Cup sterilizer: 2 solutions to sterilize your cup

Do you want to know how to sterilize your cup? This internal hygienic protection is a healthy alternative to pads and tampons. Unlike the latter, which absorb blood, it retains it in large quantities. However, to avoid the development of bacteria, recommendations must be respected. You have to rinse her menstrual cup aafter every use and clean it daily. Cup sterilizer: how to sterilize it? You can do this with boiling water or in the microwave. 


Which cup steriliser?

Louloucup cup sterilizer is turquoise blue or pink in color, it is very practical and aesthetic. To store it, it is possible to fold it, it measures: 91 mm by 12 mm. To use it, simply unfold it, its dimensions then change: 91 mm by 88 mm. Sterilization is thus quick and easy. It is necessary to sterilize the menstrual cup to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. When to do it? After its purchase, for its first use and at the start of each cycle

Menstrual cup sterilizer: how to proceed?

When you buy it, it must be sterilized before the first use. At the beginning of each cycle, it is also necessary to do this. This prevents the development of bacteria and infections. If you wish, you can even sterilize her more often.

Things to remember for cleaning: you must flush the blood after each use, wash it every day with a neutral soap, without oil or perfume, or with an intimate gel. To avoid possible toxic shock, do not wear your menstrual cup for more than 6 to 8 hours

2 solutions to sterilize your cup

You have 2 options for using the Louloucup cup steriliser. Simply unfold it, remove the lid and place the menstrual cup inside. Then you can either use the microwave or boiling water. Try both to find the method that works best for you. In both cases, before using the cup for menstruation, it must be left to cool or run under cold water. This helps to avoid possible burns.

Microwave cup sterilizer

To sterilize your cup, you can therefore use the microwave. You have to remove the lid of the sterilizer cup for menstruation and then place it in, the stem down. Then add water. To finish, just put the sterilizer in the microwave at 750 watts for 5 minutes. That's it, it's very simple, the sterilization is done. Once the time is up, be careful not to burn yourself when taking it out. Allow the cup to cool for several minutes before using it.

cup saucepan sterilizer

If you don't have a microwave or prefer another method, you can do boil water in a saucepan, for example. The next step: put the cup inside the sterilizer, placing the stem down. Without burning yourself, cover with boiling water, then leave to stand for 5 minutes. You have to wait for it to cool or by passing the cup under cold water.

The 2 methods are very simple, it's up to you to choose the one you prefer.

Sterilizer cup for rules and recommendations  

Do not forget the actions necessary for safe use of the menstrual cup: rinse, clean and sterilize. It should not be kept for more than 6 to 8 hours to avoid possible toxic shock syndrome.

What if you are outside? If there is no sink within reach, the ideal is tohave a replacement menstrual cup. Otherwise think of leaving with a water bottle to flush it over the toilet. Even better, also use your sterilizer by putting the cup inside. Add water, shake it all up and empty the used water. And now, voila.

Louloucup cup sterilizer

Le sLouloucup cup sterilizer is an essential accessory, at only 13,90 euros. It is practical and easy to use. Boxes are also on sale on the site: packs including one or two menstrual cups with the sterilizer. The set of 2 is advantageous, it costs 59,90 euros instead of 71,70 euros.