What is the story of our Made In France menstrual cup?

Would you like to learn more about our Made In France menstrual cup? That's good, you've come to the right place. First of all, what is a period cup ? It is a hygienic protection that is inserted into the vagina. She collects the blood. The You can wear a menstrual cup made in France corresponds to a healthy alternative to tampons and pads. It is also ecological and economical. Be careful, however, to follow the recommendations for use. 

What are the particularities of our Made In France menstrual cup? 

Louloucup thinks of women and their well-being. The brand makes it a point of honor to make menstruation period pleasant. For this, it offers the French menstrual cup. Unlike tampons or sanitary napkins, it is guaranteed without toxic products, thus respecting the vaginal flora. In fact, it is made of medical silicone and does not contain phthalates or bisphenol. You can therefore be totally reassured about its composition. 

Why use a menstrual cup made in France? 

The menstrual cup made in France overcomes the controversy of toxic substances that would contain tampons and sanitary napkins. Its ethical and French manufacture meets very strict standards. Silicone and dyes are chemical free. Indeed, the story of our menstrual cup is 100% Made in France. Louloucup works with quality partners to meet the expectations of all women. The brand makes every effort to promote organic products and act in favor of the planet. The cup also allows you to discover your intimacy and know your menstrual flow. 

French menstrual cup: the values ​​of Louloucup 

Louloucup is an involved and committed brand. Its priority is women's health, taking care of their vaginal flora. She is also keen the ecological dimension working against the global warming. The menstrual cup made in France reusable and washable can act in favor of the environment. You can keep it for many years, between 5 and 10 years, thus limiting waste and plastic. Another very important topic for the brand is access to sanitary protection for all. She fights against menstrual precariousness. For this, it offers the cup adapted to women and girls, at affordable prices.

Manufacture of our Made In France menstrual cup 

As you will have understood, Made In France is preferred for the manufacture of our cup for menstruation. Our values ​​play an essential role. She is hypoallergenic, respectful of your vagina and the environment.

Here are the best assets for the Louloucup French menstrual cup: comfort, practicality, components that meet strict standards... In addition, it contains 3 times more blood than tampons absorb. Remember, however, that there are several recommendations for using this device: 

  • wash your hands well, rinse and clean the menstrual cup between each use;

  • sterilize it;

  • don't wear it more than 6 to 8 hours in a row to avoid possible toxic shock.

Cup for menstruation made in France in 3 characteristics 

The history of our Made in France menstrual cup is based on respect and values. The adjectives that best characterize her are: 
  • ecological industrial printing process : the period cup is durable, reusable and washable;
  • healthy : it does not contain toxic substances or endocrine disruptors;
  • profitable : you will be able to save money thanks to the price of 28,90 euros. 

Cup for menstruation: a bit of history  

Let's go back a little in time to know the history of the menstrual cup. The first models were patented and marketed in the 30s in the United States. This under the impetus of the American actress Leona W. Chalmers. However, they were not very successful. Women were rather reluctant to use washable intravaginal pads. It was in the 2000s that they adopted it thanks to collective awareness.

What to remember about the French cup for menstruation!

Use our cmenstrual up Made In France it's thinking about your body, learning about your flow. It is also making a gesture in favor of the environment: limit waste, plastic and the transport of goods. For optimal use, do not forget the precautions to be taken. It's a beautiful story between Louloucup and women!