How do I choose the right period swimsuit for my flow?

Now, menstruate in the summer is no longer so annoying! Our periods could poison our lives and come to play spoilsport especially when an afternoon pool with friends was planned!

Today the various brands of should offer superior hygienic protection are adapting and increasingly offering healthier, simpler and more respectful solutions. Bye bye the hygienic, unique, disposable and polluting tampon! Today to swim and sunbathe in peace, women and teenage girls can turn to the menstrual cup or our period swimsuit.

Le one piece menstrual swimsuit or two pieces stands out as the ecological, economical, easy and aesthetic solution for managing your period while swimming. Just like for the pair of period panties, the important thing is to choose a model of menstrual shirt adapted to your menstrual flow. How to choose the right menstrual swimsuit? Or buy the best menstrual shirt ? How to know your menstrual flow? Louloucup helps you find the best menstrual swimsuit bottoms.


The one-piece or two-piece swimsuit effective on light and medium flows

Le one-piece bathing suit or the period swimsuit bottoms can fit and adapt to a light menstrual flow or to a average menstrual flow. Currently, brands of menstrual bikinis offer models that can only handle this type of flow.

The period swim brief has several layers of different fabrics. An absorbent fabric captures the blood and retains it, a membrane in the jersey knows how to store it without swelling while another fabric on the outside prevents sea or pool water from clogging the jersey. In short, this layering of technical fabrics is very effective!

For anyone who knows a heavy flows ou very heavy flows and, we recommend in addition to wearing a menstrual swimsuit, wearing a You can wear a menstrual cup. The cup is really ideal for collecting the most intense flows. So you are guaranteed not to have any leaks,humidity or bad odor.

How do I know if a period swimsuit is right for me?

To have no doubt about your menstrual swim briefs, you need to know what your exact menstrual flow is. To do this, you have to take the time to know your period and to observe your use of sanitary protection.

  • How much tampons or do you use per day?
  • Do you have to change often or can you stay half a day or even a day without changing towel or buffer?
  • If you use a cup, it is even easier to know its flow. Do you fill it quickly? Do you feel the need to empty it?  
  • Do you use more than four tampons a day? If so, then you have a pretty heavy flow.

Find all our advice to better know your flow with our articles:

Tips for choosing the right menstrual bikini bottoms

Pay attention to the brand and user reviews. Take the time to carry out an in-depth comparison between the various models of menstrual swimwear bottoms and menstrual bathing suits.
Find out about the sizes and how to prune. It is important that your period swimsuit is adjusted in order to protect you in the best possible way.

Pay attention to its composition or delivery times. Finally, what will obviously make all the difference is the model itself. Would you like a one piece swimsuit fairly classic or rather a two piece swimsuit or even a simple swimsuit bottoms or bikini bottoms to pair with any bikini top ?

Is the menstrual swimsuit right for me?

A menstrual bikini bottom or one-piece swimsuit is for you if:

  • you want external and not internal protection (like the tampon or the cup),
  • you have adopted and you are conquered by the teen period panties,
  • you have a light menstrual flow or a medium menstrual flow,
  • you are a big fan of swimming and sunbathing and you do not want to miss these delicious summer moments in any way!

Louloucup menstrual swimsuits

The one-piece swimsuit or the Louloucup menstrual swim briefs allow you to take full advantage of summer swimming during your period. Both bikini bottoms and one-piece swimsuits manage to capture and retain a light flow, a medium flow or a normal flow without any problem. All our models for women and teenagers provide significant protection and great comfort. With a Louloucup jersey, you feel good and protected. Discover without delay all our models:

Our three black menstrual bikini bottoms are very easy to wear with the bra, top or crop top of your choice, for a nice mismatched look (or not).


Good to know: the Manon bikini bottom is available in an XXS version for ados !

The plus with Louloucup? There Shipping is always fast and free France and in Europe. Your order is always dispatched within 48 hours. In addition, all of our swimsuits and menstrual swimwear bottoms can be included in a pack including panties (all in organic cotton) and cup (made in France extra soft medical silicone). It's up to you to shape the pack you need according to your needs and desires!