Comparison of the best menstrual cups

A firm or soft menstrual cup? A cup made in France ? A medium or small cup? A pink or turquoise cup? One or two menstrual cups? A cup with or without a sterilizer? A cup for heavy flow? A cup for light flow? It's not easy to find your way around when you want to embark on the adventure of renewable hygienic protections and washable!

However, with a few valuable tips, it will be easy to find the menstrual cup what you need, promise! For this, nothing better than a comparison of menstrual cups in-depth. Because the cup, just like menstrual panties, revolutionizes menstruation and allows many women to have less mental burden. The cup and period panties are also great eco-friendly protection. Using them every month is a real gesture for the environment !

The cup is above all a great alternative to tampons and great choice of protection for health and the environment for teenagers.

Louloucup gives you the criteria for choosing the right menstrual cup model and also conducts a comparison between its two menstrual cup models: the cup Loulou Turquoise and cup Loulou pink ! 

menstrual cup

Reminder: how to choose the best menstrual cup?

To choose the best cup, you can consult our article Menstrual cups: advantages and disadvantages. Some criteria can help you:

  • Menstrual cup reviewsand user reviews of cup are important. The obviously reasoned feedback can really help you choose the right model, the right format, the right size. The numerous opinions and comments can also reassure you about the seriousness of the brand (fast delivery, product quality, etc.)

  • Choose an organic menstrual cup. The origin of manufacture and the quality of the materials used to design the cup are very important. We strongly advise you to choose a product manufactured in France and certified eco-friendly.

  • Understanding the risks of improper use of the menstrual cup. Health, risks, danger, toxic shock, misuse, some important recommendations must be followed for proper and peaceful use of the cup.

  • Take into account the advice of a gynecologist before wearing a menstrual cup. A doubt ? Always obtain the favorable opinion of your gynecologist or midwife before using a menstrual cup.

  • The price of the menstrual cup . The menstrual cup durable hygienic protection that we keep for a long time (several years), it will save you many packs of tampons and napkins. Its organic material and its manufacturing in France explain its price, which must remain fair and affordable for as many people as possible. At Loulou, our two cup models have a fixed price at €28,90. A pack with sterilizer et a box with menstrual panties are also offered.

Menstruation: how much do periods cost over a lifetime?


  • Choose the right size menstrual cup. And of course, the last criterion to take into account when choosing the right cup: the size. Brands offer several sizes. It is therefore necessary to take into account the nature and intensity of its menstrual flow, but not only. You must also take into account your anatomy, the tone of your perineum and your own history (nulliparous, vaginal delivery, etc.)

    Buy a menstrual cup and get informed

    To make a judicious and intelligent purchase, it is always good to find out before placing an order. Do not hesitate to consult our complete guide to the menstrual cup to be unbeatable on the subject as well as our Louloucup menstrual cup user manual. You can also find a lot of information on handling the menstrual cup on the with in particular these articles: 

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    We tell you more about our cups, their history, their manufacturing:

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    The Loulou Cup: a cup made in France, patented and extremely soft

    Are you hesitating between our two cut models? A little comparison of cups Loulou wins! 

    Please note that both the Turquoise model and the Rose model are made in France. Organic, vegan and medical silicone, fragrance-free, BPA or latex-free, our cups meet the strictest standards. The workshops in which our cups are manufactured are audited regularly.

    Louloucup Turquoise

    La Turquoise menstrual cup from Louloucup is a softer cup than standard cups. It was designed and designed for sensitive anatomy. It is a model that is not too rigid, not too firm and therefore softer which will adapt to the vagina in a more gentle way. It is therefore a particularly comfortable cup, which once inserted, does not feel at all! 

    The Turquoise cut is therefore ideal for women or Girls with a sensitive bladder, for example. It is also the perfect cup for first use. She is easy to adopt and handle. The Turquoise menstrual cup is ideally suited to young nulliparous women who have a toned perineum.

    Available in two sizes, the turquoise cup is suitable for light, medium and heavy flows. 

    turquoise menstrual cup

    The Louloucup Rose

    La pink menstrual cup from Louloucup corresponds to a standard model. A little firmer than the turquoise model, it is no less pleasant and flexible enough for easy and gentle insertion. 

    The Rose menstrual cup is classic and is particularly aimed at sporty women or young girls. Available in two sizes, this cup is suitable for all flows. Women with an average to heavy flow will prefer the medium size while others with a light to medium flow can turn to the small size. 

    pink menstrual cup

    Whether pink or turquoise, soft or firm, medium or small, the cup respects your privacy if it is used correctly. During and after periods, our users are delighted to see that they no longer have drought, itching orirritations.

    At Louloucup, the price of the cup is €28,90, delivery is always free, shipping always within 48 hours.