Louloucup menstrual panties: in organic cotton and European manufacturing

Le menstrual underwear (panties, string, tanga, shorty) is revolutionizing our relationship with period ! It was time ! No more useless and polluting waste, no more protections with dubious composition! Women now have access to washable sanitary pads, durable, reliable, clean and green! At Louloucup, we offer a set of cmenstruation bags ou organic period panties but also organic menstrual thongs for all flows (light, medium, heavy).
Two notable facts about our panties that make all the difference?
  • We teen period panties are French et portuguese at 80%.
  • The interior of all our teen period panties are doubled in organic cotton.
We thus ensure products with a healthy composition (organic cotton) made in Europe. in dignified working conditions that respect human rights and workers.


organic period panties

In complete transparency, we present and work on high-performance panty models, absorbent, safe but also and above all comfortable, healthy and always at low prices.
To make your choice in full knowledge of the facts, find our comparison of the best period panties Louloucup but also our other articles that will help you find and choose the perfect period panties or an cheap period panties.

Organic menstrual panties, what does that really mean?

Are you tired of using tampons or and disposable sanitary napkins of dubious composition? You want to turn to hygienic protection development et washable ? Great ! You are aware that it is from small simple gestures (like the zero waste) that we can change things. But how to choose your period panties ? To do the choice of period panties, choose them well! What exactly does organic menstrual panties ?

Greenwashing and organic menstrual panties

A organic panties to look pretty? It's very nice to say organic but what exactly does it mean? organic period panties ? Because under the organic label, we discover many excesses. And finally we no longer know what that represents, organic.

The phenomenon of greenwashing doesn't help matters. Aware of the importance of organic in household consumption, more and more brands communicate on the side green et green without that being really true. Communicating on the ecological argument in order to enhance its image and deceive the customer, this is the greenwashing that affects the world of advertising and communication enormously today.

At Loulou, we remain transparent. On our blog, in our FAQs, in our complete guides and on our product sheets, we provide as much information as possible on the design, manufacture and composition of all our products so that customers hold all the keys to making their purchase. in all serenity.

gigi panties

The very latest Louloucup menstrual panties, Gigi, openable period panties

Organic menstrual panties by Louloucup

Thus, at Loulou, we are proud to offer products with a more responsible, more reasoned design and manufacture, more in line with the environmental issues today.

all culottes (regardless of the model, size or absorption capacity) are lined inside in organic cotton.

Advice: in order to ensure a long life for your organic cotton panties, take care to wash them properly, rinse them in cold water and select a cold, short or delicate cycle for your machine. Also avoid the dryer! find our complete article on the question, How to wash your period panties? Tips and Advice.

All fabrics used are guaranteed without toxic residues, neither silver particles. These fabrics are certified. They are tested by independent laboratories on a regular basis. These tests assure us of the good quality of the fabrics over time. You can find the analysis report produced by the SMT laboratory, here. We make it available to customers.

The benefits of organic cotton

We made the choice of organic cotton because this material has many advantages and advantages.

The fact that it is organic and therefore non-toxic preserves your privacy. You can put on your period panties in complete confidence. No risk of allergies or reactions. It is a healthy material for your health and your vulva. With menstrual panties, there is no risk of toxic shock syndrome. Nothing to do with the tampons or, panty liners et pads. disposable pads compounds of chemicals classified as carcinogenic (dioxins), AOX (halogenated organic compounds such as chlorine), herbicides (glyphosate) or even insecticides.

Le organic cotton is an extremely soft material. It is therefore also for its ability to offer a certain superior comfort to users that we have chosen it. During this period of menstruation, what a joy to wear very soft panties that are so pleasant to wear!

The organic cotton lining is suitable for all flows, all rules, light as to heavy flows, spotting (but also urinary leakage and white discharge) and very heavy or hemorrhagic periods:

Chloe model

The Chloé Menstrual Tanga model

Organic menstrual panties made in Europe

Like our menstrual cup made in France, we were keen to produce locally. So our organic period panties are Made in Europe. We favor road transport and thus reduce our carbon impact compared to air transport.

  • en France, we think and design all our models, our menstrual panties are therefore partly French.
  • we recover the fabric in Italy. Certified and labeled, the fabrics chosen are healthy and good for your body.
  • The panties are designed Portugal, a country recognized for its know-how in the manufacture of fashion and clothing products. The manufacturing workshops are audited. They have ISO 9001, BSCI, OEKO TEX 100 certifications. Good, dignified and respectful working conditions are guaranteed.

Our other responsible commitments at Louloucup

  • As a reminder, we are proud at Louloucup to offer products that make no compromise between price et quality. We are aware of the menstrual poverty. This is why we have chosen to offer menstrual panties at discounted prices. It was essential for us to remain as accessible as possible so that as many women as possible could put on period panties without breaking the bank. That's why you can find the Loulou panties from €22,90 (lot of several panties).
  • Who says lower prices say lower quality? It was out of the question at Loulou. The quality of all our products (swimwear, cup as panties) are rigorously designed and manufactured with patience and love. The controls are very frequent and regular in order to always control and maintain an exemplary quality and perfect finishes.
  • Our period panties are pretty et feminine. With beautiful fun and trendy colors or with pretty lace, we wanted culottes and thongs in which we feel pretty and sexy.
  • We are also committed to providing vegan menstrual panties (designed without animal materials) and cruelty-free (all design is made with respect for all animals, without animal testing).

  • We pack and send your orders in recyclable packaging.
  • Every month, we support various social and environmental associations by donating part of our turnover.
  • All our panties are presented on the site in a natural and original way, without retouching, with models of different sizes. One of our strong commitments at Loulou is to collaborate with models of different morphologies so that everyone can find their way around! Because you know it well, beauty has no size!  
Naomi panties

Naomi menstrual panties - medium flow

At Loulou, we love transparency!

We wouldn't be completely transparent if we didn't talk about the Clara model - Abundant flow, Mia model - light flow or our range of swimwear menstrual.

These products are designed in China in a garment workshop for certification ISO 9001, BSCI. This audited workshop limits the production of plastic in particular. We have recourse to this workshop specifically for their essential know-how for the assembly of certain laces and fairly technical fabrics. All the fabrics used for the design of these panties and jerseys are approved by the FDA (US Federal and Drug Administration).

In summary, our organic period panties are cotton period panties Great absorbency while remaining great discreet. They are totally reliable and avoid any unfortunate leaks. They are waterproof while letting us breathe. With menstrual panties, no smell, no sensation of humidity. Loulou menstrual lingerie is washable et reusable. It allows us to reduce our waste and is therefore environmentally friendly. High waist, low waist, for teens, from XS to XXXL, we cater to all women. So convinced by our ethical menstrual panties?