Solutions to deal with premenstrual syndrome

Just before the appearance of your period, riding a luteal phase, you can suffer from various ailments. You may be bloated, irritated, tired, stressed, emotional. The symptoms are numerous and very varied from one woman to another. It's about premenstrual syndrome ou SPM.

Just before the appearance of your period, in the luteal phase, you can suffer from various ailments. You may be bloated, irritated, tired, stressed, emotional. The symptoms are numerous and very varied from one woman to another. It's about premenstrual syndrome ou SPM.

We had already approached this medical problem known by about 80% of women, with more or less intensity. To know everything about PMS, we invite you to read our article, What is an SPM?
Today, we want to discuss possible solutions for decrease PMS. Medicines, techniques or even more natural solutions, everything is good to take in order to better live these sometimes difficult days.

PMS premenstrual syndrome

PMS, a syndrome difficult to treat

You should know that this syndrome is difficult to diagnose and treat as the symptoms are vast. More than 150 symptoms are listed! Suffice to say that the care is slow and the treatments can be quite different.

Symptoms can manifest both physically and psychologically. You will then feel aches, pains (tension in the breasts, headache, stomach aches, etc.) only very specific states: lethargy, fatigue, irritability, hypersensitivity, anxiety, etc.

Behaviors to adopt and advice to follow

You think you know PMS symptoms shortly before your period? Have you felt, for no reason, more stressed, anxious, nervous, depressed, irritated or even negative? You have felt surprising cravings for certain foods or you know sleeping troubles ?
Here's what you can change in your daily life to alleviate these symptoms. Upstream, clearly identify your symptoms and only remember what can soothe your ailments.

On your plate

On the food side, to avoid sudden and irrepressible cravings for certain foods, we advise you to ignore all foods composed of sugars fast. Industrial cakes or confectionery, consumed even in reasonable quantities, they lead to the production of insulin. If you crave sugar, think of fruit, compotes or homemade cakes or snacks that are always much less sweet and healthier than those bought in supermarkets.

MPS power supply

For those who are irritated, tense or even stressed, avoid all stimulating substances that will only annoy you even more. We therefore pass on the classic coffee but also on energy drinks and/or drinks composed of caffeine. We abstain from tea, soda but also alcohol. Prefer hot or cold herbal teas. They have the advantage of hydrating and having calming properties if you select their composition well.
For those with water retention or even bloating, we avoid the salt and dishes or products high in salt, such as aperitif biscuits, for example.

But then what to eat? Try over several days to eat light, to hydrate yourself and to prefer recipes rich in magnesium (seeds, nuts, salmon, dark chocolate).

In summary less sugar, salt, caffeine, more water, dairy products and vegetables. It is essential to take care of your diet. Of balanced meals will only be a plus to better manage PMS. Your health depends above all on your plate!

Appropriate physical activity

During your period of PMS, it is in your interest to practice physical activity and sport. the sports will bring you a lot: good fatigue, calm, a feeling of pride and serenity. Thanks to sport, your anxiety is under control. L'endorphin produced erases the feeling of depression. Sport really calms you down. Conducive to release, you will be able to externalize your overflow of emotions, bad vibes, your negativity.

bsm yoga

Le yoga, like the pilates but also the meditation are perfect for the most tense and irritated. The nerves are calmed. Combat sports, running, cycling but also a good fitness and cardio session are also very effective.

La regular practice of a sport (collective or individual, whatever, it's all about moving) brings a lot of benefits to your whole body. You are more toned, firmer, you feel less torn, less tired. As your blood circulation is better, you are less likely to have headaches, stomachaches. You also find sleep easier.

Run away from stress

Stress is always bad. Even more so during pre-menstrual periods when you are prone to PMS. It is important to limit sources and situations of stress. Avoid, therefore, if possible, appointments/moments that could generate apprehension and tension. try to avoid all psychological fatigue or confrontations that could be difficult to live with. In short, protect yourself! Take care of yourself by taking refuge in a calm and safe space without noise. Practice manual activities that relax: bathing, reading, gardening but also coloring or pottery.

PMS stress

To combat this persistent malaise which can really be disabling on a daily basis, you can take meditation, gentle yoga or mobility (to relax your body). As said before, sport helps enormously to evacuate anxieties.

If that's not enough, the sophrologie is a great way to manage your emotions. This practice guided by a professional helps to refocus, to listen to oneself. A few sessions are enough to have the basics. An essential passage for all the great stressed.

Possible medical treatments

If no specific treatment cures PMS, taking several medications or food supplements is possible.
  • For example vitamin cures (B6, E, D, in particular) may be prescribed. This can help to reduce certain disorders and to erase deficiencies.
  • La contraceptive pill may also be an option for those for whom hormonal contraception poses no problems. The estrogen-progestogen pills which completely erase the rules, also erase the PMS at the same time.
  • For those with breast pain, taking progestins may be a solution.
  • For those experiencing heavy water retention, taking diuretics is interesting.

Le naturopath or phytotherapist can also provide valuable assistance through personalized and natural herbal treatments. Homeopathy and herbal medicine are therefore very interesting avenues for partially treating PMS.

Ton gynecologist, ta medical professional , your doctor treating must also be able to provide solutions or proposals adapted to your personal case.

Do not hesitate to share your doubts and questions.