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Our heavy flow period panties

Our Louloucup menstrual panties the most absorbent are suitable for heavy, very heavy and hemorrhagic menstrual flows. Discover without delay our pretty collection of period panties Louloucup with an absorption capacity equivalent to 5 tampons ! 

Our menstrual underwear to heavy periods are ultra absorbent thanks to their double absorption as well as their extended area to retain blood. So you can wear your period panties for long hours without any problem. You spend a day without feeling of humidityWithout bad smell and no leaks. 

Our menstrual panties retain the period blood optimally while remaining invisible under clothing. They are part of best absorbent period panties of the market. 

Fullerenes period panties heavy flow Louloucup are organic protections, certified standard 100 Oeko-tex. All are lined with OCS certified organic cotton. All the fabrics and materials used (lycra, bamboo, cotton, satin, polyamide) are tested without silver nanoparticles and are non-toxic. 

La ultra absorbent menstrual panties Louloucup for heavy flow rules or very abundant is a durable panty and Washable. It goes to the machine and is reused with each new cycle, for many years. It's a hygienic protection eco-friendly and organic for abundant flow. 

La heavy flow menstrual panties Louloucup is a protected practical and pretty comfortable intimate and feminine hygiene products.

At Louloucup, we are convinced that the menstrual panties is the healthy, economical and ecological alternative to live your heavy periods otherwise without disposable towels or desiccant pads.

No need to change X times a day, no need to stress for fear of having a leak, menstrual panties offer much appreciated and welcome freedom during particularly intense periods! 

Our pretty and comfortable special heavy flow menstrual panties are also very effective night ! 

Fullerenes Louloucup period panties for heavy flow or very abundant are for all personalities, all body types, all women. Louloucup is aimed at both Adolescents (Matilda model available in XXS) only to young mothers and active women.

Louloucup worked on trendy and lively models with a variety of colors and prints.
The Liberty print (Lou model), the sailor (Simone model), plain black or black plumetis (Fanny model), you will find THE menstrual panties made for you!

Louloucup also wanted to vary the cuts: tall (Clara model), bloomer-style (Lou model). Finally, our menstrual panties are available in many sizes, from size XS to XXXL (depending on models and stocks). 

Le price of period panties per unit is set at €28,90 (except for the Clara and Mathilde models). This unit price drop if the lot consists of several period panties.
The more panties you choose, the more you save. For a pack five panties of your choice, the price of one panty drops to €22,90. A great saving! 

Delivery is free at Louloucup! You only pay for your panties and that's it. However, be aware that returns are at your expense. 

Shop our heavy flow period panties, without further ado!
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Clara - Very heavy flow menstrual panties ++++++

Mathilde - Culotte menstruelle flux très abondant ++++++
Mathilde - Culotte menstruelle flux très abondant ++++++

Mathilde - Very heavy flow menstrual panties ++++++

culotte menstruelle

Fanny - Abundant flow menstrual panties +++++

culotte menstruelle flux abondant

Simone - Abundant flow menstrual panties +++++