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Have a better period. You deserve a simple, stress, and leak-free period. Louloucup offers menstrual panties and menstrual cup bundles. We know how much periods are different from woman to woman and menstrual cycle to menstrual cycle. We also know that it's essential to have the right protection to live our best lives during these not-so-fun days.

At Louloucup, you will find menstrual swimwear and performing, period panties for light, medium, and very heavy flows. We also have our extra soft menstrual cup made in France . You can combine the three types of period protection in one custom set. Select your size, color, style, and more. It's totally up to you! At Louloucup, we love giving you the freedom to live by your rules.

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Tip: When it comes to our sets, the more you buy, the more you save! The more items you select to make up your bundle, the lower the price per unit.

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Lot de 2 culottes menstruelles
Lot culottes menstruelles

Pack of 2 Menstrual Panties of Your Choice

From 227.00 NIS regular price 244.00 NIS Save 17 NIS
On sale
Lot culottes menstruelles
Lot 3 culottes menstruelles

Pack of 3 Menstrual Panties of Your Choice

From 320.00 NIS regular price 365.00 NIS Save 45 NIS
On sale
Lot 4 culottes menstruelles
Lot culottes menstruelles

Pack of 4 Menstrual Panties of Your Choice

From 419.00 NIS regular price 487.00 NIS Save 68 NIS
On sale
Lot 5 culottes menstruelles
Lot culottes menstruelles

Pack of 5 Panties and More

From 482.00 NIS regular price 608.00 NIS Save 126 NIS
On sale
coffret pour les règles


From 442.00 NIS regular price 545.00 NIS Save 103 NIS
La carte cadeau Loulou

The Loulou Gift Card

From 126.20 NIS
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