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Juliette Menstrual Bikini Bottom
menstrual swimsuit bottoms
Juliette Menstrual Bikini Bottom
Juliette Menstrual Bikini Bottom
regular price 28.90€

Juliette Menstrual Bikini Bottom

regular price 28.90€
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Are you a fan of the shape and look of our Naomi medium flow period panties ? Us too! That's why we decided to recreate our best-seller panty in a swimsuit version! The Juliette bottoms feature a cage design with criss-cross cutouts on the hips. This ultra-flattering cut comes in black, just like our fan-favorite Naomi panty.  

The Juliette period bikini bottomsare easy to wear and go with all the tops in your swimwear collection. Cute and comfy, our period swimsuit is just as fun to wear as it is reliable. Feel free to mix & match with printed or solid bikini tops you already have in your closet.  

You can wear the Juliette period bikini bottoms in swimming pools and the sea. The fabric is resistant to salt and chlorinated water, so you can spend all summer swimming without worrying about leaks or stains. Finally, swim in peace  during your period .

What do we love most about the Juliette model? It has excellent period protection while remaining sleek, discrete, and comfortable. It's impossible to tell you're wearing a period bikini bottom. The absorbent zone holds your menstrual flow without swelling up. Swim, tan, and enjoy your summer while always staying leak-free and comfortable.

These bottoms come with superior period protection extended throughout the interior lining. Period flow is quickly absorbed without being able to escape. 

These bikini bottoms offer the absorption equivalent of two tampons. The Juliette bottoms are best for people with  light flows or average flows.  

Our Juliette period bikini bottoms are an excellent zero-waste alternative to tampons for swimming. Washable and reusable, these period swim bottoms provide year-round healthy, durable, and affordable hygienic protection.  

Our Juliette bottoms are available in sizes XS to XL. Be sure to check out our size guide before ordering. 

Don't forget, our Juliette swim bottoms, like all other Louloucup swimsuits, can be included in a made-to-measure pack and be combined with panties or a period cup for a reduced price! 

Our Juliette bikini bottoms are made in China in an audited workshop. This workshop, in particular, is known for using limited plastic. The manufacturing workshop has ISO 9001 and BSCI certifications. The fabrics are FDA approved. 

We use clean fabrics. Our textiles are not harmful to your health or the environment.

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organic cotton interior

Made from organic cotton

without toxic residues

No toxic residues

truck transport

Truck transport

vegan and cruelty-free

Vegan & Cruelty-Free

no retouching

No retouching

recyclable packaging

Recyclable packaging

audited workshops

Audited workshops

Made in Europe

Made in Europe

Why we love:
Our swimwear can be purchased together with our other Louloucup menstrual panties for a lower price :)

How is our period swimwear so effective?

Our Louloucup swimsuitsare made with hygienic protective material specially designed to go in the water. This protection knows how to absorb the menstrual flow even in water. Our superior protection can absorb your menstrual flow even in water. The absorbent pad will never swell in contact with water. Even though it’s ultra-absorbant, the lining stays thin and invisible. There’s no bulky, diaper-like effect. We promise. Your comfort is #1. No one can tell the difference between our menstrual swimsuits and traditional swimsuits.

Period swimsuits mean you to go to the beach in peace without using additional protection like a tampon, a menstrual cup, or a sanitary napkin. Don’t worry about leaks. You’re free to have fun!  

Comment notre maillot de bain menstruel est-il aussi efficace ?

You're free to swim for the whole summer!

Whether you’re swimming in the sea, taking a dip in the pool, or basking in the sun, don’t miss out on summer fun because of your period!
Feel free to swim and sunbathe all summer without worrying about leaks in the water or your beach towel. With Loulou, you’re free to move, swim, and enjoy your entire summer. If you have a light to medium flow, you do not need to use additional protection like a tampon, menstrual cup, or pad.

Rinse with cold water Rinse with cold water
Machine wash at 30° Machine wash at 30°
Let air dry Let air dry

Depending on your flow, you can keep your jersey on for a few hours or all day!

We do not recommend keeping a wet swimsuit on you for too long. This applies to both classic and menstrual swimsuits. When a wet garment comes in contact with the vagina, there's a higher risk for bacterial development or urinary tract infections.

How to care for your Loulou

The Juliette menstrual swimsuit is rinsed with clear water before being put in the machine. Like period panties, air-drying is recommended. We ban the dryer!

Our fabrics are

healthy, organic & certified

No silver nanoparticles
No silver nanoparticles
Tested by independent laboratories
Tested by independent laboratories

At the cutting edge of technology

At Loulou, we constantly work with textile engineers to offer you the best absorbents on the market.

Absorption au top Absorption au top
Superior absorption

At Loulou, our absorbents vary according to the styles and flow. Our panties protect you no matter what

Aucune humidité

Our cotton is crafted to keep you dry, even on heavy flow days

Aucune fuite Aucune fuite
No leaks

We extended the absorption zone on our panties so you can sleep on your stomach, back, side, or have a central flow

Excellent value for your money

Our panties adapt to your cycle. You can build your own set of made-to-measure panties by mixing sizes and styles. Our panties start at 22.90 euros when you purchase 5 or more.
Our panties have been designed to enhance all body typesOur panties have been designed to enhance all body types

Our panties are made for

all shapes & sizes