Adolescence: my first hygienic protections, a course to pass!

The arrival of your first periods also signifies the arrival of your first hygienic protections ! Today, you have a wide choice available on the market: disposable and durable hygienic protections, internal and external.

During several menstrual cycles, it is normal to test, to hesitate, to grope. It is important to understand and grasp each hygienic protection, their use, their reliability, their practicality in order to choose what suits you best. Because one type of protection may suit some and not at all others, there is no point in comparing. You have to think first of all about your own superior comfort.

Let's discuss today and together first periods, periodic protection, adolescence, puberty, tampons, cups, panties and towels, without taboo, without stress and above all without stains, leaks or bad odors! 😉

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Take the time to know your menstrual flow

From your first period, you will pouvoir determine your flow. In general, the first periods are not revealing and it is therefore advisable to wait for the first six months to really realize its flow.

During this time, you will use pads. and, depending on the frequency of changes in your protection, you will be able to know if you have a light, moderate or heavy flow. 

Period panties for teenage girls are a great choice, however you need to start with other protections to be able to learn and understand your body and especially know what your menstrual flow is.

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Sanitary pads and tampons

Sanitary napkins are very often the first sanitary protection you use. In fact, you must learn to manage your flow and understand it. Sanitary pads will therefore greatly help you. Depending on the time between two changes, you will quickly realize if your flow is light, moderate or abundant. 

The disposable sanitary napkins and classics are not the most ecological. They actually produce a certain amount of waste: packaging, packages, self-adhesive tabs and the napkin itself. Composed largely of plastic and derivatives of plastic, the towel cannot be recycled and is polluting.

For example machine washable sanitary napkins  exist and can be an excellent alternative. Thus, in addition to being eco-responsible, you limit your privacy to exposure to various harmful substances making up classic sanitary napkins available in supermarkets.

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The risks and dangers of tampons and sanitary napkins

The health scandal over the composition of towels and tampons or is known to everyone today. Carcinogenic agents, petrochemical derivatives, plastic, weedkillers, the composition of disposable protections is frightening.

It's not surprising to see irritation, disruption and drying out of the vaginal flora. Pads and especially tampons can be responsible for many ailments.

Recently toxic shock syndrome has been in the media. This is a serious but rare infection. A bacteria develops thanks to the blood which stagnates in the vagina. A toxin is released and then attacks the organs. To avoid any risk of toxic shock, it is essential to change your internal protection (cup as buffer) regularly (every 6 hours).

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Menstrual panties

Menstrual panties for teenage girls have some very good positive points. Once your flow is determined, period panties will give you all the protection you need. Thus, your days at college or high school are guaranteed without leaks, without stains, without saturation. Period panties are ideal, they can be worn all day without any problem.

Your hygienic protection must not not be a source of stress. With menstrual panties for teenagers, you are sure to run the least risk.

You can actually wear them for 12 hours without having to change them. So, if you are in class from 8 a.m. to 17 p.m., you largely meet the recommendations of the period panties from Louloucup

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Louloucup menstrual panties for teens

Benefits of period panties for teenage girls

Made in OCS certified organic cotton, with healthy and non-toxic tissues, free of silver nanoparticles and presenting no risk of irritation, menstrual panties for teenagers from Louloucup guarantee you protection that is respectful of the environment, but above all respectful of your body

Using the menstrual panties for teenage girls from Louloucup, you choose comfort, ecology and respect for your health. 

Very often during adolescence, the flow is light or moderate, and menstruation is irregular. Adapted to your morphology, period panties for teenage girls are an ideal choice. The pair of period panties for light flow or medium flow can be perfectly suitable for the first periods and up to the first year. However, every woman is different and depending on your flow, you may need to upgrade to higher protection. 

Louloucup offers a complete range of special period panties for teenagers. The models are available from size XXS so that the smallest young girls can find what they are looking for.

Are you hesitating? You don't know how choose teen menstrual panties perfect ? Follow our advice:

And for swimming, what solutions?

To swim and fully enjoy the swimming pool or the afternoon at the beach, our teenagers can turn their hesitation towards the our period swimsuit. One piece or two pieces, the menstrual swimsuit or swimsuit bottom is super effective at capturing the flow and holding it in without leaking.

Louloucup offers several models of bikini bottoms for teenagers in size XXS.

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The menstrual cup is also a solution. This internal protection is very effective for swimming sessions.
Cup, swimsuit or briefs, Louloucup necessarily has the model and protection you need. Made in France, free delivery, order sent within 48 hours, trust Louloucup!