Menstrual panties for heavy, very heavy or hemorrhagic flows, a good idea?

A few weeks ago, we discussed at Loulou the issue of light and the oh so practical use of teen period panties in this precise case. Today, we wanted to discuss with you abundant, very abundant or even sometimes haemorrhagic flows. Because we know that for many reasons many women experience period with a particularly intense flow. It's not always easy to manage these quickly cumbersome flows.

So, can period panties really be effective in the face of a large flow? Is the composition of the fabric sufficiently absorbent? A heavy flow period panty is it as discreet as the models for light flow? We take stock and present to you our favorite and flagship models for abundant periods that are always dry and serene.


Heavy Flow Menstrual Panties

What is a heavy flow?

Before going further, it is good to know your menstrual flow. Light, medium or abundant, it is interesting to recognize it in order to be able to choose the most suitable panty models.

A flow is considered abundant when it exceeds the 80ml. To give you an idea, menstrual cup holds up to 25ml of blood. We also speak of heavy periods when they stretch for more than 7 consecutive days.

To help you estimate your flow, observe your use of sanitary protection. How many tampons do you use in a day? Do you have to change your protection very regularly to keep yourself dry? About every two hours? Do you notice any blood clots on your napkin or in your cup? Do you often find yourself with towels that overflow, that are saturated?

So many clues that can lead you to know if you have an abundant flow or even a hemorrhagic flow. While very small menstrual losses are called oligomenorrhea, heavy discharge is called by doctors, the menorrhagia.

Do you want to know more about the heavy periods ? Would you like to use the Higham score calculation method ? Find our article dedicated to the question, What causes heavy flow? on our blog.

Why do you experience a heavy flow?

Many very different reasons can explain a particularly abundant flow of rules. Contraception (copper IUD), endometriosis, fibroids, polyps or even hormonal imbalance are the cause of most cases of intense rules. You can find more details and explanations on the causes of heavy flow in our previously published articles:

Menstrual panties for heavy flow, a precious friend

La period panty is an ally, a friend, what can I say, she totally saves you, you who know a strong, intense and abundant flow. Tired of overflowing towels and drying out tampons? You wish to stay dry, to know no more leaks ? In short, live your period more serenely? Well, even with an abundant, very abundant or haemorrhagic flow, our Loulou period panties have been specially designed for you! These models of panties are ideal for managing particularly intense periods but not only.


Period panties are very supportive, and not just during periods. The period panties for heavy flow are particularly suitable for managing and absorbing lochia.

Lochia, these famous intense bleedings are well known to young mothers in full postpartum. Lochia are blood loss and residues that could not be expelled at the time of delivery. It is therefore normal and natural for the body to evacuate them. The trenches (contractions once past childbirth) allow better evacuation. As we were able to address it in a previous article, menstrual panties therefore have their place in postpartum and especially those for heavy flow.

Indeed, the lochia can be very intense, very abundant. To control them as well as possible while ensuring extreme comfort during this tiring period, nothing better than the pair of period panties.

Focus on Louloucup menstrual panties for heavy flows

Our panties, 80% produced in Europe, are made from quality fabrics. Super absorbent, reliable, hygienic, eco-friendly, practical and pretty, they allow you to stay dry throughout your period. Respectful of your privacy, they are all lined in organic cotton.

La heavy flow panties has a pretty incredible absorption capacity. However, they are surprisingly discreet and ultra-flat to provide invisible protection, even under tight-fitting clothing. Very comfortable, you can be dry for many hours without problems.

Model Clara heavy flow menstrual panties

Clara heavy flow menstrual panties

It's simple, the Clara panty. is one of the most absorbent on the market. You know strong rules and hemorrhagic ? Do you want to feel beautiful, elegant and feminine despite your heavy losses? This panty is made for you. The Clara model absorbs up to 5 buffers ! With its absorbent fabric and waterproof protection, you are guaranteed to stay dry while avoiding leaks and stains. Her The high waist and his wide crotch offer unique, reliable and super comfortable protection.

The +? Its black and refined lace, its finishes, its super trendy high waist. We love !


Fanny model

Fanny heavy flow menstrual panties

Black and lace, la Fanny panties has an absorbency of 4 to 5 tampons. The sexy, discreet and feminine cut will appeal to all those who do not wish to compromise between comfort, protection and aesthetics. You will be proud to put it on and you will feel beautiful.

The +? Its satin and its manufacture in Portugal.

Menstrual panties model Simone

Simone heavy flow menstrual panties

Super comfortable in cotton, the Simone model display a style red sailor for a casual and very nice look. These panties offer a high level of absorption (equivalent to 4 to 5 tampons) to stay dry for a long time!

The +? Its European manufacture, in Portugal as well as its great comfort with 95% organic cotton.

Heavy flow menstrual panties

period panties model Lou


For the more girly among you, the Lou model displays a very beautiful liberty blue. Flowers and double absorption for this model with a waist that is neither too high nor too low.

In short, the colorful, feminine, comfortable and reliable model!


The +? A 95% organic cotton composition !



Convinced? Don't delay and quickly put together your set of panties. Fully customize your pack: models, sizes, number, you are completely in control. The more panties you choose, the lower the price will be. Do you know of any particularly long periods? Why not double the protection for the most intense days with a menstrual cup ? Find our offer of menstrual cups made in France Loulou for periods guaranteed without leakage!