Which menstrual panties to choose according to your flow?

Choose the right one pair of period panties depending on its flow is essential. Menstrual panties that are poorly calibrated in relation to your menstrual flow can have very unpleasant consequences. The panties will saturate too quickly and you will then risk ending up with leaks.

Several criteria must be taken into account for choosing the best period panties. The intensity of menstrual flow is one of the main criteria, if not the most important. Louloucup guides and accompanies you to make the most thoughtful and intelligent choice for an ideal and smooth wearing experience for your period panties.


Some valuable tips for choosing the best period panties

The first purchases of period panties can be hesitant. It's normal. It is not easy for some women to know exactly what is the intensity of their flow.

To help you with your purchase, here are some tips to follow:

  • Try to estimate or remember how many times in a day you need to change your disposable sanitary pads (sanitary pads or tampons). Is it once a day, two to three times or more?
  • Do you have the impression that your hygienic protection saturates quickly? Is the flow slow, intense or very intense? 

  • What disposable protections do you usually turn to? Normal sanitary napkins or super absorbent tampons +++? This will put you on the track. 

  • If you've ever worn a menstrual cup, you may have had a very accurate overview of your menstrual flow. For example, on a half-day, the You can wear a menstrual cup was barely full or half full? Do you feel the need to empty it often? At what pace? 

  • Do you wear a copper IUD? THE intrauterine device (Intra Uterine Device) is a very effective contraceptive solution, but it can make your measurements quite intense and abundant. 

  • Have you ever experienced leaks, spots on your clothes? 

These various observations can greatly help you in your choice of menstrual panties. Then conduct a comparison of the best period panties. This will help you narrow down your choice to period panty ideal for you.

A menstrual flow that is not constant

Important to know: the menstrual flow is not the same on the first and last day of menstruation. According to the women, it experiences a peak of intensity before it runs out. Over the loss period, five to seven days on average, the following pattern can be observed, for example:

  • first two calm days, then the intensity increases little by little,

  • two strong days with a more intense flow, the lower abdomen is then well swollen, the discomfort or pain may be more marked, 

  • two days later when the flow calms down little by little and decelerates.

Also the flow is not as intense during the day as it is at night. The night, in a lying position, and without making any movements, the flow slows down, the flow is much less important than during the day.


These differences should be taken into account for choosing the best period panties adapted to your menstrual flow, but also to your profile. Even if you have a heavy flow, consider buying one or two menstrual panties for medium flow for the end of your cycle, for example. In short, try to anticipate as much as possible!

Focus on the different types of menstrual flow

The menstrual flow is qualified according to its intensity. This makes it easier to offer products that are truly adapted to user flows. Thus brands and manufacturers can offer cups, panties, more or less absorbent swimsuits that will suit the user's menstrual flow.

Intensity and nature are also two different things. Very liquid or rather thick flow, flow with clots? find our blog article How to know your menstrual flow? in order to deepen this question and get to know each other better.

Light menstrual flow

A menstrual flow judged to be light represents less than 30ml of blood over the loss period. You only need one tampon per day. Your sanitary napkin is barely marked on the day. At night, lying down, you barely move, a panty liner enough for you most of the time. A light flow menstrual panties will then be able to fully fulfill its mission. 


Good to know, weak menstrual discharge is called oligomenorrhea.

Average menstrual flow

The average flow or normal flow corresponds to between 30 and 50 ml during the menstrual period. 2 to 3 tampons are sufficient for a day. A good sanitary napkin can cover half a day without problem.

Heavy flow

The abundant flow is between 50 and 70 ml of blood. An abundant flow requires changing your protections on a regular basis to ensure better comfort and avoid saturation. Thus at least 5 tampons are used in a day.
To find out more, do not hesitate to consult our article dedicated to this theme: What causes heavy flow?

Hemorrhagic flow

When the flow is rapid, the flow strong and intense, the menstrual flow is then hemorrhagic and exceeds 70 ml of blood. This is called in medical jargon the menorrhagia. This is most often due to the presence of a copper IUD. You feel quite tired and have to go to the toilet very regularly to change your protection (every two hours maximum).


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Menstrual panties for light flow

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Menstrual panties for heavy or very heavy flow

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