Sleeping with menstrual panties, is it possible?

What is the best hygienic protection for sleeping ? The menstrual panties, which are very practical during the day, are they also suitable for the night?


Worrying about stains on the sheets, paying attention to your sleeping position, sleeping with one eye open, wearing protection that saturates and is unreliable, our periods finally leave us no rest, even at night ! Find a restful and serene sleep with the port of ultra-absorbent long-lasting menstrual panties !

Which menstrual panties choose to spend a night calm ? Are there models of panties that are more suitable for sleeping? Discover now all the advantages of wear period panties to sleep and finally find all your serenity during your cycle and your sleep!

At night, the periods do not stop, so which protection to prefer?

At night, although the flow may slow down because you are not in a standing position and not making any movement, there is still flow. Which hygienic protection to choose for the night?

At night, we also forget the menstrual cups (or cup) than the tampons or ! The night lasts on average eight to ten hours continuously, internal protections are therefore to be avoided to avoid any risk of toxic shock syndrome. The composition of the tampons also leads to a drying out of the vaginal flora.



As you will have understood, prefer external protections to spend a peaceful and restorative night. There disposable sanitary napkin is it a good solution? The classic, disposable sanitary napkin may be practical, but its use remains polluting. Also, when the flow is abundant, the towel is not always reliable, it can quickly saturate, leak and cause stains. Finally, the disposable sanitary napkin is often subject to bad odor. The experience is not always comfortable.

To retain the flow in the best possible way, but also to experience a calm and serene night, the pair of period panties turns out to be particularly suitable. For a peaceful night, the panties must be quite absorbent with high and extended protection both on the front and on the back of the panties. And yes, at night you can sleep on your stomach, side or back. You can stay in one position for a long time. The flow then flows to the same place, it is oriented. The absorbent fabric must then be large enough and consistent to be able to retain the most abundant flows.

In addition to its high absorption capacity, period panties offer great comfort. Menstrual panties are the promise of leak-free, hitch-free sleep.

Menstrual panties have it all!

Let's remember together all the advantages and good points of menstrual panties, perfect hygienic protection for the night.

In recent years, the period briefs has established itself as the best option, the best hygienic alternative to manage and live your period more calmly.

The period panties reviews are unanimous. Period panties are practical, healthy, very absorbent and reliable. Ecological and economical, washable and reusable, menstrual underwear does not forget to be aesthetic and comfortable. In short, with menstrual panties, the rules are forgotten. The woman feels good in her clothes or pajamas, day and night.

Menstrual panties retain menstrual flow without swelling. You stay dry all night. No risk of drying out the vulva or bad smells. No proliferation of bacteria, either.

Prefer a respectful menstrual lingerie, both your body, your privacy and the environment. Dwell on the composition and favor if you can organic cotton and labels like the Oeko-tex standard 100 labeling.

Also favor local or reasoned production. Louloucup briefs, for example, are mostly made in Portugal. Transport is carried out by road and not by air, to limit CO2 emissions.

The best Louloucup period panties for the night

Thanks to Louloucup, finally have a peaceful night and no longer worry about potential leaks. Having the satisfaction of waking up in the morning without noticing stains on your sheets or on your pajamas is possible thanks to the heavy flow period panty or very abundant.

Finally, sleep peacefully during your period. Suitable for both day and night, the Louloucup menstrual panties per pack are of good quality. They know how to retain all your menstrual flow for several hours in a row and do not saturate.

For serene and quiet nights, without leaks and stains, we recommend, at Louloucup, to wear menstrual panties dedicated to abundant or very abundant flows. Louloucup offers several models that are among the most absorbent on the market.

Clara high-waisted lace menstrual panties

Ce flagship model of Louloucup is extremely reliable. The absorption capacity is equivalent to 5 tampons. The high waist offers a wide absorption zone compared to a thong which has little surface area.

Ultra absorbent, the Clara Louloucup high waisted menstrual panties is really perfect for a dry night for young girls and women experiencing a particularly intense or hemorrhagic flow.


The high waist encompasses your privacy in extreme comfort. You are having a great night and have a peaceful and restorative sleep !

The + of this model? These menstrual panties are aimed at the greatest number by being available from size XS to size XXXL. It is therefore washable menstrual panties plus size.

Mathilde black menstrual panties very heavy flow

La Mathilde Louloucup menstrual panties These Ella panty and sober? Available in size XXS, it is also a menstrual panties for teens.

These super absorbent period panties are perfect for a good night's sleep, it can be worn for many hours without any problem!

Fanny heavy flow menstrual panties

La Fanny menstrual panties is a heavy period briefs black, in organic cotton, very comfortable to wear. Its large absorption zone holds the equivalent of 4 tampons. It is therefore an ideal menstrual panty for the night.


Reusable and washable for many years, the Fanny panties will quickly become a great ally during your period, day and night!

Economical Louloucup menstrual panties pack

Do your shopping on Louloucup cheaply and build a buy a pack of panties and protections completely tailor-made and personalized. Size, model, flow, panties, menstrual bloomers, menstrual tanga, menstrual boxers, menstrual swimsuit, cup, compose your pack freely.

The good news for your wallet? THE period panties price per unit is decreasing at Louloucup. The more panties you add to your set, the more its price decreases. In addition, delivery is offered in France and Europe. Your order is processed quickly and sent within 48 hours.