Menstrual cups: the zero waste alternative during your period

Discreet, economical, odorless, moisture-free and hygienic, the period cup has great strengths! The cup for menstruation or menstrual cup is a intimate protection increasingly popular. Very practical, this internal solution brings great freedom to all women during their with medium flows.
These intimate hygiene protection also has a certain ecological argument since the You can wear a menstrual cup are zero waste. A true ally environmentally friendly, a ecological alternative to disposable and polluting protections.


Periods and waste, menstruation and pollution

For a long time, women left behind them, during their period, a significant amount of polluting and non-recyclable waste.

Plastic packaging, tabs of sanitary napkins, as well as used disposable protection, once removed and worn (tampons, pads, panty liners), throw themselves in the classic trash without the possibility of to recycle.
Menstruation therefore generated inevitable pollution and tons of waste.

Fortunately, solutions have been found to stop generating waste during your menstrual cycle. Less polluting alternatives or even zero-waste.

Cleaner, more eco-responsible, more ecological alternatives

It front of pads. et disposable tampons disposable, durable, reliable and comfortable solutions have appeared! These hygienic alternatives are intended to be practical, healthy, but also and above all, more "green", cleaner, more ecological, more responsible.

Menstrual panties organic cotton is durable, since it is washable and reusable for many years. There menstrual cup also turns out to be a super ecological and very interesting solution in addition to being very practical, especially for heavy flows, very heavy flows and haemorrhagic flows.


The ecological and environmental impact is much lower with menstrual panties or a cup than with conventional pads and tampons.
So if you are used to tampons and want to have a limited impact on the environment during your period? Test the cup without further delay!

 The menstrual cup, zero waste alternative, but not only!

The cup has the serious advantage of rinsing with water, and that's it. No plastic packaging to throw away. She is therefore much more ecological industrial printing process than a box of tampons. It is also a very positive and advantageous protection for various reasons:

    • The menstrual cup is development, it can be used for many years: five years on average.
    • The cup is economic. It makes you realize real savings, by avoiding the monthly purchase of tampons, sanitary napkins, panty liners and lingerie protectors.

    • A good menstrual cup is organic and vegan.
    • A menstrual cup is comfortable and ultra soft. Its softness facilitates insertion and wearing.
    • The period cup is safe and healthy with a clean composition.
    • The period cup adapts to your anatomy, rather farm or rather flexible, the cup unfolds in the vagina easily and does not move. She doesn't bother. With it, no leakage.
    • The cup is for everyone, woman nulliparous, girl Virgin, young lady, teenager, sporty and active woman.
    • The cup reservoir collects the menstrual flow effectively, even the most intense.

What is the best menstrual cup?

La best menstrual cup must guarantee some essential elements. For the best choice, dwell on its composition, its country of manufacture, its price, its flexibility, its shape, its size and its capacity, among others. Also take a look at the feedback previous users to reassure you.

Its composition is important. It must have a composition without phthalates and bisphenol A. By turning to alternatives such as the cup, you also avoid chlorine bleached towels and tampons with possible traces of pesticides, herbicides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Vegan et cruelty-free, toxins free, BPA free, latex free, prefer cups in medical silicone without harmful components.

It is also preferable to promote local production. Many brands now offer menstrual cups that are entirely made in France. You thus promote French production, the local economy and you are also sure to buy a product that meets the strictest standards.

Comparing prices is also important. Look at the promotional offers, promo codes, but also the different offers in batches or in pack. It is important to think of an alternative for the night (the period panties heavy flow is in this specific case ideal) or even at the very end of menstruation when the flow is minimal (light flow menstrual panties or light flow menstrual tanga are then perfect). Dial a lot tailor-made in order to have the best protection adapted to your cycle, your person and your daily life.


Soft or firm? THE Girls, women who have not had children or women who are particularly sensitive can turn to a flexible model. While women who have had one or more pregnancies or being sporty can set their sights on a firmer model. Also take into account the cup size. In small or medium format, it is important to choose a cup adapted to your menstrual flow (light, medium or heavy).
Finally, get into the habit of taking a ride on the feedback. They must be positive and unanimous in order to be sure of your purchase.

The Loulou cup, a zero waste cup, maximum comfort and not expensive

Organic, eco-friendly, soft, made in France With free delivery, dispatched within 48 hours, the Loulou cup will surprise you with its ease of use and maintenance. Associated with menstrual panties in organic cotton certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100, the turquoise or pink Loulou menstrual cup convinced our users. And you ?

The real plus of our menstrual cups? Its ultra-comfortable design is registered and patented. Our cuts are specially designed for women with a certain sensitivity to the bladder, vagina, suffering from cramps or discomfort.
The cup is really ideal for women with a heavy flows who want to bathe without risk of leaks. The Loulou cup empties, washes, rinses and recovers in the blink of an eye. Between each use, remember to sterilize it well. A cleaner Louloucup is also offered for sale.


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