Summer, holidays, heat and periods, all our essential advice!

Ton menstrual app is formal: you will be indisposed during your vacation. Days at the beach, long hikes, water sports or even long scorching days, not easy to combine with its with medium flows !

Menstruation pain, profuse flow or Water retention, if the rest of the year it is still relatively bearable, the periods can be really inconvenient in the heart of summer. However, there are a few things you can do to make your life easier and relieve yourself. Here are all our essential menstrual tips for a serene summer vacation. A little organization can save your summer, and yes, menstruate is not a fatality! I promise :)

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The backpacker and adventurer must prepare!

A 10-hour plane trip? A bus trip to the other side of the world or a distant cruise lasting several days? The key is to anticipate! And even if your period doesn't have to occur on the specific dates of your trip, plan ahead anyway! Because you never know, you shouldn't find yourself without periodic protection in the middle of nowhere. With the stress and apprehension of the trip, it's no wonder, moreover, that your rules are a little turned upside down. They may then arrive a little before or a little after the scheduled date.

Menstrual panties for long trips

In order not to pollute and leave nothing behind, the pair of period panties is particularly practical and very interesting when travelling.

Depending on your country of destination, anticipate your hygienic protection accordingly. Keep in mind that hygiene conditions as well as access to drinking water, garbage cans or toilets may not be as easy as at home.

pair of period panties

Period panties are therefore extremely practical in this type of situation. It can be worn for hours and hours (12 hours, or a whole day) while ensuring optimal absorption. You stay dry all day, you do not generate waste behind you and you are especially comfortable for travelling. You avoid the thick disposable sanitary napkin or tampon that dries out your vagina. If you know important flows, do not hesitate to pass a heavy flow panties like the model Clara ou Fanny. These panties have the capacity to absorb the equivalent of four to five tampons.

Some tips for globetrotters

Always depending on the destination, remember to take your intimate hygiene products, a mild pH-neutral soap but also some essentials such as emergency tissues. Hydroalcoholic solutions (gel or sprays) are also essential to disinfect your hands before removing the cup, for example. Finally, don't forget some solutions to appease the period pain, if you are unlucky enough to be subject to it.

Be careful though, you will surely have to present a prescription if you fly with certain painkillers. Find out ! To avoid the use of panty liners polluting and impractical when travelling, also remember to slip one or more light flow menstrual panties. You will thus stay dry at the end of your period but also during ovulation, for example (white discharge).

As you will have understood, take several panties with you for different flows. It doesn't take up much space and you will, without a doubt, be delighted to find them in your suitcase. Besides, don't wait any longer to create your set of Loulou panties at an unbeatable price !

Bathe, bubble, tan, have fun again and again!

With reliable, pretty and responsible Loulou menstrual protection, why stay on your deckchair and watch other people having fun? Don't be afraid of leaks and take full advantage of water sports, swimming, sunbathing and other summer activities even during your period!

The menstrual swimsuit or the menstrual cup for swimming

The ideal protection to align the lengths? Menstrual swimsuit Noa ou Laura or our You can wear a menstrual cup Spitz !

Le our period swimsuit revolutionize bathing for all women. In one piece or as a bikini bottom to combine with the top of your choice, the Noa and Laura models are elegant, timeless and above all very efficient. Ideal for light to medium flows, they retain period blood optimally.

our period swimsuit low menstrual swimsuit

Do you know a fairly heavy flow? The cup is then ideal for swim freely. This internal and invisible protection is very reliable. The cup placed in the vagina, does not move, even during physical activity. You can bathe and move without thinking, without apprehending. Two sizes exist. The menstrual cup has established itself in recent years as a very effective, reliable and really practical hygienic protection.

Jersey or cup, both solutions are much healthier than disposable tampons. One like the other is also forgotten very quickly. Super comfortable, they become real allies on vacation.

menstrual cups

A few more final tips

          • We lift our feet! We may be super well protected thanks to the jersey, pants or cup, but that doesn't prevent us from having a few tiring days. These few days can be trying for the body, especially during the hot weather. So we don't forbid ourselves to live but we also listen to our body and we give ourselves moments of rest. It is good to recharge your batteries.
          • We hydrate again and again. Heat + periods abuse your body. Water, fruit flavored water, homemade iced tea, lemonade, we have fun. Drinking enough water prevents retention. Avoid, however, sugar and alcohol.
          • We provide comfortable outfits, which do not tighten, in which we are free to move and we feel good, especially for trips or road trips (by bus, car, plane, boat, etc.)
          • We pamper ourselves. We massage our stomachs, we bathe if possible. And yes, water relieves painful periods so we don't hesitate to take the plunge.
          • We have a good time with our partner. Having your period is not synonymous with sexual abstinence. It is a natural anti-stress and painkiller, so we do not deprive ourselves of it!

Menstruate during his vacation is therefore not a drama, especially with our Loulou protections. Very nice summer to you!

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