty pattern, very comfortable, with an absorbent zone rising very high is particularly suitable in this case.

The high waist: elegance, protection and femininity

The high waist is really the trendy cut. The high waist period panties is one of those must have to slip into her panty drawer. Our emblematic model, Clara is the most absorbent panty in our collection. It is particularly aimed at women experiencing a very heavy flows and ou a hemorrhage. Very comfortable while being very feminine, this piece of lingerie enhances your body while protecting you from leaks. You stay dry thanks to its very wide extended protection going from the front to the back of the pants!

We wanted very beautiful panties (lace on the sides, satin effect for the rest) without skimping on protection. Our users say that despite having very heavy periods, they don't feelhumidity neither ofOdour unpleasant. A real ally for all those who know severe rules of nature or under copper IUD, for example. Clara panties can also be used night. no problem to avoid staining the sheets. We appreciate !

Clara high waist menstrual panties

You will have understood it, day and night, at home, at work or during sports, under a pretty skirt or jeans, the period panties Louloucup wear everywhere, all the time. In light, medium or heavy flow, from XS to XXXL, we don't forget anyone so that everyone can experience this short period of the menstrual cycle as peacefully as possible.

Finally, we hope that this little menstrual panties comparison will help you see things more clearly. If you still doubt, do not hesitate to contact us for any questions about the use of panties, their washing, their composition, their manufacture and much more. We love to talk about our period panties extremely effective, sexy, pretty, ecological, comfortable, healthy, washable and reusable! =)