Louloucup menstrual swimsuits, feminine and efficient!

you like our teen period panties ? You will love our bathing suits for menstruation ! Don't give up on your vacation or your afternoon at the pool simply because of your with medium flows. Just like for the Louloucup menstrual panties, choose hygienic, durable, responsible and ecological protection! Because it's not just the menstrual cup to bathe, discover without further delay the Louloucup Menstrual Swimwear, the latest in our collection!

Louloucup Menstrual Swimsuits

Are you ready to fully enjoy your summer? ☀︎

Always with a view to enabling as many women as possible to better live their periods, we worked tirelessly at Loulou to offer a menstrual swimwear feminine and reliable. The result: two pieces to offer you, timeless, sexy and safe. Discover without further delay our special menstruation swimsuits, our models Laura et Noa !

The Laura menstrual bikini bottom ❤︎

Blow of heart assured for this black menstrual bikini bottoms and elegant. You can have fun and pair it with your different swimsuit tops (black or colored pieces!) Its cut The high waist sublime curves, its lacing in the back is original and its protection remains invisible. Our bikini bottoms for menstruation has everything good!

It is ideal for managing a light to medium flow. It absorbs the equivalent of 2 tampons. Very pleasant and comfortable, you will have a lot of fun wearing this swimsuit at the beach or by the pool without fear of a leak!

period swimsuit bottoms

The Noa one-piece menstrual swimsuit ❤︎

The Noa jersey is a one piece menstrual swimsuit classic and accessible, feminine and elegant. Ideal for light or medium flows, this ruler swimsuit will delight all those who love flattering one-piece swimsuits with beautiful necklines.

one piece menstrual swimsuit

Available from XS to XL, its thin straps adjust to highlight all breast shapes. It's up to you to sunbathe and let's dive freely!

How do menstrual pads manage to retain blood without leaking? ☂︎

Our Noa and Laura swimsuits are made of a super absorbent membrane. This captures and retains your period blood without swelling or bothering you. Your jersey protects you for several hours while remaining thin. Comfort, safety and serenity are assured. So no blood in the pool, no leaks in the sea and even fewer stains on your beach towel! The good refreshing swim in the pool, the sea, the ocean, the lake or the river is yours. Anywhere, anytime with our period swimsuits. !

Much better than the tampon with questionable composition, more practical (for some) than the cup, the menstrual shirt is the ideal option. Equivalent to menstrual panties, the menstrual swimsuit is a reusable, washable, efficient and above all elegant solution.

This new hygienic protection revolutionizes swimming and water outings.

Loulou menstrual swimsuit

What about profuse or hemorrhagic flows?

Our swimsuits are designed to absorb the equivalent of two tampons. For women experiencing a heavy flows or very abundant, we recommend wearing the Loulou menstrual cup in addition to the shirt. You will be fully protected. No risk of leakage with this double protection which is safe, while respecting your privacy. We offer two cup models. find them, here, without further ado!

Caring for your period swimsuit

Just like period panties, it's easy to take care of your period swimsuit. After your bathing session or on returning from the beach, take the reflex to rinse with clear water to remove the blood but also the residues of sand, salt or even chlorine. Avoid greasy soap or other processed household products. These can prematurely damage the jersey.

Then put your jersey in the washing machine with the rest of your belongings, on a short cycle preferably at max. 30°. High temperature can affect the performance of the absorbent membrane. As for period panties, no dryer here! Air drying is recommended. With these gestures, you preserve your jersey and you will be able to keep it for many years!

Louloucup Menstrual Swimwear

Take a dip during your period? Yes, definitely yes!

Freedom is yours! Menstrual swimsuits allow you to live your vacation without asking yourself any questions! These menstruation jerseys are real progress and a step towards more freedom. Because never our with medium flows should not be a hindrance in our lives, Louloucup works every day to offer you effective and respectful solutions.

☞ Find without delay our jerseys on the online store. The good news ? You can order your future jersey in batch with other panties and thus obtain a reduced price on the set!