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Our menstrual tangas

For light menstrual flow, spotting, very light, anecdotal discharge or vaginal discharge during the course of period , think about Louloucup menstrual tangas ! 

A menstrual tanga is a form of low-cut menstrual panties dedicated to light menstrual flow.

Heavy user of panty liners, are you looking for a more ecological solution to pollute less? Are you looking for thin, durable and reliable sanitary protection? Reusable periodic protection for light flow? You don’t want any compromise between femininity and protection? Discover our range of tangas for menstruation or tangas for light menstrual flow

When to use a menstrual thong? At what point in the menstrual cycle? Why choose a menstrual tanga over a disposable panty liner and classic? Why use a menstrual tanga as intimate protection? Is the menstrual thong absorbent enough? What are the differences between menstrual tanga and menstrual panties? 

The lace menstrual tanga: sexy and reliable menstrual panties

Looking for a pretty piece of lingerie in lace, sexy, feminine and delicate? Find our Louloucup menstrual tangas. This shape of panties shows your beautiful curves and your buttocks without ever being vulgar. More indented than classic panties, but less than the thong, the tanga has it all! It highlights the shapes without overdoing it. 

At Louloucup, we offer lace menstrual thongs. These are very pretty period panties in black lace, very fine which do not mark under clothing, which remain very discreet just like the seamless menstrual panties

The menstrual tanga: much better than a disposable panty liner

In the same way as the pair of period panties classic, the menstrual tanga allows you to avoid the use of disposable sanitary pads and polluting. We save money by no longer buying packs of panty liners, we pollute less, we no longer throw away waste every day that is impossible to recycle! Use periodic lingerie is a real gesture for the planet that is easy to adopt. It is also part of an approach zero waste

At Louloucup, all our menstrual lingerie, tangas and panties alike, are lined in certified organic cotton. This cotton provides incomparable softness, but also respects privacy.

Le cotton menstrual thong organic ? It’s never been so sexy to be green! 

The perfect menstrual tanga for very light periods 

You can put on a period thong if you know very weak menstruation with slow flow or spaced losses. If you do not need to change your pad or tampon throughout the day, then you have light periods, a light menstrual flow

The Louloucup menstrual tangas have an absorption capacity equivalent to approximately 1 and a half tampons. They are therefore perfect for managing oligomenorrhea, low menstrual losses. 

The menstrual tanga also suitable for unexpected bleeding and vaginal discharge

Perhaps you know of small surprise losses? Outside of your menstruation period, you have a few surprises from time to time, little ones bleeding unforeseen? It is surely mocking.

The menstrual tanga is an excellent solution to always feel good, always dry. Above all, this avoids staining classic lingerie and stressing over the idea of ​​staining your clothes.

In addition, the menstrual tanga is perfect for absorbing and capturing vaginal discharge. These secretions can occur at various times during the menstrual cycle. There cervical mucus may be particularly present at the time ofovulation.
To feel dry all day long, the Louloucup menstrual tanga can be an excellent solution. Its thin absorbent membrane sewn into the lingerie helps capture secretions. 

A cheap menstrual thong 

With Louloucup, the menstrual tanga made in Europe is fairly priced. Its price is set at €28,90. You can also create a custom batch to obtain a decreasing price on each tanga purchased. 

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FAQ Menstrual Tanga

- + What are the best menstrual tangas in France? 

The best menstrual thongs on the market are absorbent lingerie that are pretty, reliable, organic, invisible and economical. Qualities possessed by all Louloucup menstrual panties and in particular the menstrual tangas dedicated to light menstrual flow.

- + What are the advantages of buying a Louloucup menstrual tanga? 

By opting for Louloucup, you are choosing a trademark application produced in Europe. with very absorbent fabrics, Oeko-Tex 100 standard certified materials and non-toxic. No health risk. 

All the interiors of our menstrual tangas are lined in Oeko-Tex organic cotton

With our period panty packs, you also save a lot of money.

Menstrual panties are a hygienic protection reusable and durable. Quite the opposite of tampons and other plastic, disposable and polluting sanitary napkins. There menstrual thong Louloucup remains, moreover, a pretty, feminine and elegant high-cut panty that you will always have great pleasure in wearing. 

Louloucup menstrual tangas perfectly manage a light menstrual flow.

- + What is light flow? 

A light menstrual flow corresponding to less than 30 ml of blood over the period of loss. So it’s not much. To give an idea, a cup has a capacity of 25 ml. 

- + How do I know if I have light flow or medium flow? 

Do you need to change your protection regularly? Or can you keep the same towel or the same for several hours without being bothered, even a whole day? Are your losses spaced out or far apart? When you wear a menstrual cup, do you notice that this one is barely filled? 

You can then deduce that you have periods with a low abundance. This is also called theoligomenorrhea

- + In what situations can you wear a menstrual thong? 

La menstrual thong can obviously be worn during with medium flows. It is carried by women having naturally scanty periods. This type of panty can also be worn at the end of losses for women with a stronger flow. The losses are then less intense, more spaced out. A period panties heavy flow is no longer necessary, light flow menstrual panties like the menstrual tanga may be sufficient. 

Le menstrual thong can also be very practical to deal with small losses, small bleeding outside of periods, it is about mocking. Menstrual tangas are also useful for absorbing losses and vaginal secretions various throughout the menstrual cycle.

During ovulation or due to contraception, you may experience fairly pronounced losses. THE light flow menstrual thong is ideal for staying dry all day long. With the menstrual tanga, intimacy breathes, it does not experience sensations of humidity or bad odors.

- + Can I wear a light flow menstrual thong at night? 

If you have a very weak flow, if you are at the end of your period and you have almost no more discharge, you can absolutely wear a menstrual tanga for night..

In other cases, the menstrual tanga is not the most suitable for spending a peaceful night. Indeed, at night, we tend to keep the same position for a long time. The blood then accumulates in the same place. Not all menstrual underwear are suitable for retaining this blood. This is why heavy flow panties are often recommended for the night. 

- + How do you wash a menstrual thong? 

Caring for a menstrual tanga is similar to caring for regular period panties. 

Rinse it withbottle clear as soon as you no longer wear it. Then put it in the machine with your other clothes. A short cycle at 30° is sufficient. A hotter and longer cycle will damage the fabrics. Air dry it. Avoid the dryer, fabric softeners and iron. 

A well-maintained menstrual thong is one that will remain absorbent for a long time. 

- + How are Louloucup menstrual tangas organic? 

Louloucup is a period panties made in Europe organic. The insides of our panties and tangas are lined in OCS certified organic cotton.

More respectful for the environment, for health but also softer and more comfortable, organic cotton has only advantages! 

- + Why choose a menstrual thong over a panty liner? 

The Louloucup menstrual tanga is reusable and lined in organic cotton. This certified natural material is healthy, in addition to being very soft. It respects your skin while offering superior comfort

Nothing to do with a panty liner disposable and polluting. Single-use, with a criticized composition, the panty liner that sticks to your ordinary panties has a limited absorption capacity, does not retain odors and does not respect your privacy. 

Our Chloé tanga or our Mia tanga have an absorption capacity equivalent to 1 sanitary tampon. These feminine and sexy tangas are ideal for replacing a disposable panty liner. 

- + I would like to buy a Louloucup menstrual tanga and medium flow menstrual panties, is this possible? 

At Louloucup, everything is possible! The freedom to choose belongs to our clients who themselves compose the lot ou pack of their choice. Size, number, flow, models, everything can be chosen to measure. 

Create your ideal batch, adapted to your profile and your rules! Because each woman is unique, it is quite normal to be able to choose her personalized choices. periodic protections et hygienic

Are Louloucup period thongs expensive? 

Have a better organic menstrual tangas made in Europe, Louloucup offers unbeatable value for money in France. THE A unit price is set at €28,90. The more panties you take, the more unit price decreases. For a pack of 5 panties or more, the tanga costs €22,90. 

The good news ? At Louloucup, no shipping costs! There is free delivery in Europe. You only pay for your panties, and that's it. 

- + I live neither in France nor in Europe, can I receive Louloucup menstrual tangas? 

Louloucup delivers worldwide! 

- + How do returns work at Louloucup? 

We accept returns within 15 days. The menstrual tanga to be returned must be in perfect condition (unworn, unwashed) in its original packaging. 

A return slip slipped into the original package explains the procedure to follow. The return is at your expense. All you have to do is go to the nearest post office, weigh the package and label it. 

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