Common Myths About Periods: Debunking Misconceptions

Dirt, bad smells, liters of blood, pain, virginity, dysregulation, many misconceptions surround periods and menstruation. Well-entrenched grandmother beliefs, stereotypes, clichés or myths short-circuit our knowledge about this natural and cyclical phenomenon of women.

And no periods are not disgusting, no periods do not prevent you from getting pregnant, yes young virgin girls can put a tampon or a cup, yes women can bathe or have sex during their menstruation. In short, many points need to be demystified!

Because don't forget, a good knowledge of its period and your body allows you to worry less, stress less and above all to cope better with your periods and your femininity ! So we don't hesitate to find out. Today Louloucup tells you about 7 fairly common myths about periods. Let's chat together!

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Periods are dirty and disgusting

FAKE ! Terrible assertion and belief which have very serious consequences for many Girls et young women throughout the world, periods are confused with dirt when it is absolutely nothing of the sort, quite the contrary!  

Having your period is natural and above all very healthy, the complete opposite of something dirty. Menstruate is a sign of good health. The body of a woman who sees her periods return at regular intervals functions well.

Cyclically, the woman's body expels theendometrium which was formed for potential fertilization. The blood of rule is therefore much more than blood, it is about vaginal secretions as well as cervical secretions. In short, it's not disgusting, it's life and nature.

If from bad smells appear, this is due to hygienic protection. Very often a disposable towel causes bad odors. The blood stored in the towel is in contact with the air and will oxidize. Solutions exist to avoid bad odors: avoid wearing disposable pads and panty liners and prefer internal protections to teen period panties.

Periods hurt

“It’s normal that you’re in pain!”

FAKE ! Periods shouldn't hurt. A phenomenon that comes back every month in a woman's life and for several days should not be painful! Under no circumstances should you allow pain and discomfort to take hold. Treatments, methods, habits exist to relieve, soothe and live your period better.

Painkillers, sport, food, hot water bottle, hot shower, herbal tea, find all our solutions in our article How to relieve painful periods?
La dysmenorrhea should never be inevitable. Menstruation is a special time of the month when you must particularly listen to yourself, listen to your body and be attentive to the signs. It is important to know yourself well.

Slow down, take care of yourself, eat well, find our articles on the subject:

On the other hand, we have often said it here, it is not normal to be doubled over, to not be able to move forward, to not be able to work properly because of your period. It is then necessary to consult.

Periods stop when swimming

FAKE ! Suddenly water stops periods? While other women refrain from swimming or even taking a bath! Tampons, cups ou menstrual swimsuit allow you to swim without risk of leaking. Water does not have the capacity to stop the menstrual flow. On the other hand, a good swim can soothe the menstrual pain.

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No sex during your period

FAKE ! A woman who is menstruating may very well have sex, it is neither dirty, nor dangerous, nor forbidden. It will obviously be necessary to carry out proper personal hygiene after intercourse.
It is above all a question of desire, of feeling, of ease.

Periods prevent you from getting pregnant

FAKE ! It's a stubborn belief. Women who feel particularly safe during their periods tend to be much less foresighted. However, women with a particularly short cycle must be careful when we know that the strongest sperm can survive up to 5 days in the vagina.

I can't wear a tampon or cup if I'm a virgin

FAKE ! Wrong idea once again! L'hymen, the small membrane at the entrance to the vagina that is intact before a first sexual intercourse is not pierced by the use of a tampon or a cup. In short, the tampon like the cup can very well be solutions worn by young virgin girls or virgin women without any problem.

Periods every 28 days

FAKE ! Very wrong ! Please note, 28 days is an average! A period may vary from 21 35 days in. From one woman to another everything is different. In a woman, from one cycle to another it can also be very different. Periods can be disrupted, their rhythm modified by numerous external facts that the woman does not always control: flu, colds, jet lag, weight gain or loss, vaccines, stress, emotional shock can have an impact on menstruation.

Are you two or three days late? Do not panic ! Precisely the fact of stressing over not seeing your period coming can actually delay your period even more! Beyond seven days late, you can make a pregnancy test.

Do you have any doubts about irregular periods? You notice delays recurring? Are you experiencing late ovulation? Or the alternation of short cycles then long cycles? Do not hesitate to annotate a menstrual calendar or enter a dedicated application, this will help you find your way and above all to have support to talk about it with your Gynecologists Or your medical professional .

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Tampon or napkin and nothing else!

FAKE ! At the house of Louloucup, we are well placed to recall that alternative green, healthy, eco-friendly, inexpensive and reliable sanitary napkins and tampons exist! There cheeky and menstrual cup or period panties and period cups are super practical and economical zero waste renewable and washable hygienic protections.

Menstrual panties are available in numerous models (tanga, thong, boxer briefs, shorty, panties) for all flows (light, medium, heavy) and are particularly effective. It is truly hygienic and truthful protection that is gaining ground and convincing more and more women and adolescent girls.

The menstrual cup is a internal protection which collects blood optimally. It appeals to women with a particularly abundant flow who are fed up with protections that saturate too quickly.

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