Sport and rules: difficulties, benefits and preferred activities

Back to school is coming and with it, the resumption of sports ! Well motivated on your momentum, it would be silly to stop everything or pause your training simply because you have your period !

Who, however, has never been exempted from PE lessons because of with medium flows ? Today, it is no longer the same. You choose to play sports for pleasure, and not because you have to, like in your young years of college and high school. Sport must above all be a moment of relaxation, happiness, a parenthesis in your daily life. Even when you have your period!

It would be silly to miss your squats/abs/glutes session because of your period! So which sport to prefer during your period? What hygienic protection adopt?

Loulou plays down the sport/rules relationship today. We also inform you about the unknown benefits of a good workout and we also spur you on the physical activities to be preferred. Finally, never forget: you have to listen to your body and stop feeling guilty if you don't feel like it.

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Sport & Rules, far from obvious for all women

If this will not be a problem for some, for others it is far from obvious. Put on your sneakers and your leggings period day, it is simply unthinkable for some of us.

When we are bloated, when we know stomach pain, that we are tired, difficult to find the motivation. There is also a fear of accentuating the evils already present.

Lack of energy, motivation, good mood, in short, nothing is aligned to get out your mat or your dumbbells!

Yet sport during your period is pretty cool

Once the barrier of leaks lifting, sport can bring you a lot during these few days which can be painful. Out of order: serenity, joy, tone, calm, reduced pain.

In short, with sport, you feel better. You feel good in your body and your mind. This is the case in normal times and it is all the more the case during her period. Beyond 30 minutes of effort, the endorphins secreted boost morale and calm the period pain.

Sport allows better blood circulation, better oxygenation of muscles and organs. It is also a great way to avoid water retention and bloating. Sport also allows you to decompress, to think about something else, to let off steam, to release tension.

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What sports to practice during your period?

During your period, you have to listen to your body and also its abilities. We are not preparing for the next Olympics! We are not talking about stats or times. We are simply looking for a suitable activity.

active walking

You're not a great sportsman? Why not just walk? Take a bottle of water and go for a walk. Walking in a lively and sustained way wakes up all your muscles, improves your blood circulation. Your blood pressure and stress drop. Why not find friends to walk together? You can chat easily and not see the time pass! In town or in the countryside, it really is an accessible, ideal and complete activity.


And why not a little splash? Thanks to our menstrual swimwear or our Loulou menstrual cups, you can ensure the lines of fathoms without problem. The swimming relieves the back but also will massage the sore belly. A great feeling of well-being and good fatigue when leaving the pool, guaranteed!


Yoga is the star of the activities to do during your period. But beware, yoga is not for everyone. Those with limited mobility will have difficulty following fluidly and holding the postures. This will then lead to more frustration than relaxation! If you still want to get started, don't hesitate to select a course for beginners, and especially a gentle yoga and not dynamic, at first.


And why not one session de fitness without cardio or jumping? You mobilize your muscles and work on your tone. During your period, perhaps favor an upper body focus session focusing on the arms, shoulders and pecs. Sheathing is also an excellent exercise to work your whole body without shock. In fitness, a multitude of exercises are possible and adaptable to your condition and your abilities.

sport and menstruation

Proper equipment is essential!

The practice of your favorite sport should not be slowed down because you have your period. Afraid of leaks or stains? With the Loulou period panties, nothing to worry about!

You know some heavy periods and you want to embark on a fitness session of which only you have the secret? You can combine a cup to one pair of period panties, if you are afraid of staining yourself. This is always a possible solution to ensure excellent protection.

If you have a light or medium cycle, our period panties are more than enough to absorb all the blood from your period, even during great effort and many movements.

Our favorite for the sport?
Certainly the Emily model. This seamless menstrual panties for medium flow is invisible under your sports leggings. You are thus protected without fault of taste! The super absorbent yet discreet panty stays invisible even under the most form-fitting clothes.

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Emilie menstrual panties are super discreet!

Finally, sport during your period is in no way an obligation!

At Loulou, we are committed to guiding you and helping you to better live your period and your with medium flows. We will never tell you what to do. You have every right to stay in your bed or watch a series with chocolate on your sofa.

Menstruate can be very simple or very complicated. From one cycle to another, it can be day and night, from one woman to another, a completely different situation. The best thing is to listen to yourself and really do what you want and what you think is good for you and your body. If you don't feel like it today, that's OK! Maybe next cycle you'll be in better shape and more motivated to get started! :)