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For optimum menstruation serene, stress-free and without leak, Louloucup offers menstrual panties et menstrual cup in the form of lots or boxes. We know how much rules are so different from woman to woman, menstrual cycle to menstrual cycle. We also know that it is essential to have the right protections in order to best live these few days which are a little painful, a little tiring.

At Louloucup, you will find menstrual swimwear performing, period panties for light, medium and very heavy flows but also for menstrual cup made in France extra soft. You can combine the three types of protections in one and the same set. Sizes, colors, models, flows, you are completely free to compose the pack or the batch adapted to your profile, your tastes and your needs! Yes, at Louloucup, we love freedom! The freedom to choose and live your rules as you see fit!

Do you want to please but are you afraid of making a mistake? Think about the Loulou gift card!

The good news is the price! The more models you select to make up your lot, the lower the price per unit.

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Lot de 2 culottes menstruelles
Lot culottes menstruelles

Pack of 2 menstrual panties of your choice

From 53.80€ regular price 57.80€ Save € 4
On sale
Lot culottes menstruelles
Lot 3 culottes menstruelles

Set of 3 panties of your choice

From 75.90€ regular price 86.70€ Save € 10.80
On sale
Lot 4 culottes menstruelles
Lot culottes menstruelles

Set of 4 panties of your choice

From 99.60€ regular price 115.60€ Save € 16
On sale
Lot 5 culottes menstruelles
Lot culottes menstruelles

Pack of 5 panties and more

From 114.50€ regular price 144.50€ Save € 30
On sale
coffret pour les règles


From 104.90€ regular price 129.50€ Save € 24.60
La carte cadeau Loulou

The Loulou gift card

From 30.00€
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