The Louloucup menstrual boxer

Le menstrual boxer for women stands out in your panty drawer as a must. Ally of sports and hyperactive, but also of the most flirtatious, women adults like ados, the rules boxer has many qualities. Its short cut is practical and comfortable. The feedback on the menstrual boxer are unanimous. Discover without delay the shorts for menstruation or period boxers by Louloucup.

Menstrual boxers or practical and comfortable period shorts

Practical and aesthetic underwear, the boxer shorts for women comes in a menstrual version. Just like the menstrual tanga, the menstrual shorty, the menstrual panties or the menstrual thong, the menstrual boxer is very practical, but also very comfortable.

much wider than the menstrual shorty which largely covers the hips, the boxer also covers the beginning of the thighs. Its typical cut is reminiscent of shorts or male underpants. The boxer gives a unique style. Super comfortable thanks to its enveloping and extended cut, the menstruation boxer or shorts are a great friend of thefemale intimate hygiene.

Period boxers for all women, for all body types

Just like the pair of period panties or menstrual shorty, the menstrual boxer adapts to all morphologies, to all bodies. For teenagers as for adult women, the boxer manages the rules of all women.

Menstrual boxers for teens

To manage her first periods and the upheaval of the first menstrual cycles, period panties for teens are ideal hygienic protections.

The model boxer will be perfect for ados. This generous and covering cut worthy of a short will reassure the most anxious and worried teenagers about their flow. Those discovering their menstruation will be reassured with the boxer. The absorbent part is very wide and extended. So no fear of leaks or stain. Teens can ensure their day in middle school or high school without anxiety. It is also an undergarment that you can wear during sports lessons under your jogging.

The boxer, although enveloping, remains invisible under jeans or pants. It is therefore a menstrual underwear ideal for teens discovering their rules.

Le menstrual boxers for teens ? A good solution to absorb your periods discreetly!

The invisible menstrual boxer for women

The boxer is a model of menstrual underwear which will suit many women. Maybe less sexy than a loin-cloth, the boxer nevertheless has several advantages.

Women looking for extremely reliable protection for the night. will be delighted with the boxer. Indeed, the cut makes it possible to absorb a consequent flow without any problem. You spend a serene and peaceful night without the risk of staining the sheets. It's comfortable and really nice.

The boxer, although covering, remains invisible under clothing. You can also wear it during the day under your pants. It remains extremely discreet while having a high absorption capacity.

Very often, due to its cut, the boxer is adapted to manage the most abundant flows or the hemorrhagic flows. The menstrual boxer can therefore very well meet the expectations of a woman wearing a copper IUD and experiencing heavy menstruation. It can also very well be put on when postpartum in order to manage the lochia. These losses, following childbirth, can be strong and intense.

Very many women have thighs that can rub together, causing great discomfort and even irritation. the menstrual boxer ou menstrual boxer has a cut reminiscent of cycling shorts. This goes down to the beginning of the thighs and thus avoids contact on the inside of the thighs.

Others will be delighted to wear the rules boxer, because it is shapely while being very comfortable. You will therefore be very comfortable in your dresses and other somewhat tight-fitting clothes. As the boxer covers all the buttocks, there is no trace or demarcation that cuts the buttock.  

The menstrual boxer is the favorite menstrual sportswear underwear for users. It ensures top absorption during the most intense movements (sports session, running), but also during long trips (trips, moves, etc.)

 What size boxer to choose?

Our advice is to always take the size above if you hesitate between two sizes. It is very important to feel comfortable in your menstrual underwear.

The menstrual boxer for very heavy flow

The shape and the cut of the boxer are really adapted to the management of the most important, the most abundant or the most hemorrhagic flows. The composition of each boxer allows ideal absorption while remaining perfectly dry. Day and night, the feeling of dryness is always present. No humidity, no bad smells, no unpleasant sensations. the boxer version heavy flow menstrual panties lasts all day or all night. No need to change protections, the menstruation boxer absorbs the flow for many hours.

The Louloucup menstrual boxer

Find all the advantages of Louloucup products: comfortable cotton underwear, a organic lingerie, inexpensive products, made in Europe and easy to maintain.

Inexpensive menstrual boxers

Looking for a cheap menstrual lingerie and quality? Louloucup is a unique quality/price ratio on the French market. Our period panties, boxers, shortys and thongs are €22,90 each from 5 underwear purchased. The great advantage with Louloucup is the completely tailor-made composition of packs or sets of panties. You can then choose the panties you want, select the sizes you want. You can also slip in one of our menstrual bikinis or period swimsuits for the same price.
Our prices are unbeatable. Also think about the promo codes regularly offered. Promo codes further reduce the total price. No more excuses to equip yourself well during your period.

Boxers for organic menstruation

You should know that all Louloucup panties are all lined inside with organic cotton. All our users therefore have the assurance of wearing a quality and healthy product, without harmful residues, chemical substances or silver nanoparticles. The organic cotton lining provides comfort and a certain softness while being very healthy for your health. Indeed, intimacy is in direct contact with a certified fabric Oeko-tex with a clean composition.
In order to always ensure this certain quality, we have our products checked by independent laboratories. Our latest non-toxicity report is available online on our website.

Super absorbent and safe menstruation boxers

The opinions on menstrual boxers are extremely positive. Thanks to their enveloping shape, there is no shortage of fabric. The absorption zone is wide and allows you to capture and trap a strong and abundant flow without any problem. The menstrual boxer proves to be a very safe and effective menstrual underwear. Very reliable and super absorbent, the boxers retain the periods and reassure the most worried users.

French brand menstrual boxers

Louloucup is a French brand. the made in France and quality made in France are very important values ​​for Louloucup. The turquoise and pink Loulou menstrual cups are also produced entirely in France.
80% of Louloucup menstrual panties are produced in Portugal. A close European country where workers' rights are respected and working conditions are good. All the workshops in which our panties are designed are regularly audited. The chosen fabric is Italian. the invisible boxers for women Louloucup is therefore of European manufacture.
Only a few models (the Clara model and our menstrual swimsuits) are made in China. This type of model requires specific know-how.

Boxer for rules eco

Just like all the other Louloucup products, the boxer for menstruation is a hygienic protection, washable et reusable many years. Ecological, it prevents us from buying disposable protection and producing waste. Moreover, the Louloucup menstrual shorts is sent in recyclable packaging. All Louloucup products are transported by truck and not by plane.

 Menstrual Boxer Care

Just like other types of teen period panties, menstrual boxers require a gentle and delicate wash. It is important to avoid products that are too abrasive, but also machine cycles that are too long and too hot. The absorbent fabrics will lose effectiveness if they are washed at too high a temperature. So we advise you to rinse the boxer withcold water then put it in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes. Select a short cycle (ideally 30 minutes) at 30°C. Then, dry your menstruation boxeryour panties avoiding the dryer or direct heating. These few gestures will preserve your underwear.