Adolescence: my first hygienic protections, a course to pass!

The arrival of your first period and also the arrival of your first hygienic protections. Today you have a wide choice available in the market. However, it is important to understand each sanitary protection in order to choose what is best for you. 

From your first period, you will pouvoir determine your flow. In general, the first periods are not revealing and it is thus advisable to wait the first 6 months to really realize its flow. During this time, you will use sanitary napkins and, depending on the frequency of your protection changes, you will be able to know if you have a light, moderate or heavy flow. 

Period panties for teenage girls are a great choice, however you have to start with other protections to be able to learn and understand your body. 

Sanitary pads and tampons

Sanitary pads are the first sanitary protection you should use. In fact, you must learn to manage your flow and understand it. Sanitary pads will therefore greatly help you. Depending on the time between two changes, you will quickly realize if your flow is light, moderate or abundant. 

Sanitary napkins are not the most environmentally friendly. You can perfectly adopt washing machine washable towels ! Thus, in addition to being eco-responsible, you will limit the risks associated with chemical substances found in conventional sanitary napkins and available in supermarkets. 

The risks of tampons and sanitary napkins

Sanitary napkins and tampons contain carcinogens and endocrine disruptors can be harmful to the human body if misused. Indeed, having a buffer in your body for too long can be the cause of “toxic shock”. In addition, if it is inserted incorrectly, you may have more or less significant pain. Finally, tampons can dry out the vaginal flora when used frequently and when your period begins or ends. Indeed, due to excessive blood loss, the tampon will create an unnecessary barrier and absorb all naturally present vaginal secretions. 

Menstrual panties

Menstrual panties for teenage girls are perfect for you! Once your flow is determined, period panties will give you all the protection you need. So, to go to college or high school, they are ideal and allow you not to worry about your period All day long. 

Your hygienic protection must not not be a source of stress. With period panties for teenagers, you are sure to run the least risk possible. You can indeed wear them for 12 hours without having to change them. Thus, if you are in class from 8 a.m. to 17 p.m., you are well within the recommendations of the period panties from Louloucup

Benefits of period panties for teenage girls

Made of OCS certified organic cotton, with healthy and non-toxic fabrics, free of silver nanoparticles and presenting no risk of irritation, the menstrual panties for teenagers from Louloucup guarantee you protection that respects the environment, but above all respects your body

By using Louloucup's period panties for teenagers, you make the choice of comfort, ecology and respect for your health. 

Very often during adolescence, the flow is light or moderate, and menstruation is irregular. Adapted to your morphology, period panties for teenage girls are an ideal choice. The pair of period panties for light flow can be perfectly suitable for the first period and up to the first year. However, every woman is different and depending on your flow, you may need to upgrade to higher protection.