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Our Heavy Flow Period Panties

Our heavy flow collection absorbs the equivalent of 5 tampons for all-day peace of mind and comfort. The inside is made with organic cotton :)

Shop our heavy flow period panties

Clara - Ultra Heavy Flow ++++++ Menstrual Panties

Mathilde - Culotte menstruelle flux très abondant ++++++
Mathilde - Culotte menstruelle flux très abondant ++++++

Mathilde - Very Heavy Flow Menstrual Panties ++++++

culotte menstruelle sans couture flux abondant
culotte menstruelle invisible flux abondant

Liv - Seamless Period Panties Very Heavy Flow ++++++

Jade - Culotte menstruelle très abondant ++++++
Jade - Culotte menstruelle très abondant ++++++

Jade - Very Heavy Flow Menstrual Panties ++++++

culotte menstruelle

Fanny - Heavy Flow +++++ Menstrual Panties

culotte menstruelle flux abondant

Simone - Abundant Flow Menstrual Panties +++++


Our medium flow briefs

Our medium flow panties are thin and absorb the equivalent of 2.5 tampons. The inside is still organic cotton :)

Shop Our medium flow period panties
Margot - Culotte menstruelle flux moyen +++
Margot - Culotte menstruelle flux moyen +++

Margot - Medium Flow Menstrual Panties +++

Ella - Culotte menstruelle flux moyen +++
Ella - Culotte menstruelle flux moyen +++

Ella - Medium Flow Menstrual panties +++

Lucie - Culotte menstruelle flux moyen +++
Lucie - Culotte menstruelle flux moyen +++

Lucie - Medium Flow Menstrual Panties +++

culotte menstruelle

Naomi - Medium Flow Menstrual Panties +++

culotte menstruelle
culotte de regle noire

Rebecca - Menstrual Panties Medium Flow +++

Bas maillot de bain menstruel
maillot de bain règle taille haute

Laura Menstrual Bikini Bottom

culotte menstruelle bleu nuit dentelle
culotte menstruelle bleu dentelle

Lily - Menstrual Panties Medium Flow +++


Romy - Menstrual Panties Medium Flow +++


Seamless Emilie - Medium Flow Menstrual Panties +


Louise - Menstrual Panties Medium Flow +++


Lea - Menstrual Panties Medium Flow +++

culotte menstruelle
culotte détachable

Gigi - Final Collection - SALE - Adjustable Menstrual Panties

Maillot de bain menstruel Noa
Maillot de bain menstruel Noa

Noa Menstrual Swimsuit


Our light flow briefs

Our light flow collection is perfect for the last days of your period, catching white discharge, or you can use them when you know your period is coming soon. The interior is still organic cotton :)

Shop Our light flow period panties
Tanga menstruel
tanga menstruel pas cher

Chloé - Light Flow Menstrual Tanga

Culotte menstruelle flux léger
jolie culotte menstruelle

Mia - Light Flow Menstrual Panties


Light Flow Menstrual Panties FAQ

- + What are the best light flow panties in France?

The light flow period panties are the best on the market. They're pretty, reliable, eco-friendly, invisible, comfortable and economical. Qualities possessed by all teen period panties Louloucup. 

- + What are the advantages of buying Louloucup light flow briefs?

By opting for Louloucup, you are choosing a trademark application produced in Europe. with highly absorbent fabrics, Oeko-Tex 100 standard certified materials and non-toxic fabrics. No risk of leakage.

All the interiors of our thongs and briefs are made with several layers of Oeko-Tex organic cotton

With our period panty packs, you also save a lot of money. 

Menstrual panties are a new kind of hygienic protection that's reusable and durable. Quite the opposite of tampons and other sanitary napkins, they don't have any plastic or pollutants.

- + What is a light flow?

A light menstrual flow is less than 30 ml of blood over the loss period. To give an idea, a menstrual cup has a capacity of 25 ml. 

- + How do I know if I have a light flow or a medium flow?

Do you need to change your hygienic protection regularly? Or can you keep the same product on for several hours without being bothered? When you wear a menstrual cup, do you notice that it is barely filled? If so, you probably have a light flow. It is also calledoligomenorrhea

- + In what situations can you wear light flow menstrual panties?

Light flow menstrual panties are worn during your period. The are best if you have naturally light periods. This type of panty can also be worn at the end of your cycle if you have a heavy flow when there’s less bleeding.

You can also use light flow period panties if you have spotting. Light flow period panties are also great for absorbing vaginal secretions.  

You may have more discharge during ovulation or because of contraception. A light flow panty is ideal for staying dry all day.  

- + Can I wear light flow period panties at night?

If you have a very weak flow or at the end of your period and you have almost no more blood, you can absolutely wear a light flow panty for night.. In other cases, light flow panties are not the best for spending a peaceful night. At night, we tend to keep the same position for a long time. The blood accumulates in the same place. All teen period panties are not made to hold this blood. This is why some heavy flow panties are often recommended for the night. 

- + How are light flow period panties washed?

Maintaining light flow panties is the same as maintaining period panties for heavy flows. 

Rinse with water after use. Then put it in the washing machine with your other clothes. A short cycle at XNUMX° will do. A hotter and longer cycle will damage fabrics. Air dry the underwear. Avoid the dryer and also fabric softeners.  

A well maintained period panties is a panty that will remain absorbent for a long time. 

- + How are Louloucup light flow menstrual panties organic?

Louloucup is a period panties made in Europe. All interiors are lined in OCS certified organic cottonbecause it's better for the environment and our health and softer and more comfortable. The organic cotton only has benefits! 

- + Why prefer a light flow menstrual panty to a panty liner?

The light flow period panties by Louloucup are reusable and lined withorganic cotton. This certified natural material is healthy, in addition to being very soft. It respects your skin while offering superior comfort

Single-use panty liners are not very absorbent, and they're harmful to the planet.

In our menstrual lingerie collection, we have the Chloé model. The Chloé model from Louloucup is a menstrual thong with an absorption capacity equivalent to 1 tampon. We love using this style to replace a disposable panty liner. 

- + I would like to buy Louloucup light flow panties and medium flow panties, is this possible?

At Louloucup, everything is possible! Choose a pack or bundle of your choice. Make your ideal set according to your needs and flow. Each woman is unique! That's why it's essential to have custom period protection.

- + Are Louloucup light flow period panties expensive?

Louloucup offers unbeatable value for money. A unit priceis set at €28,90. The more panties you take, the more the unit pricedecreases. For a batch of 5 or more panties, the panties cost €22,90.  

The good news? At Louloucup, no shipping is free! There is free delivery in Europe. You only pay for your panties, and that's it. 

- + I don't live in France or Europe, can I receive Louloucup light flow panties?

Louloucup delivers worldwide! 

- + How are returns handled at Louloucup?

We accept returns within 15 days. pair of period panties to be returned must be in perfect condition (unworn, unwashed) in its original packaging. A return slip in the original package explains the procedure to follow. The return is at your expense. Just go to the nearest post office, weigh the package, and label it. 

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