The 5 best Louloucup menstrual panties according to your opinions

Which pair of period panties is our users’ favorite? Which one is the best rated? Which one wins the most?feedback positive? Louloucup has been ensuring the satisfaction of its customers since day one!

With our different menstrual panties models, we offer a wide range of products meeting the specific needs of each woman.

Transparent composition (without silver nanoparticles and organic cotton), manufacturing Made in Europe, decreasing price, super effective absorption, great comfort, durable, ecological, washable and pretty, our menstrual panties or period panties have a lot of quality!

If you have difficulty deciding, if you do not know which model to turn to, do not hesitate to read:

Today we present to you the top 5 best menstrual panties according to our users, those with the most positive reviews, those with the best ratings. Between 4,7 and 4,9/5, our panties are close to perfection, it's not us who say that, but our users.

Clara very heavy flow menstrual panties

4,9 / 5 (62 ratings)

Shaping, high waist, black, elegant, high protection, lace, feminine, efficient and extremely reliable, the Clara panty. don't lack qualifiers! This is Louloucup's best-seller. The infallible ally of all women who experience heavy periods, very heavy periods or hemorrhagic periods.

Thanks to its large fabric surface, these period panties offer a large absorption area. It's simple, the period panty Clara is one of the most absorbent menstrual underwear on the market in France. Its absorbent membrane extends from the front of the panties to the back and covers the buttocks. With Clara, you have an excellent night or a peaceful day. No fear of saturation, staining or leaking! You no longer get your sheets dirty, you are no longer afraid of saturation during the day. You forget your period. You are finally at peace.

Sa The high waist and its wide fabric, its lace-covered hips give an allure and elegance to these panties, the favorite of our users.

For hemorrhagic flows due to copper IUD, the Clara panties are perfect. Young mothers who experience lochia will also be delighted by the Clara panties.

clara panties

Naomi medium flow menstrual panties

4,9 / 5 (45 ratings)

 La Naomi menstrual panties perfectly manages average menstrual flows. Pleasant and soft, this menstruation lingerie has a crazy charm with its little lacing on the sides. Sober, but sexy, elegant and reliable, this plain black menstrual panties is one of the most requested by our users. Its shape and aesthetics are very successful, which pushed us to offer the same model in a menstrual swimsuit.

If you don't know yet, discover without further delay the Juliette menstrual bikini bottom, menstrual swim panties similar in every way to the Naomi panties except that these ones are designed for swimming!  

naomi panties

 Romy medium flow menstrual panties

4,7 / 5 (27 ratings)

Low waisted and bright red, the model Romy de Louloucup broke the hearts of our users! This period panties for normal flow is bold and fun. It's simple and sexy, without overdoing it! These panties are the perfect compromise between menstrual protection, comfort and femininity. Once put on, you feel good and pretty in these little panties made of cotton and organic bamboo !

In terms of absorption, the panties can store up to 20 ml of fluid. It can therefore very well find its place among women with an average flow.

Medium flow menstrual panties can also be used at the very beginning of a loss cycle or at the very end (when the flow is very weak) for women with heavy periods. Medium flow menstrual panties are then used instead of disposable panty liners.

The Romy period panties

Fanny heavy flow menstrual panties

4,7 / 5 (27 ratings)

Available from size XS to XXXL, the Fanny de Louloucup menstrual panties is one of our customers' favorites. Despite its high absorption capacity, these period panties remain very discreet under clothes. No need to worry: these panties do not mark, do not make any demarcation.

These period lingerie perfectly manages an intense flow by retaining it, absorbing it and trapping it in its membrane. This absorption zone is spread out in the panties: front and back, it goes up high. It is lined in order to retain an abundant flow throughout the day. It has an absorption capacity equivalent to 5 tampons. It is ideal for central flows.

These are plain black menstrual panties with a feminine lace detail that will delight the most flirtatious among you.


Rebecca medium flow menstrual panties

4,7 / 5 (27 ratings)

La Louloucup Rebecca menstrual panties perfectly controls and manages normal or average flows. Plain black, simple, well cut, comfortable and in Oeko-Tex organic cotton, it is soft and very easy to wear. It's really the classic panties that we forget. It has an absorption capacity equivalent to 2,5 tampons.

All women who love discreet, comfortable and classic black lingerie will be won over by this Louloucup model. These are really basic panties, an essential to have in your menstrual routine.

The real advantage of these panties? Its composition 95% organic cotton inside and out. This natural material ensures extreme comfort while respecting your privacy.


All of our menstrual panties are designed to prevent leaks et reduce odors, thus providing safe and discreet protection. A greener alternative to disposable sanitary napkins.

They can be purchased in packs or in batches. The more panties you add to your pack, the lower the unit price. It's a great deal: a panties at €28,90 go to €22.90 if you select five. For you, your girlfriend, your mother or your daughter, put together a set of completely tailor-made panties. Model, size, number, everything is customizable.

With Louloucup, no unpleasant surprises: delivery is free in France, riding a Europe. And in the world. The order is always shipped within 48 hours.