The first rules: no stress everything will be fine!

Here is a milestone to cross when adolescence is coming to an end: the first rules. For some young girls, the first period can be a real source of stress. So the first piece of advice we can give you is not to worry. 

Your period will be a part of you for a big part of your life. Nature is made like this and all women go through this at some point in their lives. 

If apprehension predominates in the first moments, this is completely normal. Finally, to better anticipate them, to experience them better, to not stress or worry for nothing, here are some ideas for reflection.

Because at Louloucup, we are convinced that it is essential to not stress to know yourself well. To know your body as well as to listen to the signs. It is also essential to have some basics in female health.

Let's talk about periods, puberty, adolescence but also symptoms and hygienic protection for teenagers!

teen rules

What are the rules again?

The period or with medium flows (this is the other name that we can give them) are a cyclical phenomenon which occurs in woman. On average, the first periods appear between the ages of 11 and 13. However, some young girls can have them at 8 years old as well as at 16 years old. It's very variable. So no point comparing yourself to your friends!

Rules are triggered by your hormones that control the functioning of your body. These hormones stimulate the ovary so that they produce estrogen. It is in particular these hormones which are responsible for many changes in the puberty  !

Yes, but why do we bleed? To put it simply, when the lining of the uterus or theendometrium is expelled from your body, it is in liquid form. This liquid contains blood. On average, you will lose 60 ml of blood. Don't panic, it may seem like a lot, but in reality it's very little.

Finally, when the first day of menstruation arrives, it corresponds to the first day of your menstrual cycle

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I have my period for the first time, what should I do?

1. Talk about it to those around you so as not to be alone

Your first periods can be a taboo subject. The first thing to do is to speak to one or your parent(s) so that they can accompany you in this official transition to adolescence. It's not always easy, but tell yourself that It’s natural and there’s nothing to be ashamed of! Never !

If you've never talked about it with your parents, now is the time to bring it up and really understand what the rules are all about. Nothing better than a first discussion beforehand so as not to be surprised on the day of your first period. How do the rules work? Why don't boys get their period? Are they of any use? These are all questions that you need to ask yourself and that deserve to have an answer. 

The woman closest to you will undoubtedly be able to answer all your questions. Nevertheless, don't be ashamed to talk about it to someone else, like your dad. Although he is a man, he knows what the rules are! So don’t panic, talk about it! 

Your big sister, your cousin but also the school nurse can also be people to turn to!

2. Test and find suitable hygienic protection

Then, the second thing to do (and this is perhaps the most important in the end), is to buy your first sanitary protections. Tampons, pads, cup or menstrual panties, you have to try to understand what you really need. The teen period panties from Louloucup are perfectly suited for teenage girls. Indeed, in middle or high school, it is sometimes complicated to have to change your sanitary protection.

To find the protection that suits you, you have to take the time to test and try. You have to learn to handle them, to use them. We must also learn to know ourselves and to know the nature of its flow.

Conventional, disposable sanitary pads and tampons come in handy in an emergency. There pair of period panties is reassuring to face a full day. There cup menstrual can be practical for athletes for example. THE our period swimsuit will save your swimming pool afternoons with friends. All our products are made in Europe or made in France. Delivery is free in France, Europe and worldwide.

Discover without further delay our various green and inexpensive, reliable and quality alternatives from Louloucup for teenagers: super pretty period panties for teenagers as well as super effective menstrual swimsuits.

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What are the symptoms of the first period?

Your first periods may be accompanied by its first symptoms. Throughout your life, you will have your period every month and these will cause symptoms of varying intensity. Tiredness , irritability, abdominal pain are only the most common. For example, you may have the following symptoms: 

  • sensitive and/or painful breasts,
  • pain in the kidneys,
  • lower back pain,
  • diarrhea and/or nausea.

Although these symptoms do not last long, they may surprise you. So, don't stress if you have breast pain or feel any changes in your body. This is perfectly usual. Painkillers should be taken to relieve you. There is no point in enduring this kind of pain.

Many solutions exist to soothe you during your period: bath, hot shower, good diet, hydration, hot water bottle, loose and wide clothing, cleaning, etc.

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