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Our heavy flow period panties

Our heavy flow collection absorbs the equivalent of 5 tampons for all-day peace of mind and comfort. The inside is made with organic cotton :)

Shop our heavy flow period panties

Clara - Ultra Heavy Flow ++++++ Menstrual Panties


Mathilde - Very Heavy Flow Menstrual Panties ++++++

culotte menstruelle sans couture flux abondant
culotte menstruelle invisible flux abondant

Liv - Seamless Period Panties Very Heavy Flow ++++++

lot culotte menstruelle louloucup

Jade - Very Heavy Flow Menstrual Panties ++++++

culotte menstruelle loulou avis

Fanny - Heavy Flow +++++ Menstrual Panties


Simone - Abundant Flow Menstrual Panties +++++


Our medium flow period panties

Our medium flow panties are thin and absorb the equivalent of 2.5 tampons. The inside is still organic cotton :)

Shop Our medium flow period panties
culotte menstruelle margot

Margot - Medium Flow Menstrual Panties +++

culotte menstruelle invisible louloucup
culotte menstruelle pas cher sans couture

Gaby - Invisible medium flow menstrual panties

culotte menstruelle dentelle louloucup

Ella - Medium Flow Menstrual panties +++


Lucie - Medium Flow Menstrual Panties +++


Naomi - Medium Flow Menstrual Panties +++

culotte menstruelle
culotte de regle noire

Rebecca - Menstrual Panties Medium Flow +++

culotte menstruelle bleu nuit dentelle
culotte menstruelle bar lily

Lily - Menstrual Panties Medium Flow +++


Romy - Menstrual Panties Medium Flow +++


Seamless Emilie - Medium Flow Menstrual Panties +


Louise - Menstrual Panties Medium Flow +++


Lea - Menstrual Panties Medium Flow +++

culotte menstruelle
culotte détachable

Gigi - Final Collection - SALE - Adjustable Menstrual Panties


Noa Menstrual Swimsuit

maillot de bain menstruel ado
maillot de bain regles ado

Manon Menstrual Bikini Bottom

Bas maillot de bain menstruel louloucup
maillot de bain regles

Laura Menstrual Bikini Bottom

meilleur maillot de bain menstruel

Juliette Menstrual Bikini Bottom


Our light flow menstrual panties

Our light flow collection is perfect for the last days of your period, catching white discharge, or you can use them when you know your period is coming soon. The interior is still organic cotton :)

Shop Our menstrual tangas
Tanga menstruel
tanga menstruel pas cher

Chloé - Light Flow Menstrual Tanga


Mia - Light Flow Menstrual Panties


Choose the number of panties you want to buy. You can mix the sizes and models you want to order your custom batch!

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Delivery is always free.

Packages are shipped daily Monday through Friday. Your packages reach you between 24 and 72 hours via Colissimo.

For the DOM TOM

Delivery is free from purchases of 70 euros.

Your parcels reach you between 5 and 10 working days via Colissimo.

For the rest of the world (except DOM TOM)

Delivery is offered internationally via Delivengo for any purchase over 45 euros.

Your packages reach you between 5 and 10 working days.


Exchanges and returns

Returns and refunds are accepted within 15 days of receipt of your order.

The product must not have been worn or washed and must be returned to us in its original packaging.

Learn more about our return policy

For hygienic reasons, menstrual cups cannot be returned.

The essentials of period panties

Learn more about menstrual panties and period thongs, the underwear that holds your menstrual flow without the risk of leaking. Also, find our Complete Guide to Period Panties for more info and advice.

- + What are the best period panties?

We have the best period pantieson the market! Our panties are economical, ecological, reliable, locally produced, and healthy. menstrual panties, menstrual thongsand Louloucup menstrual shorties !
The best period panties should make you feel good, beautiful, and protected. They should be made using clean fabric, (like Oeko-Tex organic cotton). The price should be affordable, and the panties should be able to adapt to all menstrual flows (light, medium, heavy, very heavy). At Louloucup, we embraced the challenge of creating affordable period panties with feminine cuts that deliver on their absorbency promises.

- + Why switch to period panties?

There are plenty of reasons to make the switch to Louloucup period pantiesand say bye-bye to tampons or pads : 

  • Convenience. You put your panties on in the morning and don't take them off until evening. You no longer have to change your tampon or pad every few hours.
  • Comfort. The Louloucup period panties, are soft and very comfortable. They feel great on the skin and they're more comfortable than a tampon or sanitary napkin. Also, thanks to the absorbent fabric, which has a very high absorption capacity, you stay dry for several hours.
  • Reliable. With the one of our best-sellers , there's no risk of leaks or stains. Thanks to our ultra-absorbent fabric, you have nothing to worry about!
  • Eco-friendly. With period panties, you can avoid disposable period protection that causes a significant amount of pollution and waste. Period panties are zero-waste and more respectful of the environment.
  • Wallet-Friendly. Period panties have a lifespan of 7 years. You don't have to spend money on disposable period protection every month, saving you a lot in the long run.
  • Health. Our period panties are made using safe materials We use clean fabrics, so you don't have to worry. Also, by staying dry, you can avoid odors, reduce the risk of bacteria development, and toxic shock syndrome.
- + How to wash period panties?

Period panties are easy to care for. Here are some washing and maintenance tips to follow to prolong the life and effectiveness of your period panties:

  • After wearing, rinse the panties well withcold water until they run clear.
  • You can machine wash them with the rest of your laundry, on a short cycle at 30° or 40° maximum. Fabric softeners are not recommended. Don't use chemical products that are too aggressive. They can alter the effectiveness of the absorbent fabrics. Long and very hot cycles should be avoided. To avoid damaging your menstrual underwear in the machine, use a laundry net .
  • Don't dryyour panties in the dyer. 

Period panties do not like heat or industrial products that are too harsh. Learn more about caring for your undies in our blog post: How to wash your period panties, tips and advice.

- + Which soap should I use to wash menstrual panties?

We suggest using a non greasy soap to clean your period panties. Marseille's soap or Aleppo soap are not the best. Oils can stick to the fabric and prevent proper absorption. Fabric softeners or chemical stain removers are also not recommended. Period panties are made of specialized fabrics that must be taken care of. 

- + What size period panties do you have?

Louloucup offers menstrual panties from size 34to size 46, or XS to XXXL to accomodiate a greater number of women.  

Not sure? Find our Size guide to learn more about how to size your period panties. If you are hesitant between two sizes, go a size up.

- + When should you throw away your period panties?

Well maintained, your period panties can last 5 to 7 years (similar to classic panties). Menstrual panties show signs of wear when they no longer absorb the menstrual flow. The material loses absorption efficiency.

- + What is the most absorbent period panty?

The Clara panty is undoubtedly one of best absorbent pantiesof the market. It can handle heavy and irregularly heavy flows without an issue. Women with very heavy periods who use an IUD or are experiencing postpartum can use the Clara panties. This style is also ideal for getting a good night's sleep without worrying about staining your sheets. Clara is a fan-fave with an absorption capacity equivalent to 5 tampons. Find our other abundant flow models for optimal protection: the Fanny model, like the Lou model and Simone model.

- + Are period panties thick?

Period panties are a bit thicker than regular lingerie. However, the "diaper" effect is absolutely not present with menstrual panties. Our Louloucup panties are very comfortable, and you won't feel like you're wearing a bulky undergarment. They remain very discreet and thin under clothing.

- + How do Louloucup menstrual panties perform so well?

The ultra-absorbent zone on our panties is made of a fabric that retains blood without swelling. Your comfort is guaranteed while staying dry for a long time! The absorption area is large. You are fully protected from the front to the back of the panty.

- + How to choose Louloucup panties?

Our panties are classified by menstrual flow: light , average flow et heavy flows

We recommend selecting several different panties so that you can cover your entire cycle. If you have a medium flow, the last days of your period are less intense than the first. You will need light flow panties and medium flow panties. Also, consider heavy flow overnight panties.

Also, personal taste matters! Do you like lace? Prefer a more sporty look? Do you prefer seamless and discreet lingerie? Do you like the tanga shape? Browse all the styles in our online shop !

Take the time to compare the models. You can also learn more in our blog posts: Our comparison of the best period panties Louloucup and How to choose your menstrual panties?

- + How many period panties to buy?

Ideally, we recommend a pack of five panties to be the most comfortable during your period. You can switch styles if you wish during the day, and you won't be "stuck" if the previous panties are not completely dry after washing. However, the ideal number of panties you should invest in depends on your flow. At Loulou, we offer personalized bundles at affordable prices.

- + Are menstrual panties suitable for hemorrhagic flows?

Yes. Our heavy flow pantieshave the capacity to absorb four to five tampons. For example, the Clara panty. is ideal for managing very abundant flows or hemorrhagic flows. The absorbent protection extends from front to back and goes up really high thanks to its high waist.

Some women like extra protection on heavy flow days. You can wear a menstrual cup in addition to panties to avoid any leaks. Create your own bundle today with our Loulou menstrual cup offer.

- + How long can I wear my Loulou menstrual panties?

It depends on your flow and the absorption capacity of the panties. A light flow panty has the capacity of a 12 to XNUMX tampons, while a medium flow panty absorbs the equivalent of XNUMX tampons. The heavy flow panties absorb up to XNUMX tampons. Depending on your flow, you can keep your panties on all day (XNUMX hours) while staying dry.

The best thing is to know how to recognize your menstrual flow to accurately assess your needs. Check out our blog for more advice: How to know your menstrual flow?

Use & Care

- + Who can wear period panties?

All women, without exception! teens experiencing their first periods, working women, pregnant women, postpartum mothers or premenopausal women. Period panties are an ally! Wear them if you're spotting or experiencing discharge. Say goodbye to disposable panty liners. Our menstrual panties can also be used for urinary leaks.

Find out more: Menstrual panties to manage light flows and spotting, a good idea?

- + Can menstrual panties be worn at night?

Yes of course. We recommend heavy flow panties while you sleep, so you're fully protected. You can sleep peacefully without being afraid of staining your sheets or pajamas. The period panties for heavy flows have very high protection on the front and back. You can sleep on your stomach without any problem.

Environment/ Ecology / Traceability/ Transparency

- + How are Louloucup menstrual panties ecological?

At Loulou, we have the ambition to offer a quality product without compromising on the environment. Thus, we are proud to use a organic cotton for the inside of our panties. We favor the truck transport to air transport for logistics in order to reduce our carbon emissions. Finally, we send our panties in packaging that is recyclable.

- + How are Louloucup menstrual panties a sustainable and responsible product?

Louloucup menstrual panties are reusable and washable. We're eliminating the need for disposable period protection that causes detrimental harm to the body and environment. Our period panties fit perfectly into your zero-waste approach! They're more responsible, ecological, and can be used for up to 7 years.

- + Are Louloucup period panties vegan?

Yes. We love animals! We are committed to offering you fully vegan panties made without animal-related raw materials. Our products are also XNUMX% cruelty-free.

- + What is the composition of Louloucup menstrual panties?

The lining that touches your body is made using organic cotton. We sometimes use bamboofor the elastane or polyamide ,mostly on the outside of the panties. Depending on the style, we may use satin, cotton, or nylon. You can read more about the specific details of each item on the product page.

All our fabrics are tested regularly by independent laboratories to ensure they're safe. We guarantee our period panties is made from fabrics without toxic residues.

- + Where are Louloucup period panties made?

80% of the manufacturing process is in Europe. Our main manufacturing center is located in Portugal. Occasionally, we outsource the production of certain models, like the Clara high-waisted double absorption briefs to China. The manufacturing workshop is audited and has ISO 9001 or BSCI certifications.


- + Can I buy Louloucup panties in bulk?

Yes, we recommend it! At Louloucup, we understand that every period cycle needs the right protection, like different menstrual panties and cups. We offer bundles with customizable panties at lower prices. Louloucup panties cost €28,90; however, they cost €22,90 per pair if you buy 5 pairs.

- + Can I buy a bundle with a menstrual cup and period panties?  

Of course! Loulou is here to make your period simple. Create your own period bundle with your pantie size and flow needs. Add a menstrual cup to your order at no additional cost!  

- + I'm unsure about my girlfriend's/friend's/sister's exact size, flow, or preferences. What should I do?  
If you’re looking to buy a useful gift for someone in your life, we recommend a Louloucup gift card! Gift cards come in the amount of 30€, 50€, 75€ or 100€ and can be used to purchase anything on our site.
- + Can I modify my order?
Oops, did you forget a panty or select the wrong size or model? Please message us at hello@louloucup.cup as soon as possible. Our customer service team is very responsive, and we’ll do our best to modify your order. We can’t change orders that have already been dispatched. You will need to make a return once you have received your package. hello@louloucup.cup as many votes as possible. Our customer service team is very responsive. She will do her best to modify your order. If, on the other hand, it has already been dispatched (delivered to Colissimo), it will be impossible for us to modify it. You will need to make a return once you have received your package. 
- + The panties I'm interested in are out of stock in the size I want. What should I do?  

We're sorry about that! Do not hesitate to message us at hello@louloucup.cup; we will do our best to assist.

- + My order is incomplete, what should I do? 

Our apologies! We take great care with all orders; however, sometimes mistakes happen. Contact our customer service at hello@louloucup.cup, and we will quickly resolve the situation.


- + Where does Louloucup deliver?  

Louloucup delivers period essentials all over the world, without exception!

- + How much is shipping?  

Delivery in France and Europe is free!

- + What is the delivery time?  

We work hard to send out your packages as fast as possible. Our orders are dispatched within 48 hours maximum. Most orders take an average of three to four business days to arrive. We exclusively use the reliable Colissimo Service to deliver orders.  

- + How do I track my delivery? 

You will be notified by email as soon as we hand over your order to Collissimo. The shipment is then confirmed. You’ll get a follow-up link via email that you can use to learn about the progress of your order. Another email will inform you of the final delivery.  


- + You got the wrong size. You didn’t like the panties. What should you do?  

We’re sorry you’re unhappy with your order! Simply return your order to the following address: 


BP 70020 

13262 Marseille

A return slip is included in your order. All you have to do is follow the return procedure. Remember to indicate the size(s), the model(s) you want to replace, and your order number.  

We strongly advise you to make your return with a tracking number.  

- + Is it possible to return panties? 

Yes, you can return panties to us within 15 days of receiving your order. Please note the panties must have been worn, used, or washed to be eligible for return. They must be new and in original packaging.  

- + Can a menstrual cup be returned? 

Menstrual cups cannot be returned due to hygienic reasons.

- + Are returns free?  

Exchanging a product is free of charge. If you want to return an item, you must cover the shipping fees. You can learn more about shipping costs at your local post office.

- + Does Louloucup ever cover return costs?  

If there is an error in your order, Louloucup will cover all return fees.


- + Do you offer discounts?  

We always keep our prices wallet-friendly, but you can save even more by purchasing one of our packs. Our prices are already low. The price per unit of the panties is even more interesting in the form of a pack. Be on the lookout for regular promo codes and enter them when ordering, just before payment. Sponsorships are also a great way to get discounts on your next order (17%). Check out the Loulou Addict Loyalty Program for more great savings!  

- + How do I refer a friend?  

Are you a Louloucup fan and want to introduce the brand to your friends? Log in to your account and follow our instructions.

- + How does the Loulou Addict program work? 

It’s super simple. All you need to do is create a customer account. With every purchase, new Loulou points are added to your account. 100 Loulou points are worth €1. Click “use my points” to cash in when placing a new order.  

- + How can I get more points with the Loulou Addict program?  

You accumulate new points with each new order. You can also earn 200 extra Loulou points by liking our Facebook page and 300 Loulou points when you follow the Louloucup Instagram account.

While we tried to cover all questions, if you didn’t find the answer you’re looking for, we want to hear from you. Please get in touch with our customer service team at hello@louloucup.com

We’re always happy to assist in making your shopping journey as easy as possible!  

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