What is the lifespan of your menstrual cup?

The menstrual cup is the ideal solution during the menstrual period. Indeed, it allows collect blood (and not to absorb it like a tampon does). It looks like a small funnel with a small stem to make it easier to remove. The menstrual cup is the economical, profitable and long-lasting solution.

The menstrual cup, what is it? 

The menstrual cup is an ecological, economical and durable period protection. It is a small silicone cup (pink or blue at Louloucup) who is positioned at inside the vagina and that collect blood during the menstrual period. 

The cup adapts to all vagina shapes, in particular thanks to their flexibility. Composed of a flexible material, it bends to be positioned in the vagina. The cup is easy to use. It exists 3 main folding methods : C-bend, folding in seven et tulip folding or punch-down-fold. It's up to you to choose the one that suits you best! Each Louloucup comes with a user guide to help you. 

The first few times you insert your cup, the minutes can be long, but you will quickly take control over your menstrual cycles. To try Louloucup is to adopt it! 

The lifespan of the menstrual cup 

The cup is a real ally in understanding how your body works as a woman. Moreover, it respects the balance of the the vagina, it does not dry it out, unlike tampons. She is very economical, since its lifetime is of 5 10 years to depending on use, maintenance, model and brand. 
On average, a woman spends €5 to €7 on sanitary protection during each cycle. Imagine that you keep your menstrual cup for 8 years: if you choose menstrual cup set at €59,90, you earn around 20€ the first year and more than 500€ the other six years. 

Otherwise, the menstrual cup cannot be seen and you won't feel like you're wearing a “diaper” like a sanitary napkin.

The right things to do to give your menstrual cup an optimal lifespan 

Choice of the menstrual cup and the silicone that composes it

 In order to keep your cut as long as possible (5 to 10 years old), choose menstrual cup size, adapted to your menstrual flow. At LoulouCup, we offer two sizes:

  • Size S is used for light to normal flow and/or for people who have never had a child vaginally.

  • Size M is used for large flows and/or for people who have given birth vaginally. This means that if your flow is light and you gave birth vaginally, it is better to choose the Medium size. 

In order to prolong the life of your menstrual cup, it is important to choose a medical silicone. Louloucup cups are made in France and made of medical silicone that meets the strictest standards. It does not contain any harmful products for your body.

Properly wash and sterilize your menstrual cup

To prolong the life of your menstrual cup as much as possible, take care of it. 

Thus, we advise you to clean it all 6 to 8 hours. To clean it daily, you can use clear water and alcohol-free soap or your intimate gel. 

At each cycle, it is important to sterilize your menstrual cup to remove all bacteria. You can sterilize your cup in the microwave or in boiling water for 5 minutes.