What are the best menstrual panties for teens?

Menstrual panties for teenagers et menstrual swimsuit for teens but also menstrual cupis the revolution in reusable sanitary protection for teenage girls!

Our teenage girls can finally experience their periods and menstrual cycles serenely! More economical, more ecological, healthier, less dangerous to health, more respectful, reusable hygienic protection changes life! These protections are real alternatives to classic and disposable hygienic solutions.

In ranges of menstrual panties for teenagers, we find panties, shorties, tangas and boxers that are pretty, well-cut, super absorbent, invisible and inexpensive. Louloucup helps you find the best menstrual panties for teens. The panty that ensures maximum superior comfort while avoiding leaks !

teen menstrual panties Simone Louloucup

Period panties: the best choice for teenagers

Organic, eco-friendly, pretty, washable and durable, menstrual panties are the best choice for your teenager ! The first periods are often a sign of major upheavals in a young girl's life. It is important to provide them with best periodic protection in order to avoid stress and anxiety.

Menstrual panties are a great external hygienic protection for teenage girls. Very practical, the period panties is perfect for days at middle school, high school or even university. Period panties are very discreet, teenagers will feel confident and reassured. Suitable for all flows, menstrual panties absorb and trap light flows, medium flows and heavy flows without saturating or leaking. If the model is well chosen then there is no risk of leaks ou saturation.

The panties or period briefs, it is the promise of a comfortable and gentle first period for the adolescent girl.

No leaks, no stains, no bad smells, menstrual panties allow the adolescent to better experience her measurements, to forget them. No more need to go to the toilet every two hours to change your periodic protection. No need to stress about having a stain, period panties are really reliable thanks to their super absorbent membrane.

Invisible, seamless and discreet, menstrual panties go unnoticed under clothing. Even in sports, in PE class or at the club, your teenager will be able to carry out their training without any problem, without discomfort, without leaking and without being afraid of stains. For athletes, period panties are an excellent alternative to a tampon.

Menstrual panties are also particularly suitable and practical for managing first periods which are often irregular, offbeat and surprises.

Healthy and clean, menstrual panties have the advantage of having a transparent composition (organic cotton, organic bamboo). The materials making up menstrual panties respect privacy, unlike tampons or sanitary napkins, period panties do not attack, do not imitate or disrupt the vaginal flora.

Liv Louloucup menstrual panties

The qualities of menstrual panties for teenagers

The best menstrual panties for teenagers are panties that must have several essential qualities:

- Comfort. Menstrual panties should be super comfy, made from cotton, preferably organic, the material is extremely soft even after repeated use.
- Size. Also pay attention to the brand, it must fit well so that your teenager is comfortable. To do this, check the feedback consumers.

- Reliability. The panties must absorb blood without leaving moisture and without leaks.
- The price. Menstrual panties must have a price accessible.
- Invisible. Period panties should be super discreet or invisible. Although it has the capacity to store a large quantity of flux, it must remain thin and discreet. Of the seamless panties are often suggested so as not to mark under clothing.

The best menstrual panties for teenagers Louloucup

In the range of special period panties for teenagers, Louloucup has worked on five specific models. Pleasant and aesthetic models that your ados will have great pleasure in wearing. All these models can be found from the size XXS ou size 32.

Mathilde very heavy flow menstrual panties

Black, soft and pretty, Mathilde model menstrual panties is above all a panty suitable for very strong, very heavy menstrual flow. Lined in Oeko-Tex organic cotton, Mathilde period panties are extremely soft while having an extremely high absorption capacity. THE teens having a very intense flow will be delighted and convinced by this model which is both protective and feminine, 100% comfortable.

louloucup teen menstrual panties

Seamless menstrual panties very heavy flow Liv

La Liv period panties is completely invisible. Seamless, it goes unnoticed under the tightest clothes. It handles the heaviest flows perfectly, so it is really perfect for sports sessions or long days. It's a great alternative to a tampon.

Lucie medium flow menstrual panties

La pretty menstrual panties Lucie de Louloucup handles medium or normal flows perfectly. The Lucie panties are aimed at all women with a menstrual flow that is neither light nor too heavy, equivalent to 2 or 3 sanitary tampons.
What do we particularly like about this model? Its little golden finish which makes all the difference as well as the flat seams which make this model very discreet.

Lucie menstrual panties

Simone heavy flow menstrual panties

Le model Simone de Louloucup These menstrual panties for heavy flow organic, cool, fun and super comfortable. Her little white and red sailor top is timeless. These feminine and invisible period panties can be worn both day and night thanks to their high absorption capacity.

Louise medium flow menstrual panties

Louise period panties is perfect for medium flows. It can be worn at the end or beginning of their period for teenagers who have a strong flow. No risk of leaks or stains with this super reliable model. L'intimitate stay dry, wearing experience is pleasant.

teen period panties

So Louise, Liv, Mathilde, Lucie or Simone? Let yourself be convinced by our period panties for teenage girls. You can compose your own set of menstrual panties. Model, size, flow, everything is fully customizable to make the pack of period panties adapted to your profile. The more panties you take, the lower the price per unit. A great deal when you know that well-maintained menstrual panties last more than 5 years!

In addition with Louloucup, no bad surprises: the Shipping is always free en France, in Europe and around the world. French brand and Portuguese production, Louloucup always ensures order dispatch within 48 hours.