Practicing a gentle activity during and after pregnancy

La maternity and postpartum period are times of great change, upsetting moments in a woman's life. When energy runs out, doubt sets in or simply overwork happens, it is good to allow yourself moments of respite, moments of calm. Little moments that will bring inner peace, will soothe potential anxieties, calm minor ailments, simply relax. How good it is to breathe, to simply rest for a few minutes.

If the doctor following you does not give you his agreement for a physical activity, you can always turn to extremely gentle activities that do not require any specific mobility such as meditation or sophrologie.
At Loulou, we are convinced of the merits of a gentle activity during and after pregnancy. As, we have already discussed it before, sport undeniably brings benefits, balance, a welcome release.


pregnant woman yoga

A gentle activity to breathe and find yourself

During her pregnancy...

You're pregnant, you're thriving in this new mom role or are you more anxious? The pregnancy can be experienced differently. Many factors come into play and influence this period rich in emotions.
Between the decoration of the baby's room and the childbirth preparation, find a moment to breathe and decompress. It is good to meet, to stop and simply to savor the moment.
pregnant women yoga

After her pregnancy...

Move, mobilize your body, breathe. Not easy to get started after a delivery. And that's okay! Take the time you need to resume a small physical routine. And if you're not ready to get back on your mat, small meditation sessions are very interesting!

Benefits ? find and reclaim your body, uninhibit, de-dramatize certain situations, take a step back in a gentle way. the postpartum is also an intense period of discoveries, profound changes, we learn to live with this little being that we have brought into the world, it is a new life that is beginning. A lot of fatigue can accumulate. With the approval of your doctor, in parallel with the rehabilitation of the perineum, it can be good to grant yourself small moments of mobility to resume physical activity or just to rest and take the time to breathe. On a daily basis, having this approach is undeniably positive and beneficial. It brings more confidence, serenity, strength. A peaceful and aligned state of mind. But good !

Some activity ideas

Yoga, Pilates, meditation or sophrology, we have decided to present you with four possible activities to practice during and after your pregnancy. While the yoga and Pilates are practices that require the agreement of a health professional, the sophrologie and meditation can be practiced when the body is still too bruised by childbirth or at the end of pregnancy.
In any case, these activities must be thought of, above all, as a personal moment of absolute relaxation.


A star of sports activities, yoga has become more popular in recent years. Schools, associations or private teachers, it is easy to find yoga classes for pregnant women. With confinement, many courses are also available online. Be careful though, it is safer to practice alongside a professional in order to avoid any injuries or false movements.

Several kinds of yoga allow even beginners to get started. No need to be flexible, prenatal yoga et post natal yoga is totally adapted so that future or very young mothers can flourish. The postures covered are always easy and accessible. We work the breathing, we do some mobility. This is crazy good! Both in the back, in the pelvis and in the mind. The yoga postures should always relieve and not pull or be unpleasant.

pregnant woman meditation


Similar to yoga, Pilates is a very gentle and very slow practice, ideal for pregnant women. Pilates has the advantage of mobilizing the body, the muscles and prepare for childbirth. Pilates can be practiced and adapted until the last trimester if the future mother is in good shape.
Le post natal pilates allows the woman to regain control of her body in a very gentle way. Pilates strengthens and increases flexibility. The breathing long and controlled also works the stomach muscles.


Are you not mobile enough to get into a sport? Are you too tired, do you lack energy? No panic or guilt. In order to de-stress and release pressure, other methods exist.

La meditation is really a very simple practice to put in place on a daily basis. Sessions can be very short, just a few minutes. You apprehend this moment as a parenthesis, a break in your day. You take the time to weave a bond with your baby if you are pregnant, you take the time to let go if you are pregnant postpartum. Many short and well-made videos are available online to practice or learn mindfulness.

pregnant woman meditation


Similar in many ways to meditation, sophrologie is practiced with a state-certified professional, the sophrologist. Particularly suitable for anxious moms, sophrology works miracles. A few sessions are enough to allay your fears and above all to find a certain serenity. You have a calmer mind and you know how to put things into perspective, take a step back but also accept events. You also learn to manage your different emotions, not to repress them, to accept them and to move on.

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In an effort to always help you better live your motherhood, Loulou is trying to give you some keys, some leads. Do not hesitate to come back to us for any questions. that you might ask yourself.