What is the story of our Made In France menstrual cup?

🇫🇷 Do you want to learn more about our menstrual cup Made In France ? That's good, you're in the right place.

First of all, what is a period cup ? What is a menstrual cup? This is an internal hygienic protection that is inserted into the vagina. This little inverted silicone bell collects period blood.

Our Loulou menstrual cup made in France corresponds to a healthy alternative to tampons and pads. It is also ecological and economical. Discover without further delay our intimate and feminine revolution signed Loulou: a super cup available in two models.

Loulou menstrual cup

🇺🇸 Period cup: a little history  

Let's go back in time a little to know thehistory of the menstrual cup. The first models were patented and marketed in the 30s in the United States. This under the leadership of the American actress Leona W. Chalmers.

On the other hand, they were not very successful. Women were rather reluctant to use washable intravaginal protections. It was in the 2000s that they finally adopted this new feminine hygiene protection through collective awareness.

🩸 Bad composition of buffers

After the scandal of buffer composition and towels, women looked for new alternatives. Chlorine, pesticide, petrochemical derivatives, the composition of the tampons is chilling!

In order to avoid the irritations, poisoning and other health risks, new brands have emerged to offer young girls and mature women healthier, safer products. completely transparent composition and respectful of their privacy. Suddenly, the You can wear a menstrual cup which had been ignored for decades was becoming interesting again.

The Loulou cup, a French menstrual cup, soft and patented

Louloucup was born. From the start, our deep aspiration was to offer healthy and local, sustainable and responsible products at the best price for menstruation that is finally peaceful and finally simple. Without the fuss.

It was necessary to succeed in making a French menstrual cup and healthy. Today, it's done with our Loulou cup available in two models. The particular shape is registered and patented. Made only from medical silicone, our cups are guaranteed phthalate free, bisphenol A free, latex free, fragrance free. They respect the vaginal flora.

The menstrual cup made in France overcomes the controversy of toxic substances that would contain tampons and sanitary napkins. Its ethical and French manufacture meets very strict standards.

Two models for two colors: the classic or standard pink cup and soft Turquoise cup. These two models are each available in two sizes: a small size and a medium size.

🌿 Loulou, a cup that has everything good

She is eco-friendly

The cup is an ecological intimate protection that allows you to drastically reduce waste. #zerowaste Made in France, the carbon footprint is limited.

She is healthy

Its clean composition does not endanger health. Our cup does not contain toxic substances or endocrine disruptors. It is Hypoallergenic.

She is super soft

This is certainly the opinion and comments that come up the most when we talk about our cups. Our cuts are great douces and very easy to use and carry. They fold easily and deploy to adhere to the walls of the vagina gently, without getting in the way!

She's not expensive

Buying a cup is profitable. Durable, responsible, washable, reusable for years, you save month after month, cycle after cycle. Our cup is at a fair price 28,90€. She can slip into a pack with menstrual panties. The unit price will then be decreasing!

đź’§Loulou, a quality cut with a few precautions to follow

Like any menstrual cup, it is important for us to remember a few recommendations for peaceful and safe use:

  • wash your hands thoroughly before and after insertion,
  • sterilize it before use,
  • follow our instructions and do not hesitate to read our guide and our menstrual cup user manual,
  • do not keep a cup on you for more than six consecutive hours, we do not recommend wearing the cup at night and we instead recommend wearing menstrual panties for leak-free sleep.

This last point is important because wearing a cup for too long can allow certain bad bacteria to proliferate. It's about menstrual toxic shock. For more information : Menstrual cup and toxic shock, what is the real danger?

A cup and Loulou’s values

Louloucup is an involved and committed brand. Its priority is women's health, taking care of their vaginal flora.

She also takes the ecological dimension to heart by working against global warming. There menstrual cup made in France reusable and washable allows you to act in favor of the environment. You can keep it for many years, between 5 and 10 years, thus limiting waste and plastic.

Another very important subject for the brand is theaccess to hygienic protection for all. She fights against menstrual poverty. For this, it offers the cup suitable for women and young girls, at fair and affordable prices.

What to remember about the French cut for periods 

Use our cmenstrual up Made In France it’s thinking about your body, learning more about its flow. This means avoiding the use of tampons with questionable composition. This avoids the risk of irritation. It’s also about learning to know yourself better, to better understand your anatomy, how you function and your menstruation.

Choosing a French cup also means choosing the French made, French employment and French quality.

Choosing a French cup is also a profoundly ecological choice, a gesture in favor of the environment. The cup limits waste, plastic pollution.

Choosing the French Loulou cup means choosing healthy protection for best price, means saving money for many years.

Finally, choosing a cup as periodic protection means choosing a simple and very practical way to manage your periods.

In short, Loulou is a beautiful story between Louloucup and women!

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