Are my IUD and my cup good friends?

More and more women are giving up their oral contraception (the pill) and choosing to switch to the IUD. The question that many women ask themselves is whether or not the IUD and menstrual cup are compatible. The answer to the question is Yes, provided that all necessary precautions are taken before and during the use of the menstrual cup. 

What is an IUD? 

The IUD is the most effective contraceptive method. The hormonal implant comes second after the pill and condoms. The IUD must be inserted by a healthcare professional (general practitioner, gynecologist or midwife). 

The pose can be painful, but it does not last long. The IUD is an effective contraceptive from its installation and several years (2 to 10 years depending on the model: copper or progestin hormone).

The copper and hormonal IUD 

The copper and hormonal IUD are both an easy-to-use contraceptive method. They are both inserted into the uterus in the same way. Conversely, what differentiates them is the device that allows to block sperm et the impact on the menstrual cycle.

The copper IUD (also called IUD)

The copper in the IUD helps retain sperm. It does not contain hormones, which is a major advantage for women who can't stand them. Furthermore, he can change the rule period et increase menstrual flow.

The hormonal IUD (also called IUS)

Unlike the copper IUD, the hormonal IUD contains aprogestin synthetic hormone. It increases the thickness of the cervical mucus (secretion of glycoproteins located at the level of the cervix) and thus prevent the passage of spermatozoa. While the copper IUD increases the volume of menstruation, the hormonal IUD, on the other hand, decreases the volume of periods or even delete them long term

The IUD can be removed in seconds by a healthcare professional. The doctor, gynecologist or midwife gently pulls on the threads to extract it. The pain is generally less than that felt when inserting the IUD. 

You have to be aware that not everyone supports the IUD. It can be expelled naturally by your body either because your organism does not accept it, or because it has been placed too low, or because the shape of your uterus does not hold well in place or simply by the contractions of your uterus. In general, this expulsion often occurs within 3 months after installation. But, to reassure you, one thing is certain, it is that your cup will not result in the expulsion of your IUD.   

Use of an IUD and a menstrual cup 

Precautions to take before using the cup with an IUD 

The IUD and the cup are compatible: there is no contraindication to wearing a Louloucup cup with an IUD. 
We often talk about the risks associated with the cup with an IUD and in particular the fact that the cup is capable of aspirating the IUD. I assure you, this idea is very unlikely. Indeed, a menstrual cup is not a suction cup. It is a small silicone capsule in the shape of an inverted bell which is intended to collect blood

Nevertheless, before the first use of your LoulouCup with the IUD, you can take some precautions

  • you can adjust the length of the wires of your IUD. You must ask the person who put the IUD on you to cut the threads quite short to avoid trapping them between the vaginal wall and the upper edge of the cup.  
  • Hold on 3 months after the insertion of your IUD to use a menstrual cup. This period of time corresponds to the period where the IUD can be expelled naturally. 
  • Ask your gynecologist about the length of your cervix to determine when you should stop to position your menstrual cup. 

When you remove your cup, be careful not to remove it abruptly. Privileged menstrual cups with stems. They prevent you from pulling sharply.

If you are still hesitating to switch to the menstrual cup because you wear an IUD, have no fear; the cup cannot aspirate the IUD.