Menstruation: How much do periods cost over a lifetime?

Menstruation costs a lot of money in a woman's life. It's not us who say it, but several very serious investigations published recently in different media:
- The Caf headlined in June 2022: Menstruation: periods are expensive!
- Le Monde headlined in July 2019: How much do periods cost a woman's life?
- Slate headlined in June 2023: How much do periods cost a woman's life?

The results are clear: women must have a certain budget to ensure healthy menstrual routine. Having your period comes at a certain cost. In France more than 2 million women are in a situation of menstrual poverty. This is a problem health public on a large scale.
Alors Louloucup today releases its calculator, but also its solutions to finally have a more controlled budget and live your periods more financially serenely!

Menstruation: all the numbers to know

Let’s talk numbers. The median age of first periods is 13,1 years old. Menstruation continues until menopause, the median age of which is 51 years. A woman, from adolescence until menopause, menstruates for approximately 39 years.

If we take a period average of 28 days, a woman has her period, on average 500 times.

Le cost of periodic protection is extremely variable. It varies depending on the protection used (the price of which itself varies greatly from one brand to another), the intensity of the flow, the duration of the periods, but also the way in which women use the products. protections.

Some studies also take into account all the “sides” of menstruation in the calculations. Manage the different symptoms premenstrual with the purchase of medicines Pain killer to mitigate the menstrual pain. We can also take into account chocolate or hot water bottles, which are essential for many women. Finally, lingerie, pajamas or even sheets are very often stained with period blood and must be changed.

The cost, even average, is then really difficult to estimate. Surveys from Le Monde and Slate show that the calculations are not that simple. Le Monde cautiously puts forward the figure of 3600 euros in the life of a woman. Other Anglo-Saxon media much more.

We invite you to test your budget with the calculator developed by Le Monde.


price rules

What concrete solutions to save money?

For example inexpensive hygienic protection OK, but quality! Saving money and having a controlled budget should not force women to give up on reliable, effective and healthy protection. So, which protections should you turn to to manage your periods and experience your menstrual cycles better?

Washable periodic protection

Washable and reusable, rule protections are finally going green after decades of consumption, waste and waste production. With this type of protection, we prefer the zero waste, like the zero plastic. Above all, we buy protection that will be viable for at least five years. It is therefore a long-term investment, quickly repaid. So what are these renewable hygienic protections ?

The most economical solution: the menstrual cup

Cup or You can wear a menstrual cup, this little inverted bell revolutionizes the rules. Above all, it is very good news for your wallet. Indeed, this internal hygienic protection, washable and reusable, easy to maintain and use, is inexpensive to purchase. Depending on the brand, count between twenty and forty euros. The price varies quite a bit depending on:
- the country of manufacture (try to favor the made in France, many intimate protection brands manufacture their cups in France Today),
- the materials used (the medical silicone is best),
- additional items sold or not with (pouch, sterilizer, soap, etc.)

Well maintained, the cup lasts, without any problem, for years. It is worn for a few hours, must be emptied, rinsed and then worn again. The menstrual cup is a great ally for women with a heavy flows or very abundant, but also sportswomen, swimmers or even travelers who want a reliable protection to manage the most intense menstrual flows or heavy bleeding.

cheap Loulou menstrual cup

Menstrual panties: pretty, practical and economical

Other economical washable hygienic protection which is making headway: menstrual panties or period panties. This rather special lingerie has a very absorbent membrane at the crotch which manages to absorb the period blood and above all to imprison and retain him.

Panties, shorties, tanga, boxers or even thong, many models and formats exist to delight all profiles of women and adolescents. High waisted, lace, invisible or ., the brands offer very advanced and high-quality ranges for all types of menstrual flow: light flow, medium flow, heavy flow or hemorrhagic flow.

Le price of period panties is very variable. It will be necessary to take into account:
- its country of manufacture (Made in Europe or made in China, more rarely made in France),
- and its raw materials (synthetic or natural and organic materials).

As it takes several menstrual panties to ensure a period of loss, brands often offer packs or sets of menstrual panties at decreasing prices. THE price of good menstrual panties quality starts from €25 on average.

The washable sanitary napkinsBut also menstrual swimwear are also washable and reusable solutions similar to panties.

Louloucup: French brand of inexpensive hygienic protection

Reduced prices, batches at decreasing prices, quality made in Europe, ranges for teenagers and adult women, panties, tangas, cups and menstrual swimsuits, Louloucup did not want to make any concessions by offering inexpensive intimate hygiene protections, efficient and of quality.

Cup or panties, Loulou products accompany you with softness and comfort during the different phases of your menstrual cycle for peaceful menstrual health (period bleeding, discharge during ovulation, spotting, etc.)

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Louloucup is thus positioned among French brands with the best quality price report of the market.

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