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Our menstrual panties for teenagers

In search of ' u a healthy alternative to disposable and polluting tampons and pads for your period   ? Louloucup has pens é aux  young girls experiencing their first è res r è gles , pre-adolescent girls, adolescent girls and  à  everyone who knows their  puberty é .

This pivotal period in a woman's life is overwhelming. Having allies to rely on is essential! That is why  choosing the best menstrual panties for teenagers is very important .

Louloucup teen menstrual panties: an alternative to tampons and sanitary napkins

We have selected some of our r è the prettiest and most absorbent cloths to offer them in  size XXS  (or size 34). Thus, m ê me the smallest teenage girls will be able to experience their menstruation in a different way è much more serene.

La  pair of period panties is, without a doubt, the best alternative to tampons and sanitary napkins, disposable, polluting and  à  the composition criticized e. With period briefs or period panties, no risk to your health, no danger, no risk of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). 

Organic teen menstrual panties made in Europe

Our  teenage menstrual panties are made using  organic cotton OCS (Organic Cotton standard) in order to ' ensure comfort and softness.

All fabrics and materials è re (polyamide, bamboo, cotton, etc.) s elected are certified standard 100 Oeko-tex .

Made in Europe . All of our  against è the   r panties è gles for teens are made in Portugal. They therefore have excellent quality.  à  a price tr è s competitive.

Absorbent teen menstrual panties for normal or heavy flow

In our range   special menstrual panties teen cial descents find teen menstrual panties for medium flow, for  heavy flows and for flow tr è s abundant. So all young girls without exception can find their happiness.

Pretty menstrual underwear for teenagers

Our beautiful panties for r è gles s ' associate  à  wonder with bras and brassi è beef.
They are pretty and full of style. In plain black or printed  marini è re, always with beautiful lace finishes, our  subv ê menstrual habits for teenagers are sublime, of high quality without ever being vulgar. 

For the most intense periods ( very heavy flows and ), the  Matilda model and   Liv model are truly perfect. Plain black, extremely reliable, these two models have an absorption capacity of 5 tampons. 

For heavy, heavy periods ( heavy flows ), young girls and teenagers will be able to put all their confidence in the  Simone model, as cool as it is absorbent

Finally for calmer to normal periods ( average flows ), our teenagers will be able to turn towards the very  pretty Lucie model with its flat seams or the % model inside and out.

Eco-friendly teen period panties

Our collection of  r panties è gles for teens are   compos é it's from  washable, reusable, and durable sanitary lining . By choosing menstrual lingerie over disposable tampons and pads, you are making an ecological choice. You reduce your carbon impact and your waste. With teen menstrual panties, it's zero waste and a concrete gesture for the planet and the environment.

Tips for properly cleaning your teen's menstrual panties

L ' Caring for teen menstrual panties is quite easy. Just rinse them  to the ' clear water then pass them  à  the machine on a short cycle  à  maximum 30 ° .
To avoid   : THE è tumble dryers or detergents that are too chemical.

Your  r panties è gles teen poss è technical fabrics that need to be taken care of. More I ' maintenance and washing will be gentle and respectful, the more your  period panties  .

If a  pair of period panties is well maintained, it has è dera la m ê me lifespan ' classic panties, approximately 5  at 6 years old. 

Invisible menstrual underwear for teenagers

Super absorbent panties yes, but above all invisible! If the  first hygienic protections are a milestone to pass , it is always better to opt for discreet lingerie. Even though these underwear have a very absorbent membrane, it remains invisible under clothing. 

No demarcation under the tightest clothes. No marks or folds on the buttocks. You can continue to perform in gym class or while running. Impossible to guess the menstrual briefs under the sports leggings. 

Think about  seamless teen menstrual panties or models with flat seams. Louloucup offers the super  Liv seamless black panties for very heavy flow . The opinions are unanimous (4,9/5)! 

100% comfortable menstrual lingerie for teenagers

All of this  teen period panties  period  compos Made from certified, non-toxic fabrics are healthy and reliable. L ' int prior to all  Louloucup panties are made of cotton  eco-friendly oeko tex certified . FROM é ro smell, z é ro leak, z é ro humidity é , 100% tranquility é  !

The menstrual panties teen is stupid ç eu for  ê be worn for many hours, a whole day è re or a whole night time. It thus allows ' forget your  with medium flows  complete ment, to no longer stress. With teen period panties there is no irritation, discomfort or itching. Your privacy is respected. 

Day and night ! 

In sports class, PE, at the gym, on a school trip, on campus, on an outing, all day long, you are free to move around! You feel good and above all serene. You know you are wearing hygienic protection, reliable intimate protection that will not saturate. With those  panty models, no stress  ! 

The  menstrual panties for heavy flow  with a wide and extensive absorbent fabric are particular è suitably adapted for night. You sleep peacefully without being afraid of staining or sheets nor the pajamas   ! Finally   maximum protection   cool, comfortable and economical intimate hygiene product with  absorption reliable   !  

The  teen period panties  at a mini price 

Find without further delay all the  Louloucup's period panties for teenage girls et  freely compose your  lot  personalized period panties .

We have a big  choice of ' options de  teen menstrual panties await you: in terms of colors, d ' printed é s, of mod è them or even sizes.

Le  menstrual panties pack , C ' is there ' major asset of Louloucup. The more you add de  products (panties, swimsuits or menstrual cups), the more  A unit price panties down   ! If the  usual price d ' a teen period panties Louloucup is set at  28,90  € l ' unit Hey, she's coming back  to 22,90  € si  you take 5   ! The good business   !  

The very good news:  free delivery with Louloucup. No delivery costs in France, Belgium or Europe. In France, the ' sending your parcel will be alise by Colissimo. Orders are shipped di delivered within 48 hours.  

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Mathilde - Very Heavy Flow Menstrual Panties ++++++

culotte menstruelle sans couture flux abondant
culotte menstruelle invisible flux abondant

Liv - Seamless Period Panties Very Heavy Flow ++++++


Lucie - Medium Flow Menstrual Panties +++


Simone - Abundant flow teen menstrual panties +++++


Louise - Teen menstrual panties medium flow +++

maillot de bain menstruel ado
maillot de bain regles ado

Manon Menstrual Bikini Bottom


Teen Menstrual Panties FAQ

- + What types of panties for teenagers does Louloucup offer? 

Louloucup offers teen period panties for medium flow, for heavy flow or for very heavy flow. 
We also offer light flow menstrual panties. They are available in size XS. We also have menstrual cups for more protection.  

- + How do you know which model is best for a teenager? 

It is sometimes difficult to know if your flow is light, medium, or heavy.

If you're unsure, we recommend wearing menstrual panties at home to help discover which style is best for you. If they saturate quickly, you may need a pair with better absorption. At the same time, if you feel dry all day, you're probably wearing the correct style. It's all about being comfortable!

- + What panty packs for teenagers are available at Louloucup? 

Pick up one, two, three, four, five, or more. At Louloucup, the choice is yours! Simply choose the number of period panties you need from our collection. The price per unit will decrease.
Choose from different styles, colors, and flows. In this tailor-made pack, you can also include a our period swimsuit and menstrual cup!

- + What sizes are available for teen period panties? 

Our teen period panties are available from size XXS, equivalent to a size 32. So the youngest and the smallest teenagers will be able to find what they are looking for.
Louloucup menstrual panties are available, otherwise, usually from size XS to size XXL or more, depending on the models. 
Have doubs about selecting the right size? Consult our size guide before ordering.

- + What is the usual price of period panties for teenagers? 

The a unit price for our teen period panties Louloucup is €28,90, which is already a low price on the market.
The teen period panties cost €22,90 if you buy a pack of 5 panties or more!
You can buy a panty with a friend, sister, mother, or just for you. The sizes, flows, and patterns are completely customizable. Build your pack according to your needs - without any limits!  

- + What is the cost of delivery ? 

In France, Belgium and Europe, delivery is free with Louloucup. No shipping costs to be expected. You only pay for your period panties and nothing else! For the rest of the world, the cost of delivery varies by country. 

- + How many period panties are needed to cover my entire period? 

The menstruation period varies from woman to woman, cycle to cycle. Louloucup recommends starting with a set of five menstrual panties.
It's best to build a bundle with different flows. For exampleiod, the flow is often less inte at the end of your periodnse.
Remember menstrual panties take some time to dry. The fabric in the crotch is a bit thick and dries slowly. It is strongly recommended to air dry your panties. Heat can damage the material.  

- + Can teens wear period panties at night? 

Yes! Period panties are ideal for night. Stay comfy with heavy flow period panties or very heavy flow panties.
The extended absorption zone in the fabric allows you to sleep on your stomach without the risk of staining the sheets. 

- + Why are Louloucup period panties for teens so comfortable? 

Two words : organic cotton. All our menstrual underwear are lined in oeko-tex organic cotton.
The parts that touch your body are made with natural, certified, and organic materials. Organic cotton is as good for the planet as it is for our health. It is incredibly soft, neither aggressive, toxic, nor allergenic for the skin.
Easy to wear, our menstrual panties by Loulou make everything possible.

- + Which teen period panties to choose? 

The French period panties Louloucup, offers a range of teen period panties. Whether you prefer lace, prints, solids, or stripes, period bikini bottoms for all shapes, tastes, sizes, and menstrual cycles.

- + Absorbent but discreet teen period panties, is that possible? 

Yes, thanks to the absorbent fabrics selected by Louloucup, our period panties for teens remain very discreet and invisible under clothing while having a very high absorptive capacity.
They hold period blood without swelling. It's impossible to know that you are wearing a pair of period panties ! 

- + What are our customers' opinions on period panties for teenagers? 

The feedback is very positive. The feedback on our different models is excellent. Customers are happy to have period products that make life easier. Learn why others love Louloucup

- + What is the best teen period panty? 

The best period panties for teens should make you feel good and protected. The Louloucup teen period panties are well made, absorbent, and made in Europe using Oeko-tex organic cotton. They are teen-approved!

- + Where are Louloucup teen period panties made? 

Louloucup is a French brandand teen period panties by Louloucup are all made in Europe.In Portugal, to be exact. 

- + Where to find cheap teen period panties? 

Louloucup has a unique bundle offer: buy a pack of panties and save on your order.
The number of panties, sizes, and absorbency levels is entirely tailor-made. And the best part is, the more panties you add to your pack, the more you save! 

- + Are Louloucup teen period panties on sale? 

Stay up to date with sales, sale prices, promos, exceptional offers, promo codes, and promotions by joining our loyalty program (Loulou Addict). Louloucup offers plenty of money-saving promos throughout the year. Consider sponsoring a friend to get 17% off, sign up for the Loulou Addict program to earn points, and get discounts on your next orders.

Need help? Have a pecific question? Write to us at hello@louloucup.com

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