Why should you stop using disposable menstrual products?

The study is final! 60 million consumers published on September 28, 2023 an in-depth and extensive comparative trial on disposable hygienic protection and their toxicity. The results are still alarming. Toxic contaminants are still detected in many periodic products intended forfemale intimate hygiene.
The famous magazine also emphasizes that even “so-called green brands” are concerned. The same people who promote “perfume-free, chlorine-free, allergen-free” formulas with organic and eco-friendly certifications and logos are singled out!

However, the scandal linked to the composition of towels and tampons or it's nothing new ! It has now been years since the main brands of intimate protection for women have been denounced. There composition of towels, tampons and disposable panty liners was then simply mysterious and not communicated. THE women had no idea what they were buying and wearing for several days every month! The shock was unprecedented when pesticides, glyphosate, phthalates, and petrochemical additives have, among other things, been discovered!

Where are we today ? And why, despite relative efforts, it is urgent to change our habits and move to menstrual pads much healthier, durable, washable and reusable? Why avoid and ban disposable sanitary pads ? What are the alternatives and are they valid?

disposable pads and tampons

All the reasons to say stop using disposable pads and tampons!

The arguments that push us to stop buying tampons and pads are very varied. Ecology, health, economy, practicality, here are the main arguments that will help you move on to much better, safe and healthy protections that finally respect you!

1 - Drastically reduce its impact on the environment

 Do you have certain ecological values? Does your impact on the environment matter to you? Are you looking to reduce your carbon footprint? You are particularly sensitive to the production of plastic and the Pollution ensuing ?

Disposable menstrual protection products are polluting and generate a lot of waste behind them: packaging, plastic bags, self-adhesive tabs, plastic tampon applicator, but also the protection itself once used. Everything is thrown into the trash can and absolutely nothing is recycled unfortunately.

Disposable period pads and tampons have a disastrous environmental impact. Without forgetting their manufacturing which requires excessive energy, water and plastic. A buffer puts hundreds of years to degrade. Plastic is often found in the ocean and contributes to the vicious cycle of pollution by plastic microparticles in our water, our air and our planet.

A solution ? Break the buy/consume/throw away cycle and turn to a sustainable alternative which produces no waste behind itself.

The question of zero waste that interests you ? Menstrual cups: the zero waste alternative during your period.

2 - Protect your health, finally respect your privacy with healthy products

With their obscure and questionable composition, women cannot have 100% confidence in disposable tampons or pads. Toxic shock syndrome, irritations, flora disruption, allergies, intimate dryness, in short, sanitary napkins and tampons are not your best health allies. concert risks exist.

Harmful and toxic substances are rightly worrying. In addition, the use of the tampon, internal protection for more than six consecutive hours increases the risk of TSS, toxic shock syndrome. A very serious condition, but which fortunately remains rare.

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Some actions and recommendations to follow when using tampons like a cup:
- Always wash your hands before and after inserting or removing its protection. Wear a cup or tampon for a maximum of six hours straight.
- For the cup, it is interesting to have two cups and to alternate them in order to have time to clean them well and sterilize.
- Avoid wearing a cup or tampon night..

Today it is possible to wear extremely absorbent panties that are organic and vegan. Doubled in Oeko-Tex organic cotton certified, free of toxic substances, made of quality fabrics, these period panties represent a healthy and safe alternative to towels and tampons and can be worn both during the day and night.

To know more :

3 - To finally experience your periods and no longer have to endure them

Disposable pads and tampons are not reliable protection. Saturation, overflow, stains, leaks can easily occur. It also requires certain logistics: you have to go to the toilet regularly to change. It's a waste of time in his day. It is also a small source of stress.

Are my pants, my pajamas, my sheets stained with blood ? How painful and tiring it is to worry about your period when you have many other things to think about!

With menstrual panties, you forget your period! Simply ! The period panties have a very strong absorption capacity and formidable which allows you to be comfortable and peaceful all day long (depending on the intensity of your menstrual flow and the absorption of your underwear).

Menstrual panties are also extremely practical. It is a more comfortable alternative to tampons and much more reliable than towels. Without bad smell, without humidity, menstrual panties offer serenity and superior comfort during her period! Phew! Categorized according to menstrual flow, period panties retain light, medium or heavy flow blood without problem!

4 - To save money

La menstrual poverty affects many women.

The reusable protection has a fairly high purchase price. However, this purchase must be viewed as an investment that will quickly pay off! And yes, both panties and cups can be reused again and again, cycle after cycle, year after year without problem if good maintenance is carried out.

Washable sanitary napkin like washable period panties can live and provide safe and reliable absorption for several years, five years on average. It is therefore profitable in the long term. Using this type of protection also avoids recurring purchases at the supermarket and less mental burden! No need to think about it anymore! When we know that in their lifetime a woman has an average of 500 periods, a small investment is rather smart.

Compare brands and offers, promo codes, sales, packs or bundles of panties allow you to make great savings. THE discounted menstrual panty packs or decreasing are great deals. So, don't hesitate!


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